Can you order betta fish online?

In this blog, we will discuss how to order bettas online. We will discuss everything related to the same in detail.


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Can you order betta fish online?

Yes, you can definitely order betta fish from online stores. With limited local options, you can get different types of betta when you shop online. The problem you have is knowing what is a good online fish store vs a bad online fish store.

Betta fish sold online usually come from Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.

There is also an online betta fish store where you can buy everything you need for your new pet.

Where to buy a betta fish online?

The problem with getting a betta fish locally is that you don’t have access to all kinds of bettas. Best places to buy betta online:

  • Pecto
  • Glass aqua
  • LiveAquaria.
  • Bettas and Art.
  • Seven sea supply
  • eBay.
  • The consolidated fish farms Inc.
  • Betta bquad USA.
  • Franks Bettas.
  • Blackwater aquatics.
  • Amazon
  • Aquabid
  • Aqua imports 

Each supplier offers a variety of different bettas, with different colors and forms. Female bettas are also available, which is great if you want to breed them. 

You can choose the colors of fish you would like, and if the fish you want is not currently in stock, you can place an order and the online fish dealer will get it for you as soon as it’s available. 

Visit the site regularly to check for updates on which bettas are in stock.

Pecto for buying bettas online

When considering where to buy fighting fish online, many enthusiasts choose petco. Petco is a well-established online retailer with a good reputation for offering live betta fish for sale.

All fish live shipments are delivered the next day. If you’re not around during the weekday to take your order, you can request Saturday delivery at an additional cost.

Petco guarantees that all of its live fish and invertebrates will last for at least thirty days.

At Petco, you’ll find a huge selection of betta fish in a variety of colors and sizes. Many of these fish are priced comparably with regular high street stores.


  • The range of colors and forms of bettas is very good.
  • Offers a 30-day survival guarantee.

Glass Aqua for buying bettas online

Glass aqua is one of the premier online stores selling high-end aquarium equipment and live plants. They have various species such as HMPK, female betta, koi betta, etc.

They are one of the leading aquarium retailers on this list. Because of their solid reputation,they will deliver high quality and healthy betta fish to your doorstep.

LiveAquaria for buying bettas online

Liveaquaria is the original buy fish online store originally. Here you can buy WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) bettas & have the Liveaquaria arrive alive guarantee and 7 day guarantee on all bettas purchased from them.

The site is regularly updated and has a wide variety of beautiful betta fish for sale. Some of the more unusual varieties are also available.


  • A good reputation for reliability (reliable)
  • Great choice of betta fish (varieties)
  • 14-day survival guarantee.

Bettas and Art for buying bettas online

Bettas and Art is a Brooklyn-based betta importer in New York. They offer a variety of unique betta fish that you can’t usually find at a local fish store. Their online shop also offers betta fish supplies such as almond leaves, nets and live food cultivation kits.

Seven sea supply for buying bettas online

Seven Sea Supply has been an Amazon seller since 2015 and are based in Southern California.They don’t have the rarest species, but they are a convenience store for buying betta fish. 

If you don’t have a reliable local fish store around you and want some of the better betta like half moon, they are a good option.

eBay for buying bettas online

It is the most famous and respected site in the world. Although some of the vendors offer the betta on a bid basis, others offer the fish for sale that you can buy.

There are several imported fighting fish breeders on Ebay who sell several types of betta fish. This is a great place to buy HMPK (Half Moon Plakat) bettas.

There is a wide variety of betta fish for sale on eBay, from common betta splendens to beautiful exotic bettas of different forms. Shipping arrangements and fees depend on the seller of the betta fish.


  • There are many different types of betta fish for sale, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your needs. Reviews are always welcome.


  • Some sellers only ship to specific countries. 
  • There is no refund of shipping costs if the order is declared dead on arrival.

Amazon for buying bettas online

Recently, Amazon has included links to several betta fish breeder and seller pages. Buying bettas online is a great way to avoid the hassle and disappointment of not finding a good aquarium store in your area. 

The marketplace with the best reputation for security and reliability is a great choice.


  • This is a reputable site.
  • Good customer service.
  • Return policy.


  • Shipping may be restricted in certain areas.

Aquabid for buying bettas online

Aquabid is an online auction site that specializes in selling live fish. Betta breeders use a sales board to offer their individual bettas for sale to the highest bidder. 

The site is frequented by diehard fish enthusiasts who are looking for breeding stock.

If you’re interested in purchasing rare and unusual betta fish, Aquabid is a good place to start your search. 

Shipping arrangements depend on the individual breeder and vary depending on where you are in the country or world.

Aqua imports for buying bettas online

Aqua Imports is based in Boulder, Colorado, and they carry a variety of beautiful betta fish. Your package will arrive live and labeled with the region of origin or country. They have a lot of experience shipping live fish online, and have had a lot of success.


  • They have high quality standards and a live arrival guarantee so you can be sure that your order will arrive on time.
  • They also have a long-standing supplier relationship and are able to provide services in over 20 countries.


  • They will only ship on Monday-Wednesday to ensure a safe delivery of your fish.

What are the benefits of buying betta fish online?

  • Convenience. 
  • Freshness.
  • Variety & availability.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Health benefits.
  • Delivered straight to your doorstep.

How to order bettas online?

The simple step to order bettas online are:

  • Check out online bettas stores. (There are dedicated bettas online stores)
  • Enquire about the types and price you’re interested in.
  • Ask about the shipping details, delivery time, charges and other information you would want to know from the retailers.
  • If you are fine with the information, then order by selecting the type of betta you want on their website.
  • You can either pay online (credit or debit card) or choose COD, if it’s there in the option.
  • Make sure you are buying from a reliable retailer.

Do bettas survive shipping?

Don’t worry if your betta fish will survive shipping to your home, as most fish shops will also ship fish to theirs. As long as the retailer practices safe shipping methods, your betta fish should be fine.

Make sure you choose one of the shipping options that offers overnight shipping or 2-3 day shipping. Anything longer can be dangerous for the fish, and can easily fray during shipping if it’s confined in a box for a long time. 

If they pack the betta well, the betta should be able to survive in the box for a longer period of time than expected.


If you’re looking for a specific type of betta fish, you’ll likely be able to find it at a fish store, but you’ll have a much wider variety of choices if you buy your fish online. 

Some people have doubts about buying fish online.Be careful when buying betta online. Always look for sellers with good feedback and established history of order fulfillment and they should even list terms and conditions on the seller page.

All live fish are carefully packed by hand and shipped in insulated boxes. Each betta fish supplier has different shipping arrangements and fees, so it’s important to check each one to find out the details of the shipping speed, live delivery guarantees, shipping costs, etc.

All of the sites I have included in this blog are highly reputable, so you can be sure you’re getting a good and healthy betta fish from them.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to order bettas online?

Yes, it is completely safe, if you are ordering from a reliable source and reputed breeder.

Why are online shops better than physical betta stores?

Online pet stores are better because they provide huge varieties, forms and colors than physical stores.