Can Chihuahuas be left alone at home? (11+ tips)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Can chihuahuas be left alone at home? We will give you the best tips to leave your Chihuahua home alone without worrying about its safety and well-being. 

How much time can Chihuahuas be left alone?

Chihuahuas and most dogs that are left alone at home suffer separation anxiety: they do not know when their owners will return, they react with bad behavior, they bark, they relieve themselves around the house, etc.

The time you can leave your Chihuahua alone depends mainly on age, taking into account that puppies are the most sensitive when it comes to being without anyone for a long time. An adult dog, that is, from one or two years of age, can stay home alone without problem for about 6 hours, and occasionally 8 hours. 

If more than that time passes, the most normal thing is that it directly affects the character of the dog with anxiety, sadness, or behavior problems.

How to get a Chihuahua puppy used to being alone at home?

Ideally, a puppy should not spend more than 2 hours alone, occasionally a maximum of 4. If you incorporate a little one into the family, make sure that if you are not going to be at home, an acquaintance or relative can be with him at that time. 

If you do not have this option and your work schedule is not going to allow you to spend enough time with the puppy, it is best to reconsider taking him in for a time in your life when you have more availability.

If you are going to leave your dog alone at home for many hours, the idea is that you take these tips into account to avoid misbehavior. Barking, chewing furniture, crying… There are many ways in which a pet can show her frustration when she spends a lot of time alone at home. With these tips you can make your separation much more bearable:

Dog’s Toys: If your dog is going to spend many hours alone at home, before leaving do not forget to leave her favorite toys within reach. Does your pet have ‘kong’? This type of toy is designed so that prizes can be put inside it and that your dog can entertain himself trying to remove them. There are kongs of different shapes and sizes and the prizes that can be introduced can be cookies, cream …

Your dog shouldn’t feel locked up: Above all, you have to make sure that he is not going to feel ‘caged’. The most recommended thing is that it has natural light, access to a window, and if you can leave the access door to the balcony open, much better.

Turn on radio or television: If your dog is going to spend many hours alone at home, to avoid separation stress, we recommend that you leave the radio or television on at an adequate volume. The background sound will give you a feeling of accompaniment and you will not hear so much outside noises that it can make you nervous.

Accessible food and drink: And of course it is essential that before leaving home you check that you will have enough water and food during your absence. If you give your pet rationed food, try not to let your hours away from home affect its routine in terms of eating times.

Is your dog used to being alone?

If your dog is very attached to you and is not used to you being away from home for so long, he is likely to suffer from separation anxiety. If this is the case, it is recommended that you train him little by little to be alone and calm before leaving for eight hours in a row. If it’s hopeless, you can give someone the keys to your house to visit and spend time with.

So that your Chihuahua is calmer during all those hours alone, it is advisable to take a long walk before you leave. This way the dog will be tired when you get home and will want to sleep and rest.

You must take into account if the dog is going to spend eight hours only in a particular way or is it going to be something every day due, for example, to a job. If it is something that is going to be repeated over time, you should train your dog well so that it can last for so many hours.

In the event that you have a break, you could go visit it or, as we have mentioned before, give the keys to someone you trust. Remember that the dog is a social animal and needs company, although it can spend eight hours it will only be happier and less stressed if it shares its time.

Steps to follow before leaving home and leaving your Chihuahua alone

Here are some tips so that the dog can be alone at home for eight hours without taking risks:

  1. Check the doors and the windows well. You should not leave any door or window open. This will prevent your dog from escaping or falling.
  1. The kitchen should always be closed. There can be a multitude of dangers in the kitchen for your dog. You may find something to eat that doesn’t suit you.
  1. Put away any chemicals and cleaning products. Of course, all cleaning products and any poisons must be kept in a closet so that the dog does not have access to them. You should also empty the mop bucket so that it does not drink from there.
  1. The house must be cleaned. If your dog gets bored, he will not hesitate to pick up any object that he has within reach, he can destroy something that you are very fond of or he can get hurt with some things.
  1. No cables in sight. The dog can nibble on them and render them useless and may even be electrocuted.
  1. Food and drink. Make sure you leave him clean water and, if you want, some food so that the time he’s alone doesn’t make him too hungry.

5 Tips to make a Chihuahua that spends a lot of time alone happier

  1. Don’t restrict access for your dog. If your dog is going to spend many hours alone at home, at least he does not feel caged. To do this, nothing better than leaving the curtains fully open: let in light, your dog will be able to see the outside, and being able to see what is happening out there, the hours will pass faster.
  1. Avoid leaving the toys that you use every day within reach. Dogs get bored with their toys quickly, so to always have that feeling of novelty, do not put at their disposal the entire arsenal of entertainment, but offer them only 3 toys each day, so they will keep busy playing with toys that they missed. 

If you also want them to spend the time even more entertaining, do not rule out purchasing an interactive toy. It is nothing more than a toy that stimulates their ingenuity and that consists of puzzles that your dog must solve if she wants to reach her reward, which is always small treats. 

A Kong toy is the simplest, but today, there are many puzzles that can make your dog have a good time by sharpening her mind without thinking that she is alone in those moments.

  1. Make visits. Give the key to your house to someone you trust, be it a family member or friend. An unexpected visit to your dog to play with him or take him for a walk will break those hours that do not seem to pass for your furry. So the day will be less heavy.
  1. Put on the radio or television. Silence can be your dog’s worst enemy. If he is also an insecure dog, for every little noise he hears, he will bark to drive away that possible danger. Therefore, putting on the radio or television can be a good remedy. 
  1.  Stimulate your dog’s nose. Your dog’s nose can be his best ally. Before leaving the house, hide small rewards for the areas where your dog has access. Those rewards can be treats but also new toys. 

Balls of dry food in different parts of your house where the dog cannot damage anything (under a chair, under a table, etc.), assorted treats, or leather bones will turn your house into a game that your dog will have to complete. An exercise that will lead you to be very busy and without thinking about you.

These are just some very simple tips that can make your dog a little happier when he is alone at home for many hours.


A Chihuahua likes to spend 24/7 in someone’s care, receiving attention, and cuddles. That said, Chihuahuas are companion dogs, bred for human companionship, and that lays a foundation. If a Chihuahua doesn’t have enough opportunities to come out of its shell or if their clingy behavior is never addressed, it can be more aggressive than it would otherwise be.

The ideal is to have a dog who appreciates the time you spend together, but who also has enough independence and self-confidence to be alone at other times. Many Chihuahuas are not born this way – you have to teach them.

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FAQ in Can Chihuahuas be left alone

How to deal with a clingy Chihuahua?

The key to deal with a clingy Chihuahua is to create an environment that offers a sense of security. Gradually teach the chihuahua that playing independently is not such a bad thing.

Are Chihuahuas needy dogs?

Chihuahuas are indeed needy dogs. They enjoy being petted, groomed, and being taken care of 24/7 if possible. Additionally, they are very protective of their owner and their territory and can easily attack.

Should Chihuahuas sleep with you?

Chihuahuas can sleep with you as long as they are healthy and parasite free. However, keep in mind that they have a very small size and you shouldn’t sleep with them if you are afraid an accident may happen during the night. 

Are Chihuahuas easy to train?

Chihuahuas are easy to train, but you need a lot of patience, as they are known to be quite disobedient. Of course, you have to keep in mind that each dog has its own character and uniqueness. 

Is a Chihuahua a good dog?

A chihuahua is a very good dog, especially for active people. Although they are known to react aggressively when feeling threatened, Chihuahuas can also be great family pets. 


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