Best way to put down a dog (9 important things to know)

We will talk about the best way to put down a dog in this article. We will talk about some easy ways to put down a dog and some details about dog euthanasia.

Best Way to Put Down a Dog

The best way to put down a dog is animal euthanasia, it is the least painful way to put down a dog. Other ways such as dog shooting and dog poisoning are very inhumane ways to put down a dog. One must make the animal as comfortable as possible.

Saying goodbye to your best friend is not easy. It is one of the most difficult things to do as a pet owner, but sometimes the condition of the dog is so painful that it is better to put your best friend to an eternal peaceful sleep rather than a living misery.

It should be kept in mind that the best way to put down a dog, is the one that is least painful and most comfortable to the dog. Pet euthanasia is one of the safest and least painful ways to put down a dog. Let us discuss what is pet euthanasia and how does it help to put your dog in a peaceful eternal sleep.

Pet Euthanasia

The best way to put down a dog is pet euthanasia. Pet euthanasia is the way to help animals die most comfortably. It is recommended in conditions such as chronic diseases that make the animal miserable, or in when there are not accessible resources to save the life of the animal. 

It is the safest and least painful way to help animals die, it is entirely different from animal slaughtering and poisoning. Different ways of euthanasia are there but the best way is injecting the chemical agent in the intravenous circulation. This effectively puts the dog down and saves it from extreme pain.

Gas anesthesia can be given to put down a dog and then a final injection which causes the death of the animal in an unconscious state. In pet euthanasia, the respiratory system shuts down leading down to the collapse of the circulatory system. It puts the animal down to death.

Veterinarians consider pet euthanasia the best way to put down a dog as it is the least painful way to help your animal die. We are going to talk about dog euthanasia in detail now.

Dog Euthanasia 

Dog euthanasia is also known as the best way to put down a dog to sleep. The procedure is pain-free and so smooth that you don’t see your dog making any kind of sound or movement. It is just like watching your dog slowly drifting to sleep in routine.

It is done very gently, the vet first gives the dog some sedatives to make it unconscious. The vet then injects an overdose of the anesthesia to make the dog go into the fourth stage of anesthesia. In the fourth stage of anesthesia, the animal goes into medullary paralysis and the rest of the body shuts down.

A dog being put down to euthanasia

The vet prefers to do the procedure at your home, so you don’t have to feel much trouble. Putting your dog to the final sleep is an emotional and difficult thing to do. You can go through the whole procedure and pat or scratch your dog’s belly and watch it drifting off to its final sleep.

There are different steps by which you can put down a dog to its final sleep easily. Let us know what are those steps and how can you help your dog to get rid of the pain it is living in.

The Right Time to Put a Dog Down

It is often difficult to decide the right time and the best way to put down a dog. The best way to ensure the time and method by which you can put your dog down to sleep is ensuring the life quality of your dog. Keep in mind you are never too late or too early in this situation.

If the dog is in too much pain and there is nothing you can do about its situation, it is better to talk to your vet and ask for a scheduled and easy way to put your dog down. It is not considered to let the dog continue its life like that.

You would not want your dog to be in pain and live a miserable life that is why it is the best option to ensure the quality of your dog’s life and make a decision. If the dog is helpless and can’t survive in pain, it is the best way to put down a dog.

Call Your Vet

When you have made your decision, it is advisable to call your vet. A vet knows the best way to put down a dog.  Believe your vet and let him do his work. Most vets come to your home and offer this service. Avoid doing it by yourself as you can cause pain to the dog in its last moments. You will certainly not like to see your dog in pain in its final time, therefore it is advisable to seek professional help.

A dog being put down to euthanasia

The vet can perform the whole procedure in front of you. Putting your dog down to death is very hard, and it is totally up to you whether you want to stay or leave. It would be good if you were with your dog and said your final goodbye. The vet makes sure that your dog does not feel any pain during the procedure and drifts off to its final sleep peacefully.

After Putting Your Dog to Sleep

It is totally up to you what do you want to do with the remains of your dog. It is better to decide such a thing before time. Some people go for burials while some go for cremation. It is better to be decided with someone as it could be an emotional thing to do.

Some cities have even proper animal cemeteries for the burial of the remains of their pets, while some go for cremation. If you have a family place and want to bury the remains of your pet there, make sure it is properly done. An improper burial can lead to the reappearance of the remains on the grave after storms or rains.

It is good to go for cremation as it is time effective and have chances that the remains of your dog will be blown into a stream or a river and be completely safe from other flesh-eating animals. 

Make The Last Moments Ceremonial 

You can make the last moments of your best friend, ceremonial instead of simply putting it down to death. It is necessary for you to have a final moment with your dog. Say some words about your dog and talk about the memories you had with it.

Don’t bottle up your emotions, go through the loss properly. Remind yourself of all the sweet memories you spent with your little best friend and turn them into a ceremony or a small funeral. It is mostly seen with the pet owners that they can’t cope up with the loss of their pet.

For you to cope up with your emotions and give your dog a final goodbye, it is advised to have a little funeral or ceremonial activity. You can even turn the procedure of euthanasia of your dog into a funeral or a ceremonial activity, it will help you and your dog to have a final goodbye. Giving a dog a final and heartfelt goodbye can be the best way to put down a dog.

Favorite Things of Your Dog

Bring the favorite things of your dog in its last moments. Giving your dog its favorite toy or something he likes, will bring him ease and make him happy.

You don’t want your dog to feel any pain in its last moments, and that is why putting it down to the final sleep with its favorite things is the best way to put down a dog.  

Dogs are friendly animals and they attach themselves with little things and make a bond with them. It is good for the pet owner to get rid of all the stuff of the dog, which will make the emotional recovery of the pet owner difficult. 

Give Yourself Closure

It is very important to give yourself closure, to heal from your loss. It is certainly not easy to let your best friend go forever. Give yourself closure by saying some final words, and holding your dog in your arms. It is important for you to know that you did what you could do the best for your dog, and now it is free from all the pain that made it miserable.


We talked about the best way to put down a dog in this article. We also talked about some easy ways to put down a dog and some details about dog euthanasia.

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FAQs The Best Way to Put Down a Dog

Frequently asked questions about the best way to put down a dog.

Is there any way to humanely euthanize a dog at home?

You can not decide to euthanize a dog until it is permitted by the vet. It is illegal to euthanize the dog by your own choice without any certain reason. Your vet will certainly go for dog euthanasia if needed. 

What is the cheapest way to put a dog down?

Low-cost euthanasia of your pet is one of the cheapest ways to put a dog down. But you should make sure that the procedure is pain-free and the animal is put down least painfully. 

Is it legal to euthanize your own dog?

It is not allowed to euthanize a dog on your own. You can only go for euthanasia when permitted by a licensed veterinary doctor. Euthanizing your dog without a permit is illegal and should be avoided.

How do I euthanize my dog at home with Tylenol PM?

Relax your dog and take it to a comfortable place. Simply inject the overdose in the intravenous circulation of your dog, by injecting it into the cephalic vein. The dog will slowly drift into sleep and will not even feel pain. However, it should not be done without a permit issued by a licensed veterinary doctor.

Can a dog wake up after euthanasia?

Usually, the dog does not wake up after euthanasia. A dog can only wake up if euthanasia is not done properly. Your vet will make sure the respiratory and circulatory systems collapse after the administration of the anesthesia to make sure that the procedure is done. 


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