Can Betta fish and White Cloud Minnows coexist?

In this post, we will understand the relationship between Betta fish and White Cloud Minnows. We will also outline if they can live together in the same tank.

Can Betta fish and White Cloud Minnows coexist?

Yes, White Cloud Minnows are a great tank mate for Bettas if the aquarium is big enough. White cloud minnows are peaceful fish that can easily adapt to life in the freshwater environment.

Like betta, white cloud minnows may be found in tropical waters. So, keep in mind to keep the Betta tank temperature between 77°F and 78°F (25°C and 26°C) for both types of fish, since White Cloud Minnows can handle cooler temperatures.

Also, It’s important to keep White Cloud Minnows in groups. However, both fish are quite active, they know how to defend themselves.

Betta and White Cloud Minnows Tank Aspects:

Below are some tank parameters to keep a Betta fish with a White Cloud Minnows:

Aquarium size

The betta and cloud minnow fish should be housed in a minimum of 10 liters of water.

The fish feel more at ease in a large tank with plenty of room to swim about.

In addition, they will be able to roam about freely, which will help keep the craziness under control.

It is suggested to keep Betta and White Cloud Mountain Minnows in a tank of at least 20 gallons (78 liters) to keep them happy and healthy and also if you want to have schools with more than 10 fish each.

Tank setup​

When it comes to my Betta and White Cloud tanks, it is important to place the aquarium with plenty of real plants. Water Wisteria for example is an interesting plant that fits both fish because Betta and Mountain Minnows stand out against the Water Wisteria’s vibrant green backdrop because of their vivid colors.

The ornamentation of a Betta and White Cloud aquarium is entirely up to the owner. But the castle will function just as well as aquarium-safe wood and roots.

Water parameters

There is little difference in water quality between Bettas and White Cloud Mountain Minnows. The only thing to be aware of is the temperature of the water. White Cloud Minnows can handle temperatures up to 78°F (25.5°C), while Bettas can handle temperatures between 74°F and 80°F (23°C and 26.5°C). Both types of fish will be good with a pH of between 6.5 and 8.0.

Filter aspects

In an aquarium with a lot of movement, White Clouds thrive. This includes keeping them in a stream that has almost white water. Bettas, on the other hand, particularly those with longer fins, do not need any flow at all. The sponge filter attached to an air pump, or the hang-on-back filter, would be recommended

How many white cloud minnows can live with a betta?

White cloud minnows live in a community. Place 5 to 6 fish together in an aquarium tank. Make sure the tank is big enough for them. The tank should be large enough to accommodate both fish. Also, keep an eye on the food and water supply to prevent the animals from becoming agitated and fighting for life.

What food should you give to a Betta and White Cloud Mountain Minnow in the same aquarium?

Bettas and White Cloud Minnows have almost identical diets. Both fish are omnivores, so a tiny, high-quality pellet is appropriate. Bettas like to consume food from the surface and mid-water, while minnows prefer to consume food as it descends the water column.

Both kinds of fish like live or frozen bloodworms, daphnia, and cyclops, among others.

What to do if the Betta fish is hunting white cloud minnows?

When a colony of fish is kept together, they all engage in the same activity: chasing other fish. You should keep an eye on their behaviors since there are many possible interpretations of chasing.

The following are the best ways to stop bettas from pursuing cloud minnow fish:

The temperature of the water

When the aquarium is tense, the fish act irrationally, attacking other fish and clearing the area around them in an attempt to protect themselves. When it comes to keeping the aquarium under control, the temperature of the water is a key factor.

Adjust the thermostat to the desired setting. During times of danger, fish exhibit a variety of responses, including chasing

Food safety is a major concern.

Another factor in the betta’s aggression was food safety. Food spreads across the tank as soon as it is poured into it. As a result, the two distinct species of fish would gather together to eat at the same time.

When the food offered makes the water unfriendly, people rush to consume as much as possible. In response to other fish attempting to take their food, Betta can become violent.

The Cloud minnow fish will grow sick if food safety isn’t properly controlled, therefore it’s important to keep an eye on it.

Companionship in the Tank

Bettas are difficult to keep in a tank with other fish. Few fish are compatible with a betta. The other fish in most instances have to deal with the betta fish’s domination.

In many ways, cloud minnow fish are quite similar to bettas. As tropical fish, they don’t need any particular attention.

The Cloud minnow, on the other hand, prefers cold water to the betta’s warmth, although the latter is adaptable. Betta fish require time to become used to their new surroundings, therefore aquarists maintain them in a separate tank from other fish.

Warning of a threat

It is the aquarist’s responsibility to keep the betta peaceful in the aquarium. If the betta feels threatened by other fish or tank circumstances, he or she will chase after them. For both betta and cloud minnow fish living in the wild, hiding places are essential.

They do the same things in the aquarium. Instinctively they hide among the rocks and vegetation to avoid being discovered by predators.

While submerged, they shelter themselves in a hiding place. They are protected from predators in their native environment by the hiding space.

Artificial hiding places in the aquarium may be created by using plants and ornamental elements. The fish will defend themselves by congregating in this location.

The betta will remain peaceful and not irritate the other fish in the aquarium as a result. The fish, on the other hand, grow agitated and aggressive if the tank’s hiding room is restricted.

Is it possible that betta may harm or kill white cloud minnows?

In times of uncertainty, Betta may attack the white cloud minnow fish. Betta strives to be the center of attention in the aquarium. They begin attacking other fish that enter their region.

Betta would have no problem snatching the white cloud minnow’s fins. The cloud minnow fish’s fins are ripped off by the betta fish, making it impossible for them to swim.

Furthermore, a betta bite may be deadly. The white cloud minnow fish will be ripped apart piece by piece if you don’t intervene quickly.

How well do white cloud minnows get along with other female bettas?

When it comes to female bettas, the white cloud minnows would be thrilled to share their tank with them! The aquarist’s first option is to house the bettas with any other fish is the female betta.

Bettas in their female form are less aggressive and more supportive of their male counterparts. The females, on the other hand, are often seen lurking behind plants and hiding in the water, but they do not harass other fish. To keep your aquarium busy, you may put white cloud minnows in with betta females.

What other fish can coexist in a betta fish and white cloud minnows aquarium?

White Clouds like to live in the middle of the aquarium, whereas Bettas prefer to spend most of their time near the top. With that in mind, it is highly recommended to add a bottom-dwelling fish to the tank.

The bottom dweller will not only have their portion of the tank, but it will also devour any food that goes by the Betta and White Cloud Minnows.

Cory catfish can be a good option to add in Betta and White Clouds tanks. Specifically Pandora corydoras.


In this post, we understood the relationship between Betta fish and White Cloud Minnows. We also outlined if they can live together in the same tank.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Can Betta fish and White Cloud Minnows coexist?

Is white cloud minnows suitable with any other fish?

Tankmates for the White Cloud Mountain Minnow include the following:

  • Tetra Bloodfin;
  • Pearl Danio of the Celestials;
  • The Zebra Danio;
  • Guppies;
  • Barber of Odessa;
  • Mollies.

White cloud mountain minnows can grow to what size?

1 1/2 inches. Male white clouds are more slender and brightly colored than females, with a mature length of 1 1/2 inches (4 cm). They are usually found at the top or center of the aquarium and are seldom spotted at the bottom.

Will White Cloud Mountain Minnows Attack a Betta’s Fins?

There is no danger of White Cloud Mountain Minnows nibbling on your Betta’s long, wriggling fins. When it comes to fish, White Cloud Minnows are hard to beat.

After having them since the 1990s, I can honestly say I have never witnessed anything hostile from them.

What is the lifespan of a white cloud?

They live between five and seven years. If properly cared for, white clouds may reach a height of 4 cm and survive for 5 to 7 years. In terms of water conditions, white clouds can withstand a broad variety.  Temperature range: 18°C to 26°C, with the ability to live at 5ºC.