Cat fights Dogs (but why?)

This blog post will talk about the hows and whys around “Cat fights Dogs”. It will cover topics like the root cause of why most cats and dogs quarrel and fight, whether or not cats can get along with dogs, what one should do to stop a cat and a dog from fighting, and which animal between the cat and the dog usually wins in a fight. 

Cat fights Dogs 

Cats and dogs fight all the time! We can see them bite each other in the streets, at our homes, and even in cartoons. This constant battle between these animals gave birth to the notion that cats and dogs just cannot get along with each other, like they have, in their hearts, an inherent vendetta against each other. Seeing a dog get along with a cat is probably like seeing a shooting star – it just happens once in a blue moon. 

We saw in the famous cartoon television show, Tom and Jerry how Tom the cat and Spike the bulldog never get along. The instigator of this antagonistic relationship between Tom and Spike is, of course, Jerry the mouse when it creates scenarios where a clash between Tom and Spike takes place. Nonetheless, what is exploited here is the negative, antagonistic dog-cat relationship between Tom and Spike.

The cat’s flexile musculoskeletal system that gives them exceptional coordination and balance makes them capable of jumping up so high. This seems to be the weakness of dogs when these animals have a bout against each other as dogs are incapable of jumping as high as cats do. 

The dog, on the other hand, can bite cats so hard that they introduce dangerous bacteria into the bitten area of the cat. This can cause serious and even fatal infections to the cat, especially when left untreated. This is a fact I learned the hard way. We used to have a cat who could never get along with our dog. The dog would bite the cat whenever it is in its sight. The next thing we know, the cat is already unconscious. 

Some people, however, enjoy it when they see a cat and a dog fight like crazy! The dog will chase the cat as fast as it can but the cat will always find a wall to jump to just to keep itself away from the gnawing dangerous teeth of the dog. If you yourself find a cat-dog fight, here are five cat and dog fights caught on camera for you!

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Why do cats and dogs fight?

Cats and dogs are different species. In other words, they are not friends in nature. Dogs deem cats as their prey while cats see dogs as a threat to their lives. This is not a preference made by either animal. This is inherent in them and is hardwired into their brains. 

When a cat and a dog live together in a house, they will definitely compete with each other for food, territory, and attention from their master. This competitiveness between these two animals is basically why it is more likely that they fight. 

Nupoor Chandraker, who claims he knows a thing or two about animal behavior, declares that the reason why dogs and cats fight is to reduce competition. Both these animals see the other as a rival so they would want to eliminate them for the race of food, livelihood, and reproduction. 

Cats and dogs fight until either one of them has proven fully superior over the other, which will never happen in a lifetime. Rivalry and competition are in the blood of these animals and there is nothing we can do about this. Even they cannot do anything about this. This is just how our biological ecosystem works. 

Can cats and dogs get along? 

Leticia Fanucchi, a veterinarian at Washington State University who studied animal behavior thinks that we can never be sure that pets will like each other. But she hints that there may be a possible way to improve the chances of them getting along. 

One way is to have a dog and a cat meet each other when they are very young. This increases the chances of these pets being able to learn how to interact with each other peacefully. This is to say that if you get a puppy and a kitten at the same time, they will grow up to be best friends with each other. 

However, if the dog and the cat do not meet until they are older, the chances of them fighting are more likely. In fact, this happens with animals of the same species. When Leticia got a kitten, she had to wait 6 months before her other cats accepted the kitten. 

There are also tricks you can perform to help your pets socialize and avoid aggression. First, you can introduce the two animals outside of your house. Obviously the animal that already lives in your house will never like some other animal in its territory so it is wise for them to meet each other somewhere else first. 

After this introduction, you can already put them in the same place together. However, both of these pets still need certain things to be pleasured. Cats want to be able to perch on high places and they need escape routes. Personal space is more of their thing compared to dogs. It is important therefore that you set a place in your home for the cat where the dog cannot reach it. 

These tricks will never guarantee that your cat and dog will go on and be each other’s best buddies. Neither can this hasten the process of getting to know each other. Of course, we never love a stranger overnight. What these tricks do is put your pets in the best position to become best buddies. 

What should I do to stop a cat and dog from fighting? 

You can manage the situation by not allowing the dog and cat together in a room unsupervised. As much as possible, try to separate them by placing one in another room or another house when you leave. The attacks occur mostly outdoors so monitor the cat and dog closely when both are outside and do not allow them to be outdoors together. 

Try to provide your pets with other activities to focus on and can help change their behaviors eventually. Play fetch with your dog, cuddle with your cat, or have any other activity that keeps them busy. 

Treasure hunts are adored by cats. This can be an opportunity to keep your cat’s focus away from the dog. Enrich their environments with interactive toys that make them interested and engaged. 

Clicker training according to this BeChewy article can also be employed to stop this behavior. This is a force-free training technique and works by reinforcing the cat for good behavior, which is being around the dog but not attacking it, and vice versa. 

Monitor the progress in these training sessions. Be as safe as possible as some of these require utter attention. 

Who would win in a fight between a cat and a dog? 

There really is no perfect answer to this question. This is a case-to-case basis where the age, breed, and other characteristics of both animals need to be considered. 

While the cat obviously has the advantage of speed, weapons (claws), and is more agile, the dog is also capable of killing the cat and has enough speed to do so. 

However, it must be realized that no animal hunts and kills more types of prey than the cat species Felis catus. But they do not really fight dogs. They just become aggressive to threaten the dogs and escape from them. When it is threatened, it does everything in its power to escape. 

The dogs, on the other hand, have jaws that are big and strong enough to crush every single body part of the cat in just one bite. They become even more solid and stronger when they are in a pack, as compared to a pack of cats. A pack of dogs or wolves can bring down an animal five times their size through strategic biting and harrowing their prey. 

Both animals have advantages and disadvantages if we talk about who wins between them in a fight. It is really just a case-to-case basis and both are capable of winning over the other. This quora article tells us more about the dynamics of dog-cat battles. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Cat fights Dogs

Why do dogs fight with cats?

Because they are different species and are not friends in nature. Dogs see cats as their prey while cats see dogs as a threat. This mindset is hardwired into their brains and the competitiveness and rivalry that exist inside them are just inherent and there is nothing we can do about that. 

Can a dog outrun a cat?

Some dogs can! But on the average, cats are a lot faster than dogs which can only run at about 32 kilometers per hour. Greyhounds, for example, are way faster than the average dog so it may outrun certain breeds of cats. 

Why do cats hate belly rubs?

Hair follicles on the belly and tail area are hypersensitive to touch so petting a cat there can be overstimulating. Cats prefer to be scratched on the head, under their chin and cheeks. These are areas where they have their scent glands. 

Do all dogs hate hugs?

81.6 percent of dogs showed signs of discomfort when hugged. 10.8 percent are neutral and the remaining 7.6 percent are comfortable with hugging. This implies that 4 of 5 dogs hate hugs. These are according to a Forbes research

Can you train a dog not to chase cats? 

Yes. But the process takes time and patience. You can stop a dog from being aggressive toward cats with positive reinforcement and redirection training. 


This blog post talked about the hows and whys around “Cat fights Dogs”. It also covered topics like the root cause of why most cats and dogs quarrel and fight, whether or not cats can get along with dogs, what one should do to stop a cat and a dog from fighting, and which animal between the cat and the dog usually wins in a fight. 


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