Are Chihuahuas good house dogs? (9+ Reasons why)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Are Chihuahuas good house dogs? We will give you 10 arguments in favor of having a Chihuahua, and teach you the basics of taking care of this breed. 

Are Chihuahuas good house dogs?

Chihuahuas are good house dogs, being a faithful friend like almost all dogs. The Chihuahua is a dog that will focus all its attention on a single person, especially its owner, and is possibly jealous of anyone who wants to put it aside. They are very intelligent, so we will have to be especially careful if we underestimate it.

Does that mean there will only be a single owner? No, possibly his owners are you and your partner, or the family that lives with him at home. It is easy for your Chihuahua to get jealous when a baby appears at home and attention changes, so careful with that. 

Chihuahuas do very well when they are the only pet in the home. They are very active, restless, playful, and curious. So if we have a child who has recently arrived there will have to be socialization from day one or our dog can get jealous of the baby.

What if our Chihuahua came later? Here things change. Our chihuahua will understand that the baby is already part of the family. It will not be his master, so it will be a competition for him that he will have to fight and gain all the attention.

Chihuahuas dogs are very suspicious and can become aggressive within their means with people they don’t know. But on the other hand, they will be the shadow of their master and will follow him wherever he goes, making him a great house dog.

Are Chihuahuas good apartment dogs?

The Chihuahua is the ideal dog for apartment living. One of the biggest advantages of having a Chihuahua is that, due to their small size, they don’t need as much outdoor exercise as large dogs. They usually get enough exercise inside the house or by running in a small yard. They are excellent apartment dogs or similar in size.

Besides, the very good news is that Chihuahuas can be trained to use the indoor litter.

This is one of the biggest advantages of having a Chihuahua, although it shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to take it for a walk. Because, like other dogs, Chihuahuas need to exercise outdoors.

These little angels make traveling with a pet as easy as possible. Your chihuahua will be comfortably seated in your purse and will adapt easily and just about anywhere. Because unlike other bulky dogs, chihuahuas are never bothered by tight spaces, on the contrary! Because, by nature, they like to be in small, comfortable spaces. In addition, their ideal small size will allow you to take them everywhere!

General characteristics of a Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are small dogs with long, straight ears. There is a variety of long hair and another of short hair. Their height varies between 15 and 25 cm and their weight between 1.5 and 3 kg, although some can weigh up to 4.5 kg or more.

They can be of many colors, from black to white, with spots of brown, reddish, bluish-gray, silver, or even tricolor. They can be scratched or stained. They can live 18-20 years and are usually single-owner dogs, although good socialization can reduce the jealousy they can show. 

They get along well with other Chihuahuas and not so much with other breeds, coming to face dogs much larger than them. Due to their size, they can be very sensitive to cold.

They are ideal for elderly people who live alone. They are not very suitable for families with children, as they can bite if they are disturbed. If you have children and want a dog of this size, it is best to choose a Yorkshire. 

Essential tips for taking care of a Chihuahua 

  1. Provide your Chihuahua with a balanced diet with a quality feed suitable for him. Make sure they get enough food and water. This breed has a tendency to be overweight, so you should measure its portions well.
  1. Start training as soon as possible. As soon as you can get it out of the house, do it after every meal and several times a day. Also, teach your puppy to relieve himself in a certain place so that he does not do it anywhere before he can go out.
  1. Miniature breeds have a small stomach and need to be fed several times a day with small amounts. Use dry feed, which will keep his teeth healthier.
  1. The Chihuahua is very sensitive to cold. Wrap it up when you go out or when you are very nervous.
  1. Remember that its size makes it fragile. Take it out with a leash to keep it safe by your side.
  1. Beware of toys that are too small or anything that can be swallowed.
  2. Brush him regularly to keep his hair shiny and clean. Being so small, it will get dirtier than larger frog dogs, so you will need to bathe it more often. Also, trim his nails regularly.
  1. Brush his teeth and have his mouth checked annually. Use dry food, which will keep his teeth healthier.
  1. The Chihuahua is a dog that has a reputation for being aggressive, but if you train and socialize it since it is a puppy, it will be more friendly with other dogs and people.

10 reasons for having a Chihuahua as a pet

Chihuahuas are a breed of loyal and fun little dogs, with very marked personalities compared to other breeds. This means that each Chihuahua is unique, some are more outgoing than others, or more restless and reckless. What is undeniable is that they are an ideal pet for small spaces and are among the most adorable dog breeds on the planet.

  1. They are small: It is easy to accommodate a Chihuahua, whether in an apartment or a home. When they are not playing they roll into balls and do not need a giant bed to rest. In fact, they seem to prefer tight spaces, like the warmth of a blanket, pillow, or your lap.
  1. They can be dressed fashionably: Chihuahuas are not the favorite pets of celebrities for nothing. If you have a sense of fashion, this is the ideal dog for you. They look good with glasses, with scarves, you can even buy special accessories to take them everywhere, like a handbag where your puppy will look like a king.
  1. Easy to bathe: One of the reasons a Chihuahua is good to have is the ease with which they can handle themselves even against their will. Does your dog not like water? No problem, not that he has the ability to resist. In addition, they are not usually very hairy so a shampoo pass will be more than enough.
  1. Small stools: Everything in life is relative, also pet waste. The feces of a Chihuahua are as tiny as the puddles they leave when urinating, so if an accident occurs there is nothing to worry about. In fact, many times you will not notice that your Chihuahua went to the bathroom in a place that does not belong to him.
  1. They come in many colors: Not only is it good to have a Chihuahua because of its practicality, but because it is almost impossible that you will not find one that you like. These dogs come in various colors including yellow, white, black, brown, and combinations. There are also hairy and little hair. Wolf head and apple head. The possibilities are endless.
  1. They love to walk: Chihuahuas have a lot of energy, they are able to walk for hours with pleasure and without getting tired. It is good to have a Chihuahua because you can take them everywhere without getting in the way of anyone. Of course, if your puppy is a bit temperamental, you should be careful when they cross other dogs because he will not hesitate to act bravely and bark at them.
  1. Great sense of loyalty: Chihuahuas love spending quality time with their families. Some may become obsessed with the idea of ​​accompanying and protecting their favorite humans. They are quite jealous and will not like a stranger approaching you, which makes them good domestic watchdogs.
  1.  They live for many years: It is not uncommon to see Chihuahuas that reach up to 15 years of age. If you are looking for a pet for your young children, this breed ensures that you take that worry away for many years. This makes them unforgettable dogs and you will love them forever.
  1. Perfect for living indoors: Small breeds like Chihuahuas don’t need a garden or a large yard to be happy. They have the ability to adapt to any type of space and make it their territory. In fact, they are not aware of your size, so they do not know that they are so small.
  1. They are adorable and fun: Perhaps this is the most striking characteristic of these dogs and the main reason why people acquire them. It doesn’t matter if they are happy or angry, sleeping or restless, they will always make you smile because of their looks. 

In addition, it is common to see them perform reckless actions such as jumping distances that it is impossible for them to cover, so every day you will witness the most beautiful accidents you can imagine.


The Chihuahua is an ideal dog to live in a flat. Even if it is small, good training is necessary to have an obedient dog. They usually weigh between 1.5 and 3 kg in weight and measure between 15 and 25 cm.

If you have children, it is better to choose another breed, such as Yorkshire, since the Chihuahua does not get along very well with them.

However, it is ideal for elderly people living alone.

Choose toys suitable for small breed dogs. Give him a quality feed, preferably dry to keep his mouth healthy. Consult your veterinarian and carry out the pertinent checks to have a healthy and happy Chihuahua.

If you have any comments, tips, or questions on the content, please let us know. 

FAQ on Are Chihuahuas good house dogs?

Are Chihuahuas needy dogs?

Chihuahuas are indeed needy dogs. They enjoy being petted, groomed and being taken care of 24/7 if possible. Additionally, they are very protective of their owner and their territory and can easily attack.

Should Chihuahuas sleep with you?

Chihuahuas can sleep with you as long as they are healthy and parasite free. However, keep in mind that they have a very small size and you shouldn’t sleep with them if you are afraid an accident may happen during the night. 

Are Chihuahuas easy to train?

Chihuahuas are easy to train, but you need a lot of patience, as they are known to be quite disobedient. Of course, you have to keep in mind that each dog has its own character and uniqueness. 

Is a Chihuahua a good dog?

A chihuahua is a very good dog, especially for active people. Although they are known to react aggressively when feeling threatened, Chihuahuas can also be great family pets. 

Why do Chihuahuas shake?

Chihuahuas shake because they have a high metabolism, which makes them shiver when they are extremely excited. Also, they have small bodies so they are often cold, even if their owner is not.


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