Can Shrimp live with Betta fish? 

In this article, we will understand the relationship between Shrimp and Betta fish. We will also meet the best Shrimp species to have with Betta fish in a tank and some of their specificities.

Can Shrimp live with Betta fish?

In general, Betta fish can live very well and peacefully with some Shrimp species. Although, it is important to consider the Betta fish temperament and also the Shrimp species you choose. If the Betta fish is too aggressive and not tolerant, they will probably bully or even hurt the Shrimp.

The general recommendation is to set firstly the Shrimp and later the Betta fish. This way, the Betta fish will not get too protective and territorial towards the Shrimp. Thus, the chances of this combination are increased.

Can Cherry Shrimp live with a Betta fish?

It is not recommended to keep Cherry Shrimp with Betta fish unless the Betta fish have really good and tolerant behaviour. It is very likely the Betta fish will eat the Cherry Shrimp. Thus, the chances of the Cherry Shrimp surviving with a Betta fish in a tank are extremely low. They only grow up to 1 inch, and males tend to be even smaller than females.

Additionally, their vibrant red colour draws too much attention from the Betta fish, which could also result in some chasing and bullying.

Although they require similar water parameters to Betta fish (pH 6.5-8 and temperature 57-84°F), it is not recommended to keep these species together in the same tank. However, if you decide for giving a try to this combination, opt for the biggest Cherry Shrimp in the shop and also avoid males.

Therefore, there are some exceptions, in the case your Betta fish have a very soft and cool temperament and have already lived peacefully with other shrimp, possibly your Cherry Shrimp will be fine. 

Can Amano Shrimp live with a Betta fish?

Yes, Amano Shrimp is one of the most recommended Shrimp species to be kept with Betta fish. They can grow up to 2 inches long. Thus, they are not so vulnerable to the Betta fish diet.

These Shrimp have a long lifespan in comparison to the other species. They can live up to 3 years. 

In addition, during feeding time they can build a hierarchy between them, to keep order about who reaches the food first. However they may not attack your Betta fish directly, this feeding time chaos may affect the fish around them.

Regarding water parameters, they also have quite similar requirements to the Betta fish ones. The temperature should range between 70 and 80°F and pH between 6 and 7.

Additionally, it is important to provide plenty of plants in the tank and thus, hiding spots. Amano Shrimp go through a moulting process once a month, which makes them very vulnerable. Accordingly, hiding spots and plants may help them on feeling more secure and less stressed. Moreover, a tank with Amano Shrimp and Betta fish should have at least 10 gallons of space.

Can Bamboo Shrimp live with a Betta fish?

It is not recommended to keep Bamboo Shrimp with Betta fish. This Shrimp species require strong currents in the tank. However, this is controversial to the ideal conditions to Betta fish, which require weak currents. Thus, Betta fish and Bamboo Shrimp should not be kept in the same tank.

Can Ghost Shrimp live with a Betta fish?

Yes, Ghost Shrimp can live with Betta fish. However, due to the Shrimp size, there is a chance of the Ghost Shrimp being eaten. The Ghost Shrimp can grow only up to 1.5 inches. However, it is possible to reduce these chances by providing enough space with hiding places, a minimum of a 10-gallon tank. Thus, they would be able to hide and avoid meeting the Betta and being chased.

Another manner to avoid the Betta fish from eating the Ghost Shrimp is by guarantying the Betta are receiving enough food and nutrients.

These Shrimp require water parameters very similar to Betta fish. The pH requirement is between 7 and 8 and the temperature should range between 72 and 82°F.

Ghost Shrimp are schooling shrimp and should be kept in groups of 2 to 4 individuals. However, Ghost Shrimp breed very easily. Thus, it is likely that the Betta fish will start eating the Shrimp babies. 

Can Bumblebee Shrimp live with a Betta fish?

Yes, it is possible to keep Bumblebee Shrimp with Betta fish in the same tank. However, the Betta fish may chase and eat the smaller shrimp. They grow up to 1.5 inches, similar to the Ghost Shrimp. 

Although they may get along well with your Betta fish, it is important to keep the water heavily oxygenated, with temperatures around 78°F and pH around 7. They also prefer well-planted tanks with plenty of hiding spots.

Although the Bumblebee Shrimp size guarantees better chances of not being eaten by Betta fish, their colour may get some extra attention. Thus, the Betta fish may start chasing and bullying the Bumblebee Shrimp.

Setting up a Betta fish and Shrimp tank

To increase the chances of Betta fish and Shrimp getting along and living peacefully, it is essential to provide conditions and set up the community tank properly.

Tank size

Tank size is crucial to have a peaceful and healthy tank with Betta fish and Shrimp. Choosing the correct size will provide enough space for the Betta fish to establish their territory and the shrimp will live comfortably.

The minimum tank size for this combination should be 10-gallon. However, the bigger the tank, the lower the chances of Betta fish attacking the Shrimp.

Hiding spots, Plants, and Ornaments

Hiding spots are also crucial for a Shrimp and Betta fish tank. Shrimp can also use the hiding spots as refuges if chased or bullied by the Betta fish.

Real plants also make the tank more natural and provide plenty of hiding spots for the Betta fish and the Shrimp. Java moss and Java fern are good choices for this type of tank.

Ornaments can also increase the hiding spots available for both the Betta fish and the Shrimp. However, the ornaments should be chosen carefully, without any contaminants and not sharp ends.

Feeding Betta fish and Shrimp

Regarding feeding habits, Shrimp are scavengers. Thus, if the Betta fish is being properly fed up, there will not be an issue for the Shrimp feeding. Although they will usually feed on the Betta fish scraps, it is very important to be sure they are getting the proper amount of plants and meat. 


In this article, we understood the relationship between Shrimp and Betta fish. We also met the best Shrimp to have with Betta fish in a tank and some of their specificities.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us in a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can Shrimp live with Betta fish?

Can Shrimp and Betta fish live together?

In general, it is possible to keep Shrimp and Betta fish together in the same tank. They will probably get along very well. However, smaller Shrimp may be eaten by the Betta fish. The most recommended Shrimp species to be kept with Betta fish are the Ghost and Amano Shrimp. Cherry fish can also be a choice. However, this should be tested and observed.

Will Shrimp feed on Betta fish faeces?

Yes, Shrimp are scavengers and will consider eating almost anything, from algae and insects to fruits and fish faeces. Fish faeces are very nutritive.

Can Guppies and Ghost Shrimp live together?

Yes, it is possible to have Guppies and Ghost Shrimp in the same tank. They have very similar water parameters requirements and very peaceful temperaments. Thus, they will live peacefully and get along very well. 

Why do Shrimp go through the moulting process?

The moulting process occurs to allow crustaceans to grow. It is the change of the exoskeleton that allows them to expand their body shape and grow. Thus, it occurs more frequently while the crustaceans are younger.

How long does a Betta fish live?

Betta fish lifespan is around 3-4 years. Although, few records reach 5 years. It is common that fish stores not to sell Betta fish before they reach 6-8 months. This is because they will have fully developed fins and colours around this age.

How often should I clean my Betta fish and Shrimp tank?

It is important to change at least 25% of the water once or twice a week. It will depend on the number of Shrimp and Betta fish you have, and also on the tank size. Although Shrimp are classified as the cleaning crew, it is necessary to run water changes routinely.


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