Can Betta fish live with Snails?

In this article, we will understand the relationship between Snails and Betta fish. We will also meet the best Snails species to have with Betta fish in a tank and some of their specificities.

Can Betta fish live with Snails?

Yes, Betta fish can live with Snails. Although, it is essential to keep in mind the Betta fish personality and also the Snails species you select. If the Betta fish is excessively antagonistic and not easy-going, they will possibly intimidate or even injury the Snails.

Additionally, the Betta fish will probably start nipping at the Snails at the first moment. This would be a result of curiosity more than aggression. Although, this should stop quickly. 

Will Betta fish eat the Snails?

It is possible, Betta fish usually feed on anything that looks like food and fit in their mouths. Thus, the Betta fish may try to eat the Snails. 

There are some ways to reduce the chances of the Betta fish trying to eat the Snails. One of them is to provide a proper and balanced diet to the Betta fish, with a combination of fish flakes and live items.

Snails that can live with Betta fish

Turret Snails

The Turret Snail is also called the Malaysian Trumpet Snail. They are beginner-friendly and are not demanding. They can live for up to 1 year and grow up to 1.5 inches.

The Turret Snail water parameters requirement is similar to the ones required by the Betta fish. The temperature should range between 70 and 78°F and pH between 7 and 7.5. 

They are usually found foraging on the substrate in search of scraps and leftovers. The ideal substrate for these organisms is one without sharp edges and not too big to hurt them.

They can breed very easily and could overpopulate your tank very fast. Thus, it is important to always look for some eggs in the tank. 

Ramshorn Snails

The Ramshorn Snails are very similar to the Turret Snails. They have a similar size, 1.5 inches, and can live on average for up to 1 year. Their requirements are also very similar, temperatures between 70 and 78°F and pH between 7 and 7.5.

The Ramshorn Snails are good for tanks that do not have lots of plants as they can start feeding on them. They also feed on algae and food scraps. 

Also, similarly to the Turret Snails, they breed very quickly. Thus, the recommendation is to keep a search for eggs.

Pond Snails

Pond Snails are very common snails. Sometimes they can even sneak into your tank on live plants without being noticed. They are awesome algae removers. 

They thrive better at a pH of 7.5. however, they can do just fine in pH of 7, to match the Betta fish requirements. In comparison to the other Snail species, the Pond Snail is the one that reproduces faster. As long as the water parameters and food availability are appropriate, they will reproduce and grow their population easily.

Assassin Snails

The Assassin Snails are usually used for other snails control. They reproduce very slowly and feed mostly on other snails but also feed on food scraps, algae, dead plants, and debris. 

These Snails are the hardest ones on this list. They are quite sensitive to water parameters fluctuations. The temperature should range between 75 and 80°F and pH between 7 and 8. Their lifespan is around 2 years and they grow up to 3 inches.

Due to their size, Betta fish can see them as a threat and thus, can become aggressive towards the Snails. The recommendation is to keep Assassin Snails just if necessary to control other snail species.

Mystery Snails

Mystery Snails are not demanding or sensitive to parameters fluctuations. These snails feed mainly on leftovers and other food items that reach the bottom of the tank. 

They can live for up to 1 year and measure up to 2 inches. The temperature range should be between 68 and 78°F and pH from 7 to 7.5. 

Nerite Snails

Nerite Snails are one of the most common snails to keep in fish tanks. They are very popular due to their variate colour patterns. They are quite small in comparison to the other snails in this list. They grow only up to 0.5 inches. 

Additionally to their colours, another characteristic that makes them very popular is their capability of removing algae. However, they are a bit sensitive to parameters fluctuations. The pH should be around 7.5 and steady and temperatures between 72 and 78°F.  

Ivory Snails

The Ivory Snails are extremely good-looking. They are very popular due to their appearance. They are not demanding organisms and are can get along very well with Betta fish. 

They have nocturnal habits and can live for about 1 year. They are sensitive to parameters fluctuations. The temperatures should range from 68 to 82°F and pH from 7.2 and 7.5.

They usually feed on dead plant material and leftovers. They can also feed on soft algae from glass and other tank structures.

Things to consider before placing Snails with Betta fish

Some characteristics should be considered when placing a Betta fish with snails. They are:

–       Betta fish temperament: Different individuals have different personalities and attitudes. For this reason, it is important to observe and test the Betta fish behaviour before placing more snails in the tank;

–       Tank size: It is very important to set up tanks with enough space for the Betta fish to establish their territory. It is also essential to have plenty of space to place live plants and other tank structures. A 10-gallon tank would be enough for a few snails and a Betta fish.

Feeding Betta fish and Snails

Most of the snails on this list are algae eaters. They will also remove the excess debris and leftovers. Feeding a Betta fish properly will naturally result in some leftover, that would be easily cleaned by the snails.


In this article, we understood the relationship between Snails and Betta fish. We also met the best Snails to have with Betta fish in a tank and some of their specificities.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us in a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can Betta fish live with Snails?

Do Betta fish live peacefully with snails?

Most Betta fish get along very well with snails. However, depending on the Betta fish temperament and the snail species you choose, the fish could start nipping or trying to eat the snails. 

What do snails eat?

Snails usually feed on food scraps and leftovers ate the bottom of the tank. However, they can also feed on algae and sometimes on other snails, that is the case of the Assassin Snail.

How to get rid of unwanted snails in a fish tank?

There are several manners of getting rid of unwanted snails. You can start by removing them manually, avoiding overfeeding your fish, opt for other organisms that feed on snails, such as fish or the Assassin Snails.

Will a Betta kill a snail?

It is not likely the Betta fish will kill a snail. However, depending on the Betta fish temperament and the snail species you choose, it is possible.

Which fish do eat snails?

Several fish species can eat snails, among them are Yoyo Loaches, Striped Raphael Catfish, Clown Loach, Dwarf Chain Loach, and Zebra Loach. However, few species are less likely to eat snails, as Betta fish and Corydoras.

What happens if a snail bites you?

Snails do not have jaws and thus, they are not capable of biting. However, they have a tongue covered with teeth, so their lick can scratch only.


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