Are divided tanks useful for betta fish?

In this blog we will discuss betta fish tank dividers.This comprehensive guide will give you an idea regarding how many bettas can be kept in such divided tanks,types of tank dividers, and how to clean a divided or separated tank.


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  • Are divided tanks useful for betta fish?
  • Are divided tanks suitable for bettas?
  • Ideal tank size for bettas in a divided tank
  • Can we put two male bettas together with a spacer or divider?
  • Types of tank divider
  • Heaters in divided bettas tank
  • Which filters are best in divided tanks for bettas?
  • How to filter the separated or divided tank?
  • Advantages of tank dividers
  • Disadvantages of tank dividers
  • Is it important to quarantine new bettas or new tank mates in divided tanks?
  • Benefits of using bigger and spacious tank divider
  • Can we mix male and female bettas in the same aquarium?
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  • Frequently asked questions
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Are divided tanks useful for betta fish?

Aquarium dividers can be used to divide the aquarium into sections while allowing water to flow freely.This is useful if you need to keep the fish away for safety, breeding or other reasons.You can create your own aquarium dividers to save money and customize how your aquarium is split.

You can also install the dividers yourself if you want more flexibility. These can be store bought or DIY tank dividers.These will give you more options in tank selection, divider size and divider material.When choosing tank dividers, make sure they are of correct size.

One of the most common problems people have with these spacers is that they don’t fit properly. If they are too big, they won’t fit. If they are too small, there will be gaps and bettas will run away.

Are divided tanks suitable for bettas?

If you want to have more than one betta fish in your aquarium, a separate tank is a good option as they are easy to set up and maintain.

You should keep in mind that betta fish are fighting fish, and if they get to each other, they will most likely kill each other. However, a divided tank can be both safe and beautiful.

Ideal tank size for bettas in a divided tank

A 5 gallons is the smallest aquarium size recommended for solids. Therefore,for a 10 gallon tank, it should be divided into two completely separate 5 gallon sections.A 20 gallon aquarium should be divided into four separate sections.

Can we put two male bettas together with a spacer or divider?

Yes,but they won’t be happy if the tank size is too small and they aren’t visually separated from each other.The male betta is very, very territorial and aggressive.They are made to kill other males when they both run out of space.

In the wild this is not a problem as they can usually run away.One should never keep two male bettas in the same aquarium as they will quickly become aggressive and fight to the death.

For a while they may remain peaceful, but sooner or later they will fight until only one remains.

Types of tank divider

Aqueon betta fish tank divider

  • Tank size-2.5 Gallon
  • Tank dimensions LxWxH-25 x 25 x 25 Millimeters
  • Tank weight-0.12 Pounds
  • Allows for two betta inside one betta bowl fish tank 

Aqua one betta duo

These spacers are permanently fixed with silicone and are not transparent black. This is a plus as male bettas are aggressive and tense when looking at other bettas.The duo is 5.3 gallons and the triple is 8.4 gallons and leaves just a little over 2.5 gallons per bettas. 

Dexter’s dividers for bettas

Available in a variety of sizes to fit tanks from 5.5 to 90 gallons. They are made of durable solid black high density polyethylene that is solid and invisible and has more holes than other similar dividers that help the flow of water between sections.

LifeWithPets 10 gallon aquarium tank divider for bettas

  • Perfect for betta fish tanks
  • Only compatible with Aqueon tank size 20.25”x 10.5”x12.6”.keep in mind,all 10 gallon tanks are not the same size.So,kindly check tank size before buying.
  • Easy to install and maintain and no suction cups required.
  • Made from a solid sturdy non toxic material.
  • Adjustable sidebars.

VENY’S triple betta tank or Triple divider rectangle aquarium Tank (2 L)

The mini fish tank is designed to safely hold and display up to three betta fish. This betta kit features a modern bow front shape, safety cover and removable, opaque divider designed to prevent attacks and fins.

FlikFinz battery powered LED lights are ideal for use as a table top aquarium or small home aquarium.This mini water tank is made of high quality acrylic material and is transparent. This is best for fishing or betta.

It has a drain hole at the bottom of the tank for easy water changes. The top cover of this FlikFinz betta fish tank is equipped with LED lights for night viewing.

It is a multi-purpose fish tank with two partitions, which can be divided into three parts to keep small bettas. You can also move the separator into a large fish tank. It can also be used for fish breeding, or separation from diseased fish to protect fish and their young.

  • Includes 3 small plants.
  • Available in multiple colors like blue, purple etc.
  • Holds approx 2.5 liters of water
  • Size:11.42 x 3.94 x 5.91 Inches
  • Material : Plastic

Heaters in divided bettas tank

If you buy two heaters,you will always have a backup heater. Ensuring the safety of your fish is a small investment.Buy two low wattage heaters to stabilize the temperature.It also minimizes the possibility of small temperature fluctuations.

For the 5.5 gallon and 10 gallon split tanks you will only need one heater, but for the 20 gallon long tank you may need a second heater.

Which filters are best in divided tanks for bettas?

It is recommended to install a mini or corner sponge filter in each individual section of the divided tank as this provides enough good bacteria to support the fish in those tanks and also promotes water movement in each section of those tanks.

Bettas don’t entertain strong water currents in their tanks,since they come from areas with low flow movements,so sponge filters are the best choice because they regulate and adjust the flow well.

How to filter the separated or divided tank? 

The first and easiest thing you can do is suction the substrate on both sides of the tank using a simple tank siphon.This removes larger particles and can be done with every water change or any other change when your water parameters are good.

Advantages of tank dividers

Tank dividers are a great way to prevent aquariums from setting up new aquariums like those used for breeding fish and raising babies, or hospital tanks for injured fish.

It can do a great job of separating aggressive fish from peaceful companions without having to buy another aquarium.

The aquarium dividers allow water to flow, so there is no need to install separate heaters in both sections of the aquarium. It also allows water to flow freely in the tank, so a single filter serves that role.

Disadvantages of tank dividers

The movement of water through the aquarium partition is influenced by the mesh. The filter cannot work efficiently.

The water temperature can be different on each side of the partition due to the proximity to the aquarium heater.Aggressive fish can still behave aggressively when they can see through the partition.

Is it important to quarantine new bettas or new tank mates in divided tanks?

Despite the fact that your bettas are separated, they are still in the general aquarium.If you are lazy and don’t quarantine a new betta, you run the risk of infecting all your bettas.Common diseases such as ich are highly contagious and spread rapidly.If one of your fish gets sick, you will need to treat the entire aquarium.

Benefits of using bigger and spacious tank divider

We can keep more than one bettas in a divided tank.Divided tanks are easy to set up and allows a larger volume of water to be used so that the water parameters can be more stable.This provides an enrichment when males can see each other periodically.

Can we mix male and female bettas in the same aquarium?

Do not mix male and female bettas in the same aquarium except for temporary breeding purposes.If you can, use tank dividers to keep them separately in the same aquarium.

If your tank is large enough i.e 15 gallons minimum, you can always use a tank divider to keep male and female bettas together. This can be an advantage as they can never directly interact with each other, but you can still see them in your tank.


Tank or aquarium dividers can help when you need to keep peace in your aquarium.

Easy to install and maintain, this aquarium room divider allows water to flow from one side to the other of the aquarium while at the same time providing a physical barrier to the fish that need to be separated.

Betta fish cannot live together in a tank unless the tanks are split and each has its own section.

The dividers have fully separated sections and can also be siliconized in place to prevent water splitting. If they get to see each other for a long time, it can be stressful.

Frequently asked questions

What are homemade tank dividers made up of?

Homemade tank dividers are made of two materials, plastic canvas or egg crates,that are secured to the tank and fixed to the bottom.

Can you keep live plants in divided tanks?

Plant parts can be easily split manually.Just disassemble it carefully. Alternatively, you can cut a part into small pieces with scissors.It should be pruned regularly with scissors to prevent the plants from becoming too wide or too tall.