Can you use a fish net to catch a betta fish?

In this blog we will discuss betta fish net.This blog will give you an idea regarding betta handling using nets.This guide will be beneficial for new betta keepers about handling and transferring a new betta to a tank using nets.


In this blog

  • Can you use a fish net to catch a betta fish?
  • How do you catch betta fish with a small net?
  • What is the purpose of using betta fish nets?
  • Do nets harm betta fish?
  • Are betta fish scared of nets like other aquarium fish?
  • Is a rubber net suitable for betta fish?
  • Fish nets for betta fish
  • Advantages of fish nets
  • Can fishnets cause fin rot in bettas?
  • Are nylon mesh or nets bad for betta fish?
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  • Frequently asked questions
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Can you use a fish net to catch a betta fish?

A fishing net is a device made up of fibers intertwined in a net. Some fishing nets are also called traps, such as fyke nets. Fishing nets are usually meshes formed by knotting relatively thin threads. Early nets were woven from grass, flax, and other fibrous plant materials.

The actual size of the mesh holes is also important. For delicate fish, like bettas, choose a fine mesh.For heavy fish, a heavier net with holes averaging an inch in size is needed.A 1.5-2 inch net is recommended for large fish.

How do you catch betta fish with a small net?

  • Use the scoop motion down under the fish to raise the net to the surface.
  • If the fish gets into deep water, it swims directly into the net.
  • When they decide to jump, the net is already directly under their body, making it easier for you to catch them in the air.
  • Or,place the net in the aquarium and move it around slowly without disturbing the betta fish so they get used to having it there for a minute or two.
  • When the betta fish you want gets close to the net, just slowly scoop it out and remove it from the aquarium.

What is the purpose of using betta fish nets?

Rescuing betta fish

If the tank is having fish nippers or species that are troubling other fishing in the tanks,then fishnets are helpful in removing the most notorious species from the tank to relieve other tank companions.

Keeping bettas fish tank cleared of debris

Fishnets cleans the debris and detritus from the tank,making the tank suitable for bettas to breathe.

It is very important to clean debris from the tank,because if it is left unattended,it can increase the tank bioload.

Bettas are very sensitive to poor water conditions,so it is very important to remove such debris using fishnets.

Removing excess food and algae from bettas tank

Removing leftovers on a daily basis keeps the water chemistry suitable for bettas to thrive.

If such leftovers get accumulated in the bottom of the tank, then it will increase ammonia levels in the tank,making the water conditions unsuitable for bettas to survive.

With the help of fishnets, one can remove uneaten food on a daily basis,without disturbing the fish.

Sometimes there is algal growth in bettas tanks,which also increases the levels of ammonia in the tank,and if it is left unattended,it will disturb the water chemistry,makes it unsuitable for bettas to thrive.Fish nets can remove such algal growth from the tank.

Do nets harm betta fish?

Poorly designed nets can result in prolonged exposure to air and prolonged handling of fish.The study states that fin wear can lead to impaired swimming ability after release and fin rot.Loss of scales or mucus can make fish more susceptible to infection and disease.

Are betta fish scared of nets like other aquarium fish? 

Yes,the first reaction of a chased or netted fish is to provoke a fight or flight reaction and this stress response has many adverse effects on: 

  • Blood chemistry
  • Acid-base balance
  • Immune system function
  • Mucus production
  • Respiration
  • Fish digestion.

Is a rubber net suitable for betta fish? 

The price of a rubber net is a little higher, but it is suitable for fish because it is gentle on the skin, releases fish quickly, and releases fish quickly. The next fish is faster. And unless you have the habit of losing or breaking the net, rubber nets will last for years.

Fish nets for betta fish

Types of fishnets for betta fish:There are plenty of fishnets available online as well as in pet shops for bettas.You can check product description before buying online,as everything is available online.

But,if you want to physically go and check the fishnets ,you can check in pet shops and get right material for your betta fish.Here i am listing down some of the fishnets for bettas:

Handmade betta fish net

  • It is made with natural wooden handles and soft scoop netting. 
  • These nets hold water and prevent injury to Betta fish fins making scooping and transport a breeze.
  • Approximate dimensions: 9.5inches (handle) x 2.5 (net) product of Thailand.
  • Gentle on bettas fins.
  • Hold water causing less stress on your fish.
  • Handmade products.

DaToo aquarium fish net for betta fish tank nano nylon net with extendable handle

  • Comes with a one year  warranty.
  • Routine aquarium maintenance is essential. 
  • Perfect nanometer nylon material.
  • Soft and tight weave, tiny mesh, helps to  easily complete the transfer of fish. Gently skim over the water, no scars, no pull to the scales.
  • Rugged and durable.
  • Suitable for different sizes of fish tanks.

Pawfly aquarium fish net 

  • Telescopic handle for betta fish tank that allows you to reach the bottom of a 9 to 24 inch deep tank without dripping hands.
  • Solid flexible handles built with 304 stainless steel won’t get rust or bent.
  • Excellent net for skimming small debris or leaves from marine aquariums and pools.
  • Soft Fine Nylon netting reduces the risk of injury while transferring delicate fish, especially suitable for betta.
  • Frame size 5″ W x 3.5″ H with 4 inches deep pocket is great for up to 4 inch fishes.
  • Hanging ring is added on the handle end so that it can be simply hung up when done.

Fry fish net for betta fish or baby fish

  • It is of medium size
  • Gillnets catch fish with gills.
  • The twine of the net is very thin and the fish cannot see the net or the net is set to trap the fish. 
  • The mesh of the net is wide open. 
  • As the fish swim towards the net, it sticks its head into one of the meshes.

BBS Betta Net

  • Suitable for both adults and fry.
  • Very durable and high quality. 
  • Very handy and easy to use. 
  • Thick plastic ring, thick fishing net. 
  • Imported Bbs network for long term use.

1PC aquarium fish tank square for small betta

  • Use high-quality raw materials, non-toxic and harmless.
  • Easy to clean and manage.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Ideal for fresh / tropical and saltwater aquariums.
  • Safe fine netting fish mesh available in 6 size: 3″ 4″ 5″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 
  • A good tool to maintain aquarium water quality.

newAquarium Wooden betta scoop FishNet 5cm fishing net 

  • Also known as  dala fishing nets fishnet.
  • It is 5 cm in size.
  • Suitable for small fish.

Advantages of fish nets

  • Some fishing rods are left in the water for only a few minutes, so unwanted catch is quickly released.
  • Soft  nylon mesh net will prevent fish from getting injured. 
  • Safely catch betta fish or other species.
  • It can also be used to remove detritus in aquariums.
  • The net design is soft with a fine fine mesh which is safe for all the small and vulnerable fish in the aquarium.
  • Nets can be used to target only the species of interest.
  • Ideal for schools of fish that do not interact with unwanted animals.The catch can be brought in quickly so the fish will not be left behind for a long time.

Can fishnets cause fin rot in bettas?

The fishnet can destroy bettas’ long flowing fins and can lead to some fin rot cases depending on the character of the bettas, water quality, temperature, environment, tankmates, etc.

It is very important to carefully handle bettas’ long flowing fins using fishnets.

Are nylon mesh or nets bad for betta fish? 

Knotless nylon mesh causes the highest percentage of scale loss and causes the highest percentage of mucus loss. Unhooking and handling times are very long as the hooks are often caught in the mesh.


Soft and dense nets work well when you move slowly and carefully, without handling or squeezing the nets, and gently place the caught fish in a new aquarium.

However, some betta keepers prefer to use plastic or glass containers with smooth sides and scoop bettas from one tank to the next.

Make sure to handle your bettas gently,while netting them.It would be better to scoop them using bowls,because their long flowing fins might get stuck in that and can damage them too.

If bowls are not available then use nets with utmost care to transfer them to another tank for doing water change.

Fishing nets have their own advantages and disadvantages, it helps to take fish out of the tank for various purposes and has some disadvantages too.

Their material plays a vital role in handling bettas,if it is made out of harsh material then definitely it will hurt them.

Most betta keepers use bowls to scoop them out of the tank to other bowls or tanks for either introducing them to a new tank or during water replacement.

Different varieties of fish nets are available in pet shops as well as online with product descriptions too.

I have listed down a few of them in my article too.Hope this helps new betta keepers,if they are planning to get fishnets for their aquatic friend.

Frequently asked questions

How to transfer betta fish without a net? 

You can use a deep bowl or jar,if you don’t have a net,to catch betta fish.It not only takes water out of the tank, but also tries to get the betta fish with it.

What is the fish net in the aquarium made of? 

Modern nets are usually made of synthetic polyamide such as nylon, but organic polyamide nets such as wool and silk were popular until recently and are still in use today.

Are red fishnets visible to fish? 

No,fish can’t see the red mesh on this net, so when you fish them up they won’t see it coming.