Are male Yorkies bigger than females?

In this article, we are going to answer the following question: Are male Yorkies bigger than females? We will talk about the differences between male and female Yorkshire Terriers, the temperament of a Yorkie, and how to choose when you are thinking about adopting or buying one.

Are male Yorkies bigger than females?

There is no rule or certainty that male Yorkies are bigger than females. On the contrary, in some Yorkie females, we can notice that they are a little bigger than the males. But again, it’s not a rule, and the dimensions between female and male Yorkies are rarely visible.

Yorkshire terriers are among the smallest dogs, measuring only 15-17cm and weighing 1-4kg. They have a small head and the muzzle is of medium length. The ears are high and V-shaped.

When adopting or buying a puppy, it is valued if it is more suitable male or females. It is a mistake to think that there are certain behaviours associated with sex, it must be taken into account that regardless of their sex or race, each dog is different and genetics, education and environment, shape their character and personality in one way or another.

As a general rule, the difference between male and female lies in several aspects that must be assessed, such as size, physiology and behaviour.

Sex differences are caused by a hormonal issue, and this fact may mark differences in behaviour, not so much in the cases of sterilized dogs. The differences are determined more by the breed of the dog than by its sex. Each race has genetic qualities that differentiate them.

Male Yorkies vs Female Yorkie

You often hear about differences in the character of males and females Yorkies. Males have a reputation for being more daring and independent and better suited for guard and protection duties.

Besides, the females have a reputation for being more affectionate and for being more attached to the house and their owners.

However, there is no scientific data to support these views. Furthermore, the great variability in behaviour between individuals of the same sex makes the task of identifying possible differences between males and females even more complicated, beyond the behaviours related to sex.

Male Yorkies

  • As affectionate and affable as the females.
  • As intelligent and protective as the females.
  • They tend to be more territorial than females.
  • They are usually more dominant than females.
  • They mark their territory, especially if they live with more dogs.
  • Physically they can be larger than females.

Female Yorkies

  • As affectionate and affable as males.
  • As smart and protective as males.
  • Less territorial and dominant than males.
  • Physically they can be less corpulent than males.

Character differences between Male and Females Yorkies

Each dog is a world and a particular case, but we speak to you from our experience with the breed of Yorkshire dogs. In my opinion, males tend to be more loving, exuberant, and attentive compared to females. 

They continually seek your attention, they are very attached and protective of their people, with the family nucleus. At the same time, they are territorial, firm in their decisions and sometimes with a bit of a bad mood when they are opposed.

Yorkie females, on the other hand, are also affectionate, but sometimes they mark distance when they get tired or do not want to be taken or caressed anymore. They are usually very susceptible to mood swings, especially when their daily habits are changed. They are sweet and loving while being distant and territorial at times, especially when they are pregnant or have a puppy.

The temperament of a Yorkie

The Yorkshire Terrier breed stands out for being territorial and with character, which does not mean that they are aggressive. Both females and males like to mark their territory, in front of other pets and even in front of visitors to the house or family, they are very protective of their owners, and can interpret the arrival of new animals or people as an attack on his dominance over the “pack.”

Yorkies Need Regular Exercise

The idea that miniature breeds do not need vigorous exercise is wrong. The Yorkshire Terrier, in particular, needs physical activity. Walking daily and playing frequently in an open area will keep your Yorkie in good physical shape and with sufficient mental stimulation. Lack of proper exercise can lead to behaviour problems.

This breed can easily gain weight, so be careful not to overindulge your Yorkie.

Yorkies Are Talkative

They are barkers. It is the guard dog that they carry inside. It’s a good idea to train your Yorkie to stop barking when commanded (or to avoid barking when it feels like it) unless you like having a small dog with a largemouth.

Female Yorkies are easier to train than male Yorkies

The myth that Yorkies are impossible to train is certainly just a myth. Your little puppy may not learn it in a week, but with consistency, patience, and lots of positive reinforcement, you will be able to potty train your Yorkie.

Some can be stubborn when it comes to toilet training. They can also be trained to relieve themselves on paper, making them great floor dogs, although they also enjoy walking outside.

Females tend to be more obedient, as they focus more on what we tell them and try to teach, unlike males, who despite learning easily and being very attracted to the rewards we offer them, are easily distracted, given his restless character. 

This being said, neither female Yorkies are better than male Yorkies nor vice versa. You have to understand the differences and decide that the sex best suits your lifestyle, anyway buying a male or female Yorkshire will be a good decision.

Should I adopt a male or female dog?

If you are thinking about adopting a Yorkie or any other dog, you likely have doubts about choosing a male or a female. Both options will fill your home with love and joy, but there are small differences in behaviour that you can assess first.

If you adopt a male dog

  • Male dogs often mark territory constantly when they go out for a walk and are also likely to do so on arrival home for the first time. Dog walks, for this same reason, will include more stops and olfactory monitoring of the area.
  • Although many people claim that males tend to display more territorial and dominant behaviour than females, the truth is that there is no scientific basis for this. If we offer them proper socialization they can maintain excellent relationships with other dogs and female dogs. Education, therefore, directly influences the character of the animal.
  • It is always advisable to sterilize male dogs since otherwise, they tend to try to mount all the other dogs and will try to get the females pregnant, one of the main causes of the abandonment of puppies.

If you adopt a female dog

  • Although this is not always the case, most females tend to be more affectionate and familiar than males. Due to their maternal instincts, they will be the best companions of young children since they will quickly understand how they should play and deal with them.
  • As in the case of males, it is very convenient to sterilize them to avoid night escapes, unwanted pregnancy and some of the most common behavioural problems that arise as a result of their hormonal changes, such as psychological pregnancy. 

How to choose the right dog?

Except for some details of weight, volume and the sexual factors that affect them, adopting a male or female dog is not very different. Both genders can develop sociable, shy or distrustful characters, it will depend on the education we provide. Nor can we blindly be guided by the breed of the dog, it is not a reliable indicator of personality. So how do you choose the perfect dog?

Adopting a puppy

If you decide to adopt a puppy you should be prepared to teach him everything he needs to know, for this, do not hesitate to visit our puppy education guide. There you will find everything related to socialization, learning commands and basic dog behaviours. During this time of learning, urination out of place, uncontrolled biting or crying in the middle of the night will be frequent. Keep that in mind.

Nor should we forget that it will be very important to go to the vet to start the vaccination schedule.

On the other hand, adopting a puppy is a wonderful experience. If we offer him a good education and good treatment, in the future, we will have an educated, trained dog that loves us madly. Of course, you must remember that regardless of its education, a dog can develop one personality or another, that is unpredictable.

Adopting an adult dog

The adult dog is perfect for active families who want to start doing activities and exercise with their dogs. They have a more stable character and a defined personality which makes adopting them a safer option. They also usually know how to relieve themselves outside of the house.

All over the world there are abandoned adult dogs (purebred or not) waiting for a suitable family. You can be one of them.

Adopting an elderly dog

This is undoubtedly the most supportive option of all. Elderly dogs are sweet, calm, and stable. Perfect if we are a sedentary family and we want to enjoy a grateful and loving best friend. Elderly dogs are, sadly, the least given up for adoption. Click here for a care guide for an elderly dog and think if you also want to be one of the people who choose to choose them.


In this article, we answered the following question: Are male Yorkies bigger than females? We talked about the differences between male and female Yorkshire Terriers, the temperament of a Yorkie, and how to choose a when you are thinking about adopting or buying one.

In conclusion, there is no rule that male Yorkies are bigger than females. You have to know that the differences between dogs are defined by their breed, not by their sex or size. Even so, each dog has a different temperament and its behaviour depends a lot on the environment and the way it was raised.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on Are male Yorkies bigger than females?

How big do male Yorkies get?

On average, male Yorkies are  8 to 9 inches and do not weigh more than 7 pounds. They are small dogs and their size may vary between these measures.

Are female dogs bigger than males?

There is no rule that female dogs are bigger than males, nor vice versa is true. A dog can add more weight if he is overfed or he doesn’t exercise as much as other dogs – thus, in this case, we can notice an in-breed difference. Otherwise, this is not true.

Are Yorkies low maintenance?

Yorkies are not low maintenance, on the contrary. This breed is a barker, it can be difficult to train and needs regular exercise. Besides, a Yorkie’s hair needs to be groomed very often, combed every day. 

Are Yorkies expensive to take care of?

Yorkies are not more expensive to take care off than most of the dogs. Food for a Yorkie may cost you around $300/year. But you should add to the bill veterinarian care, toys, tickets (if you want to travel with your dog).

Are Yorkies good pets to have?

Yorkies are considered good pets to have and they are very popular dogs. They are great family pets, are hypoallergenic and believed to be very sociable and affectionate.



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