Are Chihuahuas brave? (11 unique features)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Are Chihuahuas brave? We will talk about 11 unique features of this breed and teach you how to manage the Chihuahua’s aggressive behavior. 

Are Chihuahuas brave?

Chihuahuas are indeed brave; it is a breed of dog with great courage and tenacity. It should not be forgotten that despite its tiny size, the Chihuahua descended from the wolf. Therefore it is fierce and self-confident.

As a family member, Chihuahuas are cuddly, very playful and dependent and will not hesitate to defend their home tooth and nail. With strangers, they tend to be very suspicious and it takes time for them to adapt to their presence.

Sometimes they are reckless and barking when another living being invades what a Chihuahua sees as personal space. Thus, be careful never to make a Chihuahueño angry and much less mess with his family, because you will unleash an “Escobar” type of anger. The point is, never mess with a Chihuahua, they are small but fierce.

The unique personality of a Chihuahua

The Chihuahua does not have a defined personality of the breed. Depending on its education, we can speak of an affectionate and tender dog or of a somewhat malicious and cunning breed. It is a brilliant and observant dog who likes to get away with it. It is a very brave and devoted dog despite its small size. It A Chihuahua is very devoted to the family and is always alert and restless, vigilant against any intruder.

Sometimes they can show jealous attitudes towards the relationships of those who consider their owners although it is usually an easy problem to deal with. The Chihuahua seems to be unaware of its small size and may face people or large dogs just to defend those it wants.

The chihuahua will show devotion, in general, to the person who takes care of him the most on a daily basis, and is that it is a very affectionate dog that will ask you for attention throughout the day. 

In general, it tends to be distrustful of strangers, it is a territorial and possessive dog with its owners, but it does not usually show surly or violent attitudes. It is a curious dog that will easily accept affection and care.

The Chihuahua dog does not always accept other pets’ company although in general, it tends to live wonderfully with dogs of the same breed or size. To promote a sociable dog, we must start playing with other pets from when it is a puppy, although it does not matter if we start its education late, with patience we can achieve great goals.

A Chihuahua establishes a relationship of very intense affection and devotion with its owners. It is very affectionate with them and able to intuit their desires and their moods. It is brilliant, cheerful, and lively, likes to play like a puppy, even when he is older.

The Chihuahua dog is not at all aware of its dimensions. Thus, it will try to defend his master or his properties, coming to face dogs bigger than him (all other dogs really).

However, if not provoked, the Chihuahua is not a quarrelsome dog at all. It is extremely faithful and is always attentive to its master. They love physical contact with their owner, warmth, and sunbathing.

It is a very balanced and social dog, so it gets perfectly used to living with other dogs.

11 reasons why we love a Chihuahua

It is not only because of its size that the Chihuahua is so attractive. These little dogs are loved for their following characteristics:

  1. They are very cute: Chihuahuas can be gentle, charming, sweet, and adorable.
  2. Extreme loyalty. Chihuahuas can be devoted to their owners. They are loving and caring and are not afraid to defend their territory.
  3. Among the best guard dogs. Despite their diminutive size, Chihuahuas make very good watchdogs and will verbally warn you of strange noises or intruders.
  4. Indispensably alert. Chihuahuas are fast, agile, and very alert.
  5. Brave little dogs. Don’t let the size of a Chihuahua fool you, they have a big heart and personality tucked into a small frame.
  1. Great kissers. One of the most endearing traits of Chihuahuas is that they like to kiss the person they love. Two Chihuahuas alone lick, clean, and groom each other almost all day.
  2. The best entertainers. Chihuahuas are funny, cheerful, and comical.
  1. Quirky and eccentric. Chihuahuas tend to take themselves very seriously. Each dog has a unique character due to the breed’s inherent intelligence and some are “rare.”
  2. They love to snuggle. Chihuahuas love to hide in blankets and they like to snuggle.
  3. They are great companions. Chihuahuas are small companion dogs and will go anywhere with you.
  4. Easy to transport. It’s easy to put a Chihuahua in a purse and he’ll be happy to rummage around until he’s comfortable.

5 reasons why we don’t like Chihuahuas that much

Every dog ​​has its negative side and the Chihuahua is no exception.

  1. Health problems. All purebred dogs are prone to health problems and the Chihuahua has his fair share. Some problems are directly related to its size, such as low blood sugar. The Chihuahua’s metabolism is high and they burn energy quickly. Dehydration is another risk factor, as well as respiratory problems. 
  1. They do not do well in extreme heat or cold. They tend to gasp and snore. Having said all this, Chihuahuas can live long and healthy lives of up to 15 years or more. Not bad for a little dog.
  1. It can be nervous and (too) agile. Depending on how you raise it, a Chihuahua can be obnoxious if allowed to be the lead.
  1. It doesn’t like to socialize. Chihuahuas prefer their own species and generally do not do well with other breeds of dogs or cats.
  1. It is territorial. Chihuahuas don’t like to share. This makes them perfect as one-person pets, but they are not very suitable as a family dog.

Chihuahuas can be among the most distinctive of dogs. All of these wonderful and varied traits ensure that you will get a lot out of such a small dog.

Are Chihuahuas brave or just aggressive?

Chihuahuas are sometimes aggressive, as they have more self-confidence and face situations more directly than other breeds; thus, these little dogs tend to be reactive because their perception of the world is more threatening.

Without considering the breed, there are individual differences regarding the character of dogs, coupled with the fact that before the boom for companion animals; people have leaned towards small breeds, considering them sociable and tolerant; however, according to some experts, they are more reactive because their perception of the world is more threatening.

Thus, we recommend that it is necessary to consider acquiring a Chihuahuan from a breeder or meeting the parents to verify that they are not reactive. For both in this and in all races drawing some limits, it is also important. 

Neither Chihuahuas nor dogs of any other breed are a toy. Therefore we also insist on avoiding overprotection, carrying them all the time and it is not advisable to have them if there are small children at home.

As shown by his character, the Chihuahua is protective and, therefore wary as soon as something he does not know approaches him and his owners. This also goes for his fellows and he can even be a brawl with other dogs at times. 

Moreover, as he is very courageous, he does not fear opponents who are taller than himself, far from it. Therefore, if you want to make your doggie friendly, it will have to be integrated into his education from an early age. 

You will need to get him used to the presence of other doggies and make him understand that they are not a threat. Also be careful, given its small size, it could be more easily injured in the presence of animals of larger sizes.

How to react if my Chihuahua is aggressive? 

One of the causes of aggression in dogs is the dominant behavior. If your chihuahua is behaving aggressively, he may think he is the dominant one. Establish rules so that your chihuahua understands your position as pack leader. (Remember, you don’t have to be mean or tough to be the alpha.)

Think of rules that suit your needs like:

  • Don’t let your chihuahua sleep on your bed.
  • Insist that he stays out of the kitchen while you cook.
  • Make sure certain areas in your house are off-limits. (A barrier can easily restrict the territory).
  • Have your chihuahua sit and wait while you prepare their food or open the back door.
  • Don’t play with him as soon as he asks.
  • Don’t sidetrack on the couch to get it exactly the place it wants at your expense.
  • Don’t reinforce aggressive behavior.

Reinforcing aggressive behavior doesn’t always mean having an irresponsible handler who tries to make your dog growl. You can do it inadvertently.

If your chihuahua is growling and chattering at strangers entering your house, don’t pick it up or pet it. Don’t let him sit on your lap while he growls at your visitors. He should only have special privileges if he is calm and friendly.

When your chihuahua is aggressive, take him out of the room. Put it in its crate until your visitors leave or it calms down. Get him off your knees and put him on the floor if he insists on growling. Ignore the behavior otherwise.

Do not scold or punish your Chihuahua for his aggressive behavior, or you will teach him that this is an appropriate response to the situation.

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Chihuahuas are courageous dogs that are sometimes perceived as aggressive because they are very protective of their owner and personal space. It is true that, with strangers, Chihuahuas tend to be very suspicious and it takes time for them to adapt to their presence.

Remember that if your Chihuahua is behaving aggressively, he may think he is the dominant one. Establish rules so that your chihuahua understands your position as pack leader. 

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