Cane Corso as guard dog

Are you wondering which dog would make an excellent guard dog? Have you ever heard of the Cane Corso breed dogs? This post will talk about the characteristics of the Cane Corso breed and if this breed can be used as a guard dog.

Cane Corso as guard dog

Cane Corso dogs are large dogs and can be frightening, their loud barking can drive away many strangers. Cane Corso dogs are originally from the Roman Molossoid breed and were bred to guard farms in addition to being good hunting dogs.

Due to their origin and selection, Cane Corso dogs are excellent guard dogs. In addition, due to the behavioral characteristics of this dog, it makes them excellent companion dogs. Below we will discuss a little more about this great breed.

About the cane corso

The Cane Corso is originally from Italy and came up with the proposal to be an excellent guard dog and a great hunter. Its name derives from the Latin “cohors”, which means “protector” or an excellent guardian dog.

Physical characteristics

The medium to large size Cane corso is a robust and vigorous dog. With slender and powerful muscles. The dog’s head is broad and evidence of its molossoid ancestry. The facial region is large and well developed, with a black nose, a strong, short, and square snout, wide and thick jaws. And triangular and dangling ears.

The coat of the Cane corso breed is short, shiny, very dense with a light glassy undercoat. And it can be found in colors:

  • Black;
  • Dark gray;
  • Slate gray;
  • Light gray;
  • Light fawn;
  • Red deer;
  • Dark fawn.

Behavior and temperament

The Cane Corso breed shows guard dog behavior, they are extremely agile and obedient dogs. In addition to all the guard and vigilant spirit, the personality is extremely calm and friendly dog.

It’s a dog that needs physical activities, so it doesn’t get too anxious and destroy the whole house. They are loyal dogs to their tutors and love to reciprocate the affection. With strangers, these dogs are more reserved, and their barking can put fear in many people.

Health care

The Cane Corso are extremely healthy dogs. However, some dogs of this breed are predisposed to have some disease like Elbow Dysplasia and Hip Dysplasia.

Elbow dysplasia is a disease in which the animal may limp and experience local pain, due to the abnormal development of the elbow joint, which can lead to other complications. The treatment for this pathology is surgical.

Hip dysplasia, a hereditary disease caused by malformation of the joints that can lead to pain, lameness, and difficulties in the dog’s locomotion. It is important that animals with this pathology do not stay on slippery floors.

Because they are genetic diseases, dogs with these diseases should not be bred. There are imaging tests that can diagnose and even predict if the dog is likely to develop these diseases.

Even if they are healthy dogs, it is important that regular visits to the vet are made. For general check-ups, vaccinations, and deworming. Thus, avoiding the sweetening of the animal.

Breed general care

Daily care is important to prevent the dog from getting sick. Below we will talk about some care for the Cane Corso dog such as:

  • Food care;
  • Bath care;
  • Ear care;
  • Skin care;
  • Nail care;
  • Teeth care.

Food care

Cane Corso needs good nutrition and a well-balanced diet. Dogs of this breed can have a natural balanced diet by a veterinary nutritionist, or they can eat processed foods.

These dogs must eat the proper amount of food for their weight and age. For industrialized foods, the use of specific foods for large breeds is indicated.

Bath care

This breed does not need to be bathed very often. Bathing should be done very carefully, especially to avoid getting water into the dogs ear. Dogs should always be left very dry after bathing to prevent the growth of microorganisms that can lead to dermatitis.

Ear care

This breed has floppy ears which can predispose to ear infections. Ear cleaning should be done with specific products for dogs every week. This way it is possible to avoid serious problems such as otitis.

Skin care

Cane Corso dogs have short coats. These are dogs that don’t need a lot of fur care. They should only be brushed once a week to prevent dead hair from accumulating around the house.

Nail care

As for nail clipping, it is recommended to cut the dog’s nail once or twice a month. Clipping the nails prevents the animal from getting hurt or even hurting the tutor.

Teeth care

Dogs of this breed should brush their teeth every 48 hours with a dog-specific toothpaste. Constant brushing of your dog’s teeth helps prevent tartar buildup and the resulting problems.


Cane Corso dogs can be used as guard dogs. His strong and muscular physical features makes this big dog put fear in many people. In addition, they are active dogs that can bark when they feel that something is wrong. As for the relationship with the tutor, these dogs tend to be good faithful and friendly companions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Cane Corso as guard dog


Is Cane Corso an aggressive dog? 

They can be aggressive with strangers. But overall, they tend to be calm and loyal to their tutors. Much of their behavior is linked to tutor training.

How big is the Cane corso dog?

Males of the Cane corso breed measure from 64 to 68 cm at the withers. Females measure 60 to 64 cm at the withers. And the weight of these animals can vary from 40 to 50 kg.

Does the Cane Corso bark a lot? 

No. These dogs are kind of quiet, just barking when it’s really necessary. When they bark, they bark with anger.


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