Can red cherry shrimp and betta fish live together?

In this article we will discuss red cherry shrimp betta fish. We will also discuss their relationship and other tank parameters which are suitable for them to survive together in aquarium settings.


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  • Are red cherry shrimp betta fish aggressive in nature?
  • What do red cherry shrimp betta fish eat?
  • Are water parameters the same for red cherry shrimp betta fish in aquarium conditions?
  • Do red cherry shrimp betta fish need the same aquarium plants in their tanks?
  • Do red cherry shrimp betta fish need the same light intensity in their tanks?
  • Do red cherry shrimp betta fish need similar substrates in their tank?
  • Is it easy to care for red cherry shrimp betta fish together in the same aquariums?
  • Are red cherry shrimp betta fish both perfect community fish?
  • Are red cherry shrimp betta fish beginner friendly or for experienced aquarists?
  • Can red cherry shrimp betta fish  live in the same aquariums?
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Can red cherry shrimp and betta fish live together?

Betta & shrimp can co-exist in peace.However, it is always important to remember that it depends on the bettas temperament too.

For betta and shrimp to co-exist, you need to make sure that the tank size and other parameters are suitable for both.

You can usually keep cherry shrimp and betta fish in a five-gallon tank by themselves.

However, when you put them together, don’t put them in containers or aquariums smaller than ten gallons.

Ten gallons gives the two species plenty of room to move around without being under each other all the time.

Key specifications of betta fish red cherry shrimp

Key specificationsBetta fish Red cherry shrimp
Scientific nameTypes

Betta splendensDragon scale bettaButterfly bettaMarble bettaKoi bettaDumbo bettaDifferent Tailed OsphronemidaeNeocaridina davidiBloody mary cherry shrimpPainted fire red cherry shrimpFire red cherry shrimp

Temperament AggressivePeaceful 
Diet CarnivoreScavenger 
Habitat Freshwater of Southeast AsiaFreshwater of Taiwan 

Where are betta fish red cherry shrimp found?

Betta fish habitat

  • Native- Southeast Asia/ Tropical Asia
  • Distribution-Northern Malay Peninsula,Central/eastern Thailand, Kampuchea, and southern Vietnam.
  • Water type-Freshwater bodies
  • Water movement-Slow moving water bodies.

Red cherry shrimp habitat

  • Native- Taiwan 
  • Distribution- North poland
  • Water type- Freshwater bodies
  • Water movement-Moderate

How long do betta, red cherry shrimp live?

Red cherry shrimp have a lifespan of about one year,but if the tank is in good condition, it will be a little longer.

However, they may die shortly after being added to the tank.This may be related to stress caused by changes in water conditions or transportation stress.

Most bettas live for 3 to 5 years,but when you adopt them from the shop,you don’t know their age.Some bettas will live longer, some will die young no matter what you do.

By keeping the aquarium clean and keeping an eye on their diet, you can help them live longer lives.

What tank size do betta, red cherry shrimp need?

Tank size for betta fish

  • Minimum tank size for a single betta fish is  3 gallons.
  • Additional tank size for each fully grown bettas is 1 gallons.
  • The ideal tank size for single male or female betta is 5 gallons.
  • Bettas do pretty well in bigger and spacious tanks.

Tank size for red cherry shrimp

  • Cherry red shrimp can be placed in a desktop tank with a capacity of less than 2 gallons,but 8-12 gallons will allow for more active colony formation, more reproduction and a more vibrant population.
  • You can keep 2-5 shrimp per gallon of water.

Are betta, red cherry shrimp aggressive in nature?

Red cherry shrimps are very peaceful and are always busy minding their own business, on the other hand bettas are very aggressive and are famous for their fighting behavior.

It is very important to monitor them daily, to check if bettas are hurting red cherry shrimps.If you see them chasing each other then kindly separate in a different tank.

What do betta, red cherry shrimp eat?

Feeding red cherry shrimp is not difficult at all.Their diet includes commercial foods such as fish flakes, shrimp pellets, fish pellets, and algae wafers.

The red cherry shrimp diet may also contain edible plant matter that is shed by live aquarium plants.Cherry shrimp will love whatever you feed your betta.

Not only will they eat it, but they will also start eating any algae/plant matter in your aquarium.In fact, you should only supplement your shrimp diet with sinking algae wafers about once a week.

Are water parameters the same for betta fish red cherry shrimp in aquarium conditions?

Water parametersBetta fishRed cherry shrimp
Water typeTemperature Breeding temperatureWater pHWater hardness
Water movement
Freshwater 75F-80F78F6.8-7.53 to 4 dGH and 3 to 5 dKHCalmer waterFreshwater 57-86F (72 ideal)69-71F6.5-8.0100-200 ppm
Moderate movement

Do betta fish red cherry shrimp need the same aquarium plants in their tanks?

There should be a lot of live plants in the aquarium. It is important for these red cherry shrimp to have plenty of places to crawl and explore. Live plants provide excellent hiding places and cover for these shrimp.

  • Dwarf lilies.
  • Vallisneria.
  • Water wisteria.
  • Exo terra water plant.

Betta likes to snuggle up between the leaves and rest, so plants are great for their aquariums.If the aquarium is large enough, you can use small living aquarium plants, but make sure the plants do not block the entire surface of the water.

  • Fake or artificial plants
  • Floating plants
  • Silk plants
  • Stem plants

Do betta fish red cherry shrimp need the same light intensity in their tanks?

Red cherry shrimp become more active in dark places and during night.If you leave the lights on all day, they will hide and become stressed.They begin to lose color and eventually die.

Bettas don’t like anything too strong, but standard aquarium lights are perfect.Bettas also love aquarium plants, and they need aquarium lights to grow and survive.

Do betta fish, red cherry shrimp need similar substrates in their tank?

Cherry shrimp are used to rocky substrate, lots of dense vegetation and plenty of hiding places. Betta fish will love this setup too.

Suitable substrates for red cherry shrimp:

  • Seachem flourite black clay gravel.
  • ADA aqua soil amazonia powder type.
  • Fluval plant and shrimp stratum.
  • ADA aqua soil amazonia light.
  • CaribSea eco-complete planted black aquarium substrate.

Best two substrates for bettas can be gravel and sand.Gravel is excellent because it makes it easier to fix plants and produce more beneficial bacteria.

Spectrastone Premium Gravel 

Gravel is by far the most popular aquarium substrate and a great choice for a betta aquarium.Spectrastone pebbles are a mix of small river pebbles intended to give betta aquariums a natural look.

Is it easy to care for betta fish,red cherry shrimp together in the same aquariums?

Cherry red shrimp are colorful, sociable, quiet, easy to keep, easily reproduce, and eat algae and plenty of it,all without harming your plants.

Betta makes the perfect pet for both beginners and experienced aquarists.They are highly interactive and can truly bond with their owners.

Bettas fish tanks are reasonably priced, fit almost anywhere and are easy to care for.

Are they both perfect community friendly?

Cherry red shrimp are great for aquariums in tropical communities because they won’t disturb the fish you already have in your aquarium and they will live happily among them and eat the food they leave behind.

Bettas are not gregarious fish and do not like being forced into close contact with other species.They need a calm, peaceful tank with plenty of space. 

Adding a Siamese fighting fish to a community tank is often easier than adding other fish to a betta’s territory.

Are they beginner friendly or for experienced aquarists?

Red cherry shrimp is probably the most common type of dwarf shrimp among novice and more experienced shrimp keepers.

The red Neocaridina variety is not too bothered about water values, it is very easy to breed and perfectly beginner fish.

Bettas have long been a favorite of beginners and experienced fish farmers alike because of their colorful fins and energetic nature.


  • Putting betta and cherry shrimp together usually works, and they make excellent tank companions.
  • If your betta fish are particularly aggressive, you should avoid adding any tank teammates with them.
  • Bettas are not at all social ,so it is very important to choose their tank mates wisely.
  • It is important to change the water at least once a week to avoid the accumulation of waste, i.e 30% change twice a week, 50% change once.
  • Luckily red cherry shrimps are great scavengers and you don’t have to worry about removing the leftovers everyday,as red cherry shrimps will clean all the uneaten food from the bettas tank and maintain the pristine water conditions for both of them to thrive.
  • Both red cherry shrimp and bettas come from dense aquatic vegetation,so replicate the same set up for them to thrive well in aquarium conditions.
  • Red cherry shrimp are great tank companions for a number of reasons.
  • Red cherry shrimp are only an inch long, so make sure there’s plenty of cover and the betta is well-fed, or your shrimp could end up becoming a snack for them.
  • Red cherry shrimp produce little to no waste, which means you can have 10 shrimp per gallon.

Frequently asked questions

Do betta fish eat red cherry shrimp?

Red cherry shrimp are at their most vulnerable when they molt, and your betta may try to eat them.Especially male bettas will feed on red cherry shrimps, not female betta.

How many red cherry shrimps can be housed in a 10 gallons tank?

A 10 gallon tank can hold up to 50 cherry shrimp.Cherry shrimp are tiny and produce very little bioload, so you can put a flock of them in a small aquarium.