Are peace lily tanks good for betta fish?

In this post, we will answer the question “Are peace lily tanks good for betta fish?”. We will also discuss how to properly set a peace lily tank for your betta fish.

Are peace lily tanks good betta fish?

There is not a simple answer to this question. It will depend on the conditions you will set the tank up. Thus, if the size and arrangement leave enough space for your betta fish to swim around and be entertained, and the water conditions are proper for betta fish, there would not be an issue and your betta fish would thrive very well.

Can you grow a peace lily in water?

Yes, peace lilies may be cultivated on their own in water; however, they are most typically produced in a soil-based environment. In general, peace lily plants that are cultivated in water have been used to the harsh circumstances of their environment. Because it is cultivated in water, the peace lily has tiny roots that serve to nourish the plant rather than bigger roots that draw nutrients from the surrounding soil. 

This method of growing peace lilies has the disadvantage of being shorter-lived than the traditional method of growing peace lilies in soil. While this is true, growing the plant in water produces a magnificent appearance that many gardeners like. 

If you intend to grow your Spathiphyllum plant in water, it is better to get one that is already established in the water before starting your project.

How to care for a peaceful lily in water?

You must meet a few fundamental parameters for your peace lily to thrive, regardless of whether it is cultivated in soil or water. The following are some straightforward guidelines for caring for peace lily plants.

Peace lily requirements

Although peace lily plants need low light or dappled shadow, they may thrive in a windowless room or corridor lit only by artificial light. 

As previously said, it is critical to make certain that the water used to grow your peace lily is filtered or filtered before using it. When your plant’s leaves are exposed to chloride and minerals contained in tap water, they will turn yellow and die. Allowing the water to soak overnight will help to lessen the chlorine levels in tap water.

Peace lily care

Oftentimes, these plants are marketed in conjunction with some Betta fish, which enhances the overall appearance of the exhibit. However, this is not suggested since the environment is not conducive to the survival of healthy fish. 

If you don’t want to use fish in your vase but still want to have lovely flowers, you may grow these plants in a vase of water with some ornamental stones or glass nuggets. The use of figurines might also be a fantastic accent.

Setting up the peace lily betta fish tank

Choose the vase

When selecting a vase, the health of your fish should be the most crucial factor to take into consideration. If you choose a container that is too tiny, you will be limiting the amount of swimming space available to the fish. Betta fish require plenty of space to swim around and do not do well in very tiny aquarium bowls. There are several fish bowls available for purchase at pet stores that are suitable for this purpose. 

Choose a container with a neck that isn’t too narrow and a bowl that has enough capacity to accommodate at least one quart of water. It is not recommended to use a glass container made of lead crystal since the lead crystal may leach into the water and be detrimental to your fish. 

Using colourful rocks, seashells, gravel, or glass marbles to decorate the bottom of the bowl can offer a splash of colour without taking up too much space. Your fish will love the additional space to move about.

Find the perfect plant

Choose a peace lily that isn’t very huge, but has a well-developed root structure instead of one that is. Considering that the roots will be dangling down into the fish tank, they should not take up more than roughly 20% of the available area to provide your fish with plenty of swimming room. The lily that you pick should have a diameter that is less than the entrance of the fishbowl to enable enough air to circulate in the fishbowl during the day. 

Remove the lily from the pot and gently shake it to eliminate any excess soil that has accumulated around the roots. Before placing the lily into the fish tank, rinse it well under running water for a few minutes to ensure that all traces of soil have been removed.

What’s on top?

It is necessary to have a handle that is small enough to fit neatly into the aperture of the fishbowl to provide sufficient support for the peace lily. You can use a plastic plant tray that has been reduced to the right size, or any other material that is simple to cut. Cutting the plastic is made simple with an X-Acto knife. In the centre of the plastic sheet, cut a hole wide enough to allow for the roots of the lily to be seen dangling through. 

Bettas are a sort of labyrinth fish, which means that to survive, they must take in oxygen from the surrounding water surface. In addition to cutting a hole in the centre of the plastic, make other holes all around the tray to guarantee sufficient air circulation and to prevent mould growth. 

After you’ve secured the lily in the centre hole, you may embellish the handle with a few bright stones that match the stones on the bottom of the bowl. To allow for enough air movement, fill the bowl with water, allowing several inches of space between the top of the water and the aperture on the side. Dechlorinating drops should be used in the water to eliminate any chlorine that might be harmful to the fish.

Pick your fish

Betta fish — also known as Siamese fighting fish — are available in a variety of vivid and vibrant hues. Ensure that the fish you choose swims properly, is awake and healthy, and is not excessively huge for the container you have chosen.

Caring for your new pet

To maintain your Betta fish healthy, replace the water in the bowl at least once a week, making sure to clean the lily’s roots as well as the rest of the bowl. Ideally, betta fish should be fed twice a day, and they can be fed Betta flakes, pellets, or frozen blood worms. Inserting the food through a tiny funnel or straw may be possible if there is an appropriate hole in the lid. It is a fallacy that the Betta fish would consume the plant material from the lily; to be happy and healthy, they require frequent feeding and care. 

There has been significant debate about the practice of cultivating a peace lily in a bowl with a Betta fish, which has been popular recently. Maintaining the health of your Betta fish requires that you provide many areas for it to swim about the roots and to ascend to the top for air.


In this post, we answered the question “Are peace lily tanks good for betta fish?”. We also discussed how to properly set a peace lily tank for your betta fish.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Are peace lily tanks good betta fish?

Do peace lilies in tiny vases make a decent home for Betta fish? 

Bettas are unable to live in an environment that is not conducive to their survival, such as if their lily vase is not set up with an open area above the water surface. It has survived as a popular craze for decades, however, if not done correctly, the combination of Peace Lily Vase and Siamese Fighting Fish can be neither natural nor healthy for the fish. 

What do you think about peace lily being poisonous to fish? 

Although peace lilies contain poisonous sap, it is unlikely that it would be a problem for your fish unless they decided to consume some of it. The leaves of these plants are tough. I assume that this would not be the case with the majority of fish species. Yes, the sap is harmful to animals like dogs, which is unavoidable. 

Is it possible for a betta fish to survive in a vase with a plant?

The quick answer is that you can grow Bettas in vases, which is correct! Providing enough room and high-quality food for plants to thrive in containers such as vases is achievable if you give them the proper care and attention. It’s also possible to store them in vases with plants on top to provide additional oxygen and serve as a plant nibble on occasion. 

Is it okay for me to add pothos in my betta tank? 

When it comes to this topic, the answer is yes; Betta fish may coexist with pothos plants in an aquarium. As a result of its excellent ability to remove nitrates from the water, Pothos is a wonderful addition to any tank, making it a cleaner and safer environment for the Betta to live in. 

Is it possible for a peace lily to grow underwater? 

Yes, peace lilies may be cultivated on their own in water; however, they are most typically produced in a soil-based environment. In general, peace lily plants that are cultivated in water have been used to the harsh circumstances of their environment. 

Is it okay for me to place houseplants in my aquarium? 

Pothos is one of the numerous common houseplants that may be acceptable for use in an aquarium, and it is available in a variety of colours. Philodendron with a vining habit. Spider plants are a type of plant that looks like a spider. 

Is the peace lily considered an aquatic plant? 

Peace Lilies are not real aquatic plants, and it is not advisable to submerge the plant in water for an extended period. Spathiphyllum Wallisii will thrive when cultivated in a terrarium or paludarium environment where the roots may remain damp all of the time.


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