Best aquarium filter (Our top 5)

After reading this article “Best aquarium filter” the reader will be able to know about the 5 best aquarium filters and their features. He will also know about the types of filters in the market.

Best aquarium filters

Following are the best aquarium filters used in the fish tanks:

5 best aquarium filters

Following are the 5 best aquarium filters:


AQUACLEAR HOB is one of the best aquarium filters to use in the aquarium. It is easy to install however there are many parts that need to be assembled. The maintenance of the filter is fairly easy. The cleaning of the parts of the filter is easy.

The cost depends upon the size, the price ranges from $30 to $150.

The dimensions of the filter are 7.1 x 13.9 x 9.1 inches. You do not need much space but you need some at the back of the aquarium to adjust this filter.

It has Biomax Ceramic Rings which is beneficial for biological filtration. The sponge is essential for beneficial bacteria.

It has an inserted foam that does its work by trapping particles of the water thereby facilitating the mechanical filtration of the water.

The middle layer of the filtration system has a pouch of activated carbon which eliminates any harmful chemicals or toxins from the water.

The filter doesn’t create much noise and it is best for goldfish tanks. It can also be used with live plants and smaller fish tanks. The only sound you will be hearing is the trickling of water. The media needs to be replaced every two months for the smooth running of the filter.


It is the best canister filter you can use in this regard. It comes in a variety of sizes and prices and this filter is the best aquarium filter an aquarist can have.

The installation is very easy. The push-button primer can help you in the easy installation of the filter. The cleaning of the filter is very easy. The canister can be removed without removing the tubing and you can clean the canister and then attach it.

It has a canister so it requires enough space than any other filters. The dimensions of this filter 11.5 x 13.5 x 9 and range to 11.5 x 20.5 x 12.

The sponge in it is effective for both beneficial bacteria and mechanical filtration. The sponge layer traps the particles and then removes them.

The carbon layer in it removes all the toxins and harmful chemicals and then removes them from the water, thus maintaining the quality of the water.

Among all the canister filters it is fairly quiet. You will hear some noise but that is common with this kind of filter. The noise will increase when the cleaning of the filter is required.

It is the best aquarium filter because It has a multi-stage filtration system that removes all the harmful substances from the water to make it safe for the fish and the plants.

You can control the flow of the water and set it according to your preferences.

The spray bar in it controls the dispersion of the water.

It has an airtight system so it runs very quietly and removes all the substances without creating much noise.


It is the best filter for freshwater fishes. You can use it in your freshwater tank.

The installation of the aquarium is very easy as it is hanging on the back filter. The cleaning is also very minimal and that is once a month.

It occupies less space but more than the internal filters as it is hanging on the back. The dimensions of the filter are 6.2 x 10.7 x 8.6 inches.

The media in the filtration system allows the growth of beneficial bacteria and keeps the internal environment at optimal conditions.

The porous filter in it removes even the smallest particle in the water keeping the water safe and healthy for the fish and the plants. 

The carbon filter helps in chemical filtration by removing all the toxins and chemicals from the water.

The filter doesn’t create much sound. The only sound that you will hear is the trickling of the water which is not very loud. It is good for a tank size of 30 gallons to 70 gallons. You will love it if you are a beginner or an experienced aquarist.

The design is very unique and it helps in clearing the water thereby giving clean water to the fish and the plants.

Of all, the filters listed above, it is the simplest one and you can check the price of it.


It is the best aquarium filter to be used inside the aquarium. It remains underwater. It is good to use in aquariums that are against the wall and have no external space for external filters. Its output is 260 gallons per hour.

The installation takes some time because it is to be fitted inside the tank. The maintenance of the tank is very easy. You need to clean the filter once every two weeks and change the filter cartridges.

It doesn’t have much space outside the tank but it does take space inside the tank. The dimensions are 3.5 x 3 x 12.5 inches.

This filter is designed to support beneficial bacteria and their activity.

It has a two-pack carbon pad. The two-pack carbon pad removes toxins excessively, giving you clean and healthy water.

It is an internal filter so it does some of the mechanical filtrations but not all of it. The particles that are floating on the top of the water are not removed by it.

You can check out its price.

The filter is underwater so it is silent and doesn’t produce sound. The maintenance of the internal filters is easy. It is not good if you have a large number of plants because they can cause clog formation.


These filters are not very common as that others. This is the best dry/wet aquarium filter. They are also effective.

The installation is quite a task. The parts like bio balls and overflow boxes need to be fixed which is quite a task. The maintenance is difficult but once you are used to it, it wouldn’t be much hassle.

This filter is compact and takes less space.

It works by cleaning toxic ammonia and nitrite. The wet-dry drip tray is effective in biological filtration.

There is not much mechanical and chemical filtration as you need from it.

This filter is quiet and the only sound you hear is the trickling of water. If you like the sound you won’t mind it.

The filtration system takes a lot of space and the maintenance of the filtration system is not easy. You can use it for freshwater as well as saltwater tanks.

The overflow box prevents the seeping of water and media makes the biological filtration effective.

You can check the price.

Types of aquarium filters

Following are some types of filters. Every filter has its good points and bad points but you need to know about it so that you can select the right filter for your needs.

Canister Filters

Canister filters are used by most hobbyists. This type of filter is good for a tank size of 40 US gallons or larger than that.

This type of filter is good for biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration of the fish tank. The effectiveness of this filter depends upon the size.

Canister filters have a siphon tube and a flexible pipe that runs from water to the filter. The filtration process is pressurized, which is why it is good for mechanical filtration.

Air Driven or Sponge Filters

They are the most basic filters available in the market. They do not perform much biological, mechanical and chemical filtration. They are best for breeding tanks and hospital tanks.

Hang on Back Power Filters or Power Driven Filters

They are the best aquarium filter you can use for your aquarium. They are also the most common filters. They perform their activity through excellent mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. They filter the water through a suction tube that filters the water inside the tank. 

They also have activated carbon to perform its activity more effectively and remove all kinds of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Internal Filters

These are compact and nano filters. They are fitted inside the tank with the help of a suction cup. They are used in a tank that is under 20 gallons. Most people use it by placing it at the bottom of the filter to prevent dirt from building up. The  Sobo WP1000F Aquarium Internal Filter is a common example of such types of filters.

You can also build a DIY aquarium at your home by very simple means.

Feeding your fry is quite a challenging task in the aquarium.


In this article “Best aquarium filter” we have discussed the types of aquarium filters and the best aquarium filters available in the market.

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FAQ; Best aquarium filter

Frequently asked questions of “Best aquarium filter” are:

What is the best filter for a 100-gallon fish tank?

Fluval external filter is the best filter to be used in a 100-gallon fish tank. You can rely on its effective cleaning action. The rate of cleaning of the fish tank is 340 GPH, which makes it the best aquarium filter for the 100-gallon fish tank.

What size filter do I need for my tank?

The role of the thumb is very simple. The filter should filter all the water of your tank at least 4 times in an hour. For example, if you have a 30-gallon fish tank you need a filter that has a cleaning rate of 120 gph.

Should aquarium filters always be on?

Yes, it should be on all the time. It is not good to turn off the filter because the filter aerates the water in the tank and oxygen is essential not only for fish but also for microbes.

How often should you change the aquarium filter?

The cartridge should be changed once a month or if you notice the increasing noise and decreasing water flow.

What is the quietest aquarium filter?

Following are the quietest aquarium filters you can use:

  • Aquaclear CycleGuard Power Filter
  • SunSun HW-(xxx) External Canister Filters
  • Penn Plax Cascade (xxxx) Series
  • Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO
  • Fluval (x)07 External Canister Filters

Are Undergravel filters worth it?

Yes, if they are used in fish tanks under 55-gallon and are not suitable for reef tanks. They perform the basic function of a filter.


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