Can guppies and betta fish occupy the same aquarium?

In this post, we will answer the question “Can guppies and betta fish occupy the same aquarium” We will also discuss which is the most successful gender combination of guppies and betta fish.

Can guppies and betta fish occupy the same aquarium?

Yes, guppies and betta fish can occupy the same aquarium. Guppies are an excellent company for your betta fish. It is very common among aquarists to keep these two fish species together. However, before adding any species, make sure they’re suitable with guppies.

When you study the characteristics of both of those fish species, you may realize that guppy fish is way more peaceful if compared to betta fish.

Bettas may be found in rice fields and streams in South East Asia, whereas guppies are native to South America and can be found in rivers and lakes. Theoretically, it looks as they would not survive within the same conditions.

The gender of your betta & guppies

The gender of your fish is additionally visiting determine the likelihood that they will live together. Although the common aggressive gender is the male, females can also be hostile to other fish species.

Male betta fish & male guppies

This is the worst combination you will have in your tank. Male guppies are those that are brightly coloured with flowing tails. Both things that er aggression and territorial instinct in betta fish. Also, the idea of keeping male betta fish and male guppies togetheris not good.

Male betta fish & female guppies

Female guppies look plenty duller than male guppies. So it is a possibility that you just could add them to the tank along with your betta fish. However, if you have got a female guppy that is too colourful then the result could be bad. So while it is possible to place female guppies with a male betta fish, caution remains advised.

Female betta fish & male guppies

Female bettas are not as aggressive as males, so you would think it is okay to place male guppies in with them. However, you should stay away from this for the most part. Male guppies sometimes misinterpret female bettas as guppies and attempt to procreate with them. The betta fish will not be pleased with this and should find themselves attacking your guppies.

Female betta fish & female guppies

This is the most likely combination of guppies and betta fish to succeed in your aquarium. Although female betta fish tend to be calmer than males, they can become a bit aggressive. However female guppies may not induce any aggressive behaviour. So if you choose to house betta fish and guppies together this can be your best bet.

A female guppy, on the other hand, maybe mistaken for a sorority tankmate by betta fish. When this happens female betta fish may bully your guppy.

Guppies live in what area of the other tank? 

Guppies usually occupy the half top area of the tank. If your guppies start swimming into your betta fish’s zone, this might cause complications. Guppies are less likely to swim in that area once your betta fish has recognized which region is theirs, save during feeding times.

What is the maximum number of guppies you may maintain with your betta fish?

If you propose opening fish together with your betta fish your tank must be large enough to deal with both species.

As a general guideline, one gallon of water is necessary for each fish in your tank. A 10-gallon tank with one betta fish and three guppies is the minimum size we recommend. And with every 5-gallons, I could add an extra 3 guppies.

Do guppies nip fins?

When you introduce guppies to your aquarium, you should be concerned about more than just your betta fish attacking them. You ought to also consider whether they go to attack your betta fish.

What can I feed my guppies with?

Guppies can be fed an enormous variety of food. You should feed them meat in addition to fish flakes or pellets. The ilical requirements are met by guppies. If you feed mosquito larvae, daphnia, or bloodworms to your Betta fish, your guppy will consume them as well.

Additionally, you should not overfeed your guppies, up to 3 times each day is appropriate. But if you plan to schedule guppies and betta fish feeding time together, then twice each day will work too for the guppies.

What if my betta fish food is being eaten by my guppies?

As previously mentioned that betta fish and guppies eat identical items. The difference is while betta fish must have meat in their diet, it is optional for guppies. If your guppies are eating all of your live food, you’ll need to try something new to ensure your betta fish get their meaty portion. 

• Try to offer your betta fish food at one end of the tank and the guppies food at the other end. Items should be drip-fed into both ends a little at a time. Once your betta fish has eaten enough then you will be able to pour everything else in.

• It is also possible to use a net barrier to separate them during feeding times.

Precautions you could have with a betta fish and guppies tank

If you are bent on moving guppies in together with your betta fish, there are some precautions that you can take. Whether you believe your betta fish is calm or not, you’ll never know until you add guppies to the tank. Some of the provisions include:

Add lots of plants and hiding places to your aquarium. This is one of the most basic things you can do to provide your guppies with somewhere to hide from your betta fish if something awful happens. Furthermore, these are also structures for your betta fish to feel safe. Anubias, java fern, hornwort, Anacharis, betta bulbs, and java moss are all excellent plants to have. 

You must have a backup tank or a tank divider before introducing the betta fish and guppies together to keep your fish separated if something goes wrong. 

If you’re going to house male guppies with male bettas, make sure the guppies are as plain as possible.

Sometimes, it will be better to feature a betta fish after you have got added all the opposite fish. Opting for this step, the betta fish will not feel like their territory is being invaded. This occurs because, in new tanks, they still do not have a territory to defend.


In this post, we answered the question “Can guppies and betta fish occupy the same aquarium?” We also discussed which is the most successful gender combination of guppies and betta fish.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can guppies and betta fish occupy the same aquarium?

Can I put male guppies with male betta fish?

Male guppies are those that are brightly coloured with flowing tails. Both things trigger aggression and territorial instinct in betta fish. Putting a male guppy and a male betta together will almost certainly result in the death of your guppies.

What fish can house with the guppy?

Guppies are small and extremely calm fish. However, they ought to not be placed in aquariums with other fish that are much larger and/or more territorial. The ideal company for a guppy are other fish from the Poeciliidae family.

How long does guppy fish live?

Guppy can live approximately four years. They are tropical fish and thus, they prefer warmer waters between 75 and 82 °F.

How to avoid your betta fish from eating the guppy fry?

It’s difficult to breed guppies in a communal tank with a betta fish present. Separating the fry in an exceedingly breeding box can work. But you must know that guppy fry during a breeding box will not develop normally. Fry needs space to grow. Although releasing guppy fry into the aquarium when they are 2-3 weeks old will aid with expansion, they are still little, and betta fish can readily devour month old guppy fry. 

Is it feasible to feed betta fish and guppies at the same time?

Yes, both of them have similar requirements regarding diet. One crucial topic is that betta fish need to have plenty of meaty items, as they require protein-rich supplements. You can feed these fish at the same time, during the afternoon, before or after walking around.

What fish are betta fish compatible with?

Betta fish should be kept with peaceful non-betta looking species. Some good tank mates to betta fish are cory catfish, neon and ember tetras and also some shrimp, such as ghost shrimp.


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