Can you feed freeze dried brine shrimp to betta fish?

In this article we will discuss,if we can feed freeze dried brine shrimp to bettas.This guide will give an idea about their feeding preferences in terms of freeze dried brine shrimp.We will also discuss the pros and cons of feeding freeze dried brine shrimp to bettas. 


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Can you feed freeze dried brine shrimp to betta fish?

Bettas are very fond of freeze-dried food.Carnivorous fish like bettas require a stable protein diet, which freeze-dried shrimp can provide.

Your betta needs energy to swim around the aquarium. Another reason to choose these freeze-dried products is that they do not cloud the water.

Freeze-dried brine shrimp is a high-protein fish meal that can be used as part of a staple diet or as food for most ornamental fish.A very nutritious fish food ideal for feeding most cold water and tropical fish.

Betta fish may be famous for being picky eaters, but dried, frozen, and pelleted foods have both proven to be very popular among the breeds.

Scientific classification of brine shrimp

SubclassSars Ostraca

What do bettas eat in their natural habitat?

Betta fish are carnivorous and require a lot of protein in their diet.In their natural habitat, they typically eat small creatures such as worms, water fleas, bloodworms, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae and other fish. 

In captivity, bettas need a diet rich in protein, which means they need a lot of meat.

What is so special about freeze-dried shrimp for bettas?

Freeze-dried shrimp does not carry the same risk of disease or parasites as live food, and these foods have been tested for health and safety.

Great as a main ingredient in a betta’s diet, but also as an occasional snack or as a supplement to the variety if you prefer to feed pellets daily.

If you buy freeze dried brine shrimp, keep in mind that it can break into small cubes or break down into powder.

This is useful when feeding fish.It does not affect quality, but try to plan different diets to keep your fish healthy.

What is the right way to feed freeze dried shrimp to bettas?

Before feeding freeze-dried food, it is recommended to soak them in a small tank of water for a few minutes ahead of time so they will absorb some of the water, making them easier to eat and eliminating swelling once the food has entered your fish stomach.

Store the freeze-dried brine shrimp in a cooler box and pop one shrimp cube to feed it. Place the cube in a plastic bag and lightly crush it with a hammer.

You can then pick up what you need with a toothpick and feed the fish directly or wiggle it in the water for further breakdown.If baby fish like it, they will look for small bits and devour them.If you are feeding freeze dried brine shrimp to bettas,it is often best to supplement their diet with it about 2 or 3 times a week.

This way, you can still provide them with all the nutrients they need, but you can also make sure that they are enjoying the brine shrimp more frequently.

It is very important to not overfeed your bettas with freeze dried brine shrimp, because overfeeding is not good for their health and will lead to digestive issues and also it will ruin water quality by increasing the levels of ammonia in the tank.

Make sure to feed them in moderation, because moderation in diet is beneficial to bettas health.Excess of anything is bad and should be avoided at all cost.

Best freeze dried shrimp available online

Omega One Freeze Dry Shrimp

  • Freeze dry shrimp is a high protein treat that is perfect for bettas.
  • Made with the highest quality shrimp available and is rich in vitamins and minerals. 
  • Freeze-dried shrimp are as nutritious as live food and there is no risk of bacteria or parasites.
  • Fed as part of a variety of meals.This should include at least one omega one staple food.
  • Feed daily using only the amount of food that betta fish can consume in 2 minutes.

Hikari bio-pure freeze dried brine shrimp

  • Reduce fungal diseases and fish mortality
  • Is excellent fish food for all fishes
  • Rich in protein, oil, and natural vitamins can improve health and resistance of fish, ensure the growth of fighting fish.

San francisco bay brand freeze dried brine shrimp

  • 100% natural product.
  • Quarantine not required.
  • No risk of spreading bacteria or harmful parasites.
  • Quantity: 20 grams
  • Recommended for fresh and saltwater fish.
  • San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Shrimp contains only natural and raw freeze dry shrimp.
  • There are no undernutrition filler ingredients such as wheat or soybeans that can cause problems with fish digestion.

How long can you keep freeze dried brine shrimp for bettas?

The best way to store shrimp is to keep them in a container and refrigerate.They can be kept for a very long time. It can be refrigerated for 4-5 months without fading, or freeze dried for long-term storage. If you purchase in a package, cut open the package and store it in a jar.

Disadvantages of overfeeding freeze dried brine shrimp

Bloating/gastric disorder 

Bettas may experience a swollen abdomen due to overfeeding of nutrient-dense foods or a lack of fiber in their poor diet.

Bloating of fish can also be caused by poor water quality, bacterial disease, or internal parasites. Constipation is the most common cause of betta bloating.

Swim bladder disease

The disease is sometimes caused by pressure on the swim bladder, which can involve bloating from fast eating, overeating, constipation or swallowing air, which is thought to be associated with floating food. Fasting your bettas can heal swim bladder disease on its own.

Ammonia spikes/ammonia pollution

One of the first and most dangerous problems that can occur due to overfeeding is elevated levels of ammonia and nitrates. 

Both ammonia and nitrates are extremely toxic and can be fatal to fish, even in small amounts.Overfeeding fish produces far more waste than usual.

Always use good quality water testing kits to monitor the levels of ammonia pollutants in aquarium water and make sure to perform water changes from time to time to avoid ammonia pollution in bettas tanks due to overfeeding.

Can you feed freeze dried shrimp to bettas fry?

You can definitely feed your baby betta fry freeze dried shrimp but you only need to make sure you first thaw them in the aquarium water before adding them to your tank.

But make sure you are feeding those freeze dried shrimps in moderation,because overfeeding can worsen their health.Unlike adult bettas, baby bettas’ stomachs will be very small and feeding them in excess can be bad for them.


  • Freeze-dried brine shrimp is also part of a bettas feeding regimen, but it should be used with caution.
  • There is a common misunderstanding among pet owners that betta can eat plant based food and survive in simple water vases,but freeze-dried shrimp is equally important for their better growth and development.
  • As part of a balanced diet, brine shrimp is an excellent food for betta.
  • Freeze dried brine shrimp, such as those made by San Francisco Bay brand or Hikari, are most often sold in flat packs or individually divided cubes are considered for bettas.
  • Freeze dried food and thaw it before feeding bettas.
  • Freeze dried shrimp can also be part of a betta feeding regimen, but should be used in moderation.
  • There are various benefits of feeding freeze dried shrimp to bettas, because you don’t have to quarantine them and can directly feed your betta fish.
  • Don’t overfeed your bettas,freeze dried brine shrimp as it can cause digestive upsets like bloating, swim bladder disease and also deteriorate the water quality by causing ammonia pollution.
  • Freeze-dried brine shrimp is rich in protein & may serve as an important source of additional supplements.However, they cannot compose a bettas main diet. 

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to quarantine freeze dried shrimp for bettas?

No, freeze dried food like brine shrimp don’t need to be quarantined, as they come in the form of cubes and don’t carry infections.

Can freeze dried shrimp sink to the bottom of the tank?

The pellet floats on top.Freeze-dried products are less likely to sink and lose weight due to the drying process that removes the liquid from the product.