Can frogs and betta fish live together?

In this article we will discuss betta fish and frogs.We will also discuss their relationship and other tank parameters which are suitable for them to survive together in aquarium settings.


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  • Are betta fish and frogs aggressive in nature?
  • What do betta fish and frogs eat?
  • Are water parameters the same for betta fish and frogs in aquarium conditions?
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  • Do betta fish and frogs need the same light intensity in their tanks?
  • Do betta fish and frogs need similar substrates in their tank?
  • Is it easy to care for betta fish and  frogs together in the same aquariums?
  • Are betta fish and frogs both perfect community fish?
  • Are betta fish and frogs beginner friendly or for experienced aquarists?
  • Can betta fish and  frogs live in the same aquariums?
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Can betta fish & frogs live together?

Environments are very similar for both frogs and bettas and  to make their tank feel like they are at home for your betta and frogs,you should make sure you are providing enough vegetation because betta and frogs feel safe among the plants and reduce stress.

Also, you need to put a lot of hiding spots in the tank to feel safe and secure,when they feel threatened and overwhelmed.

Key specifications of betta fish and frogs

Key specificationsFrogs  Betta fish 
Scientific nameTypes

AnuraAfrican dwarf frog African clawed frog Indonesian floating frog Western clawed frogSurinam toad 
Betta splendensDragon scale bettaButterfly bettaMarble bettaKoi bettaDumbo bettaDifferent tailed bettasOsphronemidae
Temperament Peaceful, Coward, bold and relaxed-different personalityVery aggressive
Diet Predators & carnivore Carnivore
Habitat Cosmopolitan as they are amphibians.Freshwater of Southeast Asia

Where are betta fish and  frogs found?

Habitat of  frogs

  • Native-They are found almost everywhere.
  • Distribution-Frogs can be found anywhere there is a pond or other body of water nearby that is sufficiently moist.
  • Water type-All water types & aquarium frogs have different preferences but freshwater is best of all.
  • Water movement-Normal movement.

Habitat of betta fish

  • Native- Southeast Asia/ Tropical Asia
  • Distribution-Thailand, Kampuchea, and southern Vietnam.
  • Water type-Freshwater bodies.
  • Water movement-Slow moving water bodies.

How long do betta fish and frogs live?

Frogs can be great pets and can live on average 5-10 years, and some species can live 15-20 years. Goliath frogs can live up to 15 years in the wild. In captivity, they can live up to 21 years.

The average lifespan of a betta fish is 2-4 years.The lifespan of betta fish is directly related to the environment in which they are raised. Keeping the tank clean and watching their diet can help them live longer.

What tank size do betta fish and frogs need?

Frogs tank size

  • You need at least 10-15 gallons of aquarium or container.
  • The frog’s aquarium should be filled with 4-8 liters or 1-2 gallons of water per African dwarf frog.
  • This gives each frog enough space to swim and makes it easier to manage keeping the water clean and balanced, because too little water can quickly pollute the aquarium.
  • One or two African dwarf frogs can live happily in a five-gallon aquarium.
  • But if you have more than that,or if they share an aquarium with fish, you’ll need at least 20 gallons of an aquarium.

Betta fish tank size

  • The minimum aquarium size for a single fighting fish or betta fish is  3 gallons.
  • The additional aquarium size for each fully grown bettas is 1 gallon.
  • The ideal aquarium size for single male or female betta is 5 gallons.
  • Bettas do pretty well in bigger and spacious aquariums.
  • Bettas are very particular about their spaces in tanks and don’t like it if other tank mates visit their space.
  • So space invaders do trigger aggression in bettas.

Are betta fish and frogs aggressive in nature?

Frogs from a high population density are more aggressive than individuals from a low population density.The sub-adult males are aggressive and are likely to win confrontations with adult males. 

The function of aggression appears to be related to the peculiar reproductive behavior observed in frogs.

Betta fish is known as Siamese fighting fish because of its unique range and aggressive nature.These fish are very aggressive and males often fight with each other until they die.

Even female bettas can be aggressive, but are usually more sociable than male bettas.

What do betta fish and frogs eat?

Frogs diet:

Small house frogs usually feed on small crickets, fruit flies, springtails, and other small arthropods.Medium-sized domestic frogs can be fed larger crickets, mealworms, butter worms, silkworms, grasshoppers, and even small fish.

Bettas diet:

Betta is a carnivorous fish that requires a lot of protein in its diet. In the wild, they usually eat small meat creatures such as worms, daphnia brine shrimp, mosquito larvae, and other fish.In captivity, a betta diet consists of high protein.

Are water parameters the same for betta fish and  frogs in aquarium conditions?

Water parameters for frogs:

Purified filtered water including bottled,boiled,filtered,borehole, reverse osmosis, & distilled water needs to be reintroduced minerals including calcium chloride and magnesium sulfate

  • PH balance between 6.5 and 7.5 to be considered safe for frogs.
  • Water temperature :18 to 25º C /64 to 77º F.

Water parameters for betta fish to thrive:

  • Aquarium water temperature: 75F-81F/ 23.8°-27.2°C
  • Ammonia and Nitrite levels: 0 ppm.
  • Nitrate levels: <20 ppm.
  • GH: 3-4 dGH /50-66.7 ppm
  • KH: 3-5 dKH /53.6- 89.4 ppm
  • Aquarium water pH: 6.5-7.5.

Do betta fish and frogs need the same aquarium plants in their tanks?

Some aquarium frogs like African dwarf frogs need living plants to survive, because they are beneficial and help to absorb many toxins in the water that may have been missed by the aquarium filters.

Living plants can go a long way when it comes to filtering water.Live plants are ideal for betta tanks as they provide a hiding place, make the tank feel more natural and continue to entertain them.

Living plants produce more oxygen and help remove ammonia.It also harbors beneficial bacteria,reduces algae problems and creates a more natural environment.

Do betta fish and frogs need the same light intensity in their tanks?

Frogs don’t need sunlight,but they do need lighting that mimics the cycle of day and night in their habitat.If they are in a dark room, illuminate the terrarium daily with a fluorescent lamp for 12 hours.

Many species of frogs need some ultraviolet B light in addition to regular light.Betta fish require light to be truly physically and behaviorally healthy.

Make sure you have a period of darkness where you can rest by providing a regular day-night cycle.They cannot live happily in total darkness or in a dimly lit room.

Aquarium light is important if you plan to keep living plants with your betta.

Do betta fish and frogs need similar substrates in their tank?

Aquarium sand or gravel, mulch-like material,pebbles,or peat moss. The optimal type of substrate depends on the type of frog you plan to raise.

Coconut fiber bedding is ideal for frogs as it retains moisture well.It is soft to the touch and does not have the roughness of damaging sensitive skin.

The substrate should be kept moist to a depth of approximately 2-3 inches to promote stable humidity levels.The fighting fish or bettas love plants,and if you don’t have a substrate, you won’t have anything to anchor the plants to.

Gravel is by and large the most common aquarium substrate and an excellent choice for a betta tank.This Spectrastone gravel is a blend of fine river pebbles designed to give your aquarium a natural look.

Is it easy to care for betta fish and  frogs together in the same aquariums?

Water frogs are small, peaceful amphibians.They are very popular due to the ease of keeping them.

Try to provide the best possible environment (with the right tank, water standards, and substrate) and you’ll be successful in keeping your frogs nice and healthy.

There are no easy pets, but betta is easier to care for than many other species of fish. In fact,they require less space and are stronger than other fish.

They require abundant materials such as filtration, hot water, exploring plants and burrows, and regular feeding and tank cleaning to thrive well in their aquarium conditions like their original habitat.

Are betta fish and  frogs perfect community fish?

The frogs are ideal for common tropical freshwater tanks. Make sure your frogs and fish are well fed and in optimal water conditions, and won’t have any problems.

These frogs are peaceful creatures and should be placed in similar societies.Under the right circumstances, bettas can live in community aquariums.

In fact, in the best-case scenario, your betta will have a much better quality of life in a community tank than his own.

In my opinion,male bettas are not a good choice for community tanks,because of their aggressive behavior, so you can go ahead with female bettas,as they have less aggression than male bettas.

Female bettas are a bit dull than males and are not so famous like male bettas in pet shops.Male bettas go well in solitary tanks.

Are betta fish and  frogs beginner friendly or for experienced aquarists?

Frogs and toads make great pets for those who want a more sophisticated pet than fish.Pet frogs provide an excellent learning opportunity for beginners.

These aquatic creatures are easy to care for, have vibrant colors,and are usually less expensive than other pet reptiles.

Betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish,has long been a favorite pet for both beginners and experienced fish keepers due to its colorful finish and energetic personality.

But make sure they are getting the right water parameters and you are able to handle their agressions.They have a poor genetics and short lifespan,so it is better kept with experienced fish keepers.


  • Bettas and frogs can live in similar tanks in right tank conditions.
  • Both need the right diet and water parameters to thrive in aquarium conditions.
  • They can fit into community tanks if they have been kept in the right water parameters and healthy diets.
  • In my opinion,keep both of them in separate tanks, as bettas are very aggressive creatures.

Frequently asked questions

Are frogs found on every continent?

Frogs can be found on every continent and almost every environment except Antarctica.

Where are poison dart frogs found?

Poison dart frogs inhabit the tropical forests of Central and South America.