Can you put betta fish with goldfish?

In this post, we will answer the question “Can you put betta fish with goldfish?”. We will also discuss some of the differences between these fish species and their requirements.

Can you put betta fish with goldfish?

Although betta fish and goldfish can coexist, it is not recommended owing to their varied environmental requirements. Furthermore, they have different dietary needs, making feeding them in the same tank a challenge. Goldfish are known as “dirty fish” because they create a lot of waste, which causes ammonia levels to rise, which can harm your betta. 

How well do they get along? 

Bettas, as previously said, can get along with a variety of species. When it comes to tank mates, though, they are notoriously choosy. Bettas despise any fish that looks like another Betta. This means they shouldn’t be kept with brightly coloured fish with long fins. Many Goldfish varieties suit this criterion, thus they may not be appropriate for your Betta tank. 

Temperature specifications 

Betta and goldfish have varied needs when it comes to living circumstances. Tropical fish require warm water to thrive and be happy, whilst cooler water is preferred by the latter. 

Betta fish can withstand temperatures of 76°F to 82°F, while goldfish can withstand temperatures of 68°F to 74°F. These species can only live at the temperatures listed above.

It’s also not a good idea to keep Betta’s water temperature between 74°F and 76°F because it will make him sick. 

Colder temperatures may cause these fish to go into shock and/or cause their metabolism to slow down. They may develop ailments or perhaps die as a result of excessive temperatures over time. 

The same results can occur to your Goldfish if you keep them in water which is over 74°F. Warmer water might speed up your fish’s metabolism, which can lead to exhaustion. 

Water conditions

The addition of a Goldfish in your aquarium raises the chances of water ammonia spikes. Betta fish are susceptible to ammonia poisoning, so owners should avoid housing them with Goldfish. 

Goldfish can injure your Betta in a variety of ways, in addition to causing ammonia poisoning. You’ll need to replace the water in your aquarium on a frequent basis since these creatures are filthy. Your Goldfish should be unaffected, however, your Betta will be upset by the frequent changes in tank conditions. Adding an efficient filter may cure the problem, but if the filter is too large or powerful, your sensitive Betta may become agitated. 

What’s the best way to keep Goldfish and Betta together? 

If you still want to keep a Goldfish and a Betta together, you’ll need to purchase a suitable aquarium and properly introduce the two fish. 

Getting your tank ready 

A tank of at least 15 gallons is required for betta fish that are kept with other fish. Goldfish kept alongside other fish, on the other hand, require a tank with a minimum capacity of 30 gallons. The tank must have at least 30 gallons if you wish to have both Betta and Goldfish in it.

In addition, a great quantity of stones, vegetation, and decorations will be required for your aquarium. When your fish wish to get away from others, they can withdraw or hide in these objects. 

Bettas are especially anxious if other species are in their line of vision, so make sure the tank is well-stocked with stuff to make it look less open.

To maintain your tank clean, you’ll need a decent water filter, as previously discussed. This filter shouldn’t be too strong, as its filtering activities may make your Betta feel uneasy. 

Introducing your fish 

Betta fish are fickle creatures, finding it challenging to familiarize them to certain other fish. 

Consider letting your Betta stay in the tank alone for a few nights if you really want to raise a Betta and a Goldfish together. This permits the fish to grow used to their surroundings and establish a territory. 

You may then start introducing it to your Goldfish. This process, however, must be conducted with caution.

If you simply place your Betta into the aquarium with no prior preparations, it could try to swim towards your Goldfish and attack. Your Betta may become afraid and retreat if the Goldfish is enormous. By employing the right introduction approach, you can lessen the risk of these scenarios occurring. 

Keep your Goldfish in a different container and set it beside the Betta aquarium. Place the tanks such that both fish can see each other well. Before putting your Goldfish in the Betta tank, keep this setup for a few days. 

Alternatively, you might use a tank divider to separate the two fish. Tank separators are plastic or glass panels that may be used to separate your aquarium. These dividers feature holes in them that allow water to pass between the portions while keeping fish out. 

If you’re going to use this strategy, place your tank divider in the centre of your tank. This way, your Betta can keep a huge chunk of its area while remaining unaffected by the other fish’s presence. 

Then, in the unoccupied tank portion, place your Goldfish. 

With this configuration, the species should be enabled to see one another, although they won’t be capable of attacking. Allow your fish only few nights to get to meet one another on the barrier after that.

Remove the divider once you’re sure both tank occupants are comfortable seeing each other. If you do this, your Betta may swim towards the Goldfish to protect its area.

This is, nonetheless, considered normal behaviour. After a few minutes, your Betta should calm down and return to its original location. 

If your Betta begins to attack the Goldfish during their first encounter, remove the latter fish with a net and store it in a separate tank. You may alternatively move them to the opposite side of the tank and relocate the separator in the middle. You can try this approach again when both people have cooled down.

If your repeated attempts at introduction fail, you may have to keep each fish separately. 

Is keeping a Betta and a Goldfish together worthwhile? 

As you can see, it is possible to keep a Betta and a Goldfish int he same aquarium. This configuration, however, necessitates a significant amount of effort to pull off correctly. 

Even though your fish aren’t hostile toward one other, the temperature of the water can kill one of them. If you care about your Betta’s long-term health, you should think twice about keeping it around Goldfish. 

To provide your Betta with some appropriate tank mates, you could always get either blue gourami, neon tetras, or corydoras.


In this post, we answer the question “Can you put betta fish with goldfish?”. We’ll also go over some of the distinctions in these fish species, as well as their needs. 

If you have any questions or considerations, please comment down below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can you put betta fish with goldfish?

Do betta fish get lonely?

Betta fish are territorial by nature and should not be maintained in the same aquarium as other betta fish, since they will fight and injure one another, sometimes leading to death. They are unlikely to feel solitary in their aquarium, although they may get frustrated if it is too small. 

Is it possible to keep goldfish in a bowl? 

Adult goldfish must be housed in a bowl with least 10 gallons in volume. While some goldfish may happily live their whole existence in 3-5 gallon bowls, a mature goldfish should be maintained in a container which is at least 10 gallons. Daily water changes may even be required for small fish bowls under 5 gallons.

Can guppies live with goldfish?

Guppies and goldfish can coexist, but it will not be as simple as putting them in a tank and letting them alone. You must make certain that the aquarium is correctly set up; conversely, anything may go bad.

Can I play with my betta fish?

Yes, it is possible to play with your betta fish. Many fish owners are unaware that their betta fish, like any other pet, may be played with. While your fish may not fetch as well as a dog, it can still give pleasure if you spend time entertaining it as well.

Can I put Tetra with goldfish?

Yes, tetras can coexist with goldfish, just as they can with other fish species, although goldfish can make the water too muddy for them, and large goldfish devour tetras as well.


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