Are Chihuahuas aggressive dogs?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Are Chihuahuas aggressive dogs? We will teach you how to deal with aggressive Chihuahuas, how to train your dog to behave properly with other dogs, children, and adults.

Are Chihuahuas aggressive dogs?

Chihuahuas are known to be sometimes aggressive, as they have more self-confidence and face situations more directly compared to other breeds; thus, these little dogs tend to be reactive because their perception of the world is more threatening.

Even though it has been said that Chihuahuas can be more aggressive than a pit bull, the reality is that with their attitude, a couple of them would be able to intimidate a Great Dane type dog.

Without considering the breed, there are individual differences regarding the character of dogs, coupled with the fact that before the boom for companion animals; people have leaned towards small breeds, considering them sociable and tolerant; however, according to some experts, they are more reactive because their perception of the world is more threatening.

Thus, we recommend that it is necessary to consider acquiring a Chihuahuan from a breeder or meeting the parents to verify that they are not reactive. For both in this and in all races drawing some limits, it is also important. Neither Chihuahuas nor dogs of any other breed are a toy, and therefore we also insist on avoiding overprotection, carrying them all the time and it is not advisable to have them if there are small children at home.

Furthermore, one of the advantages of dogs of this type is their size, because at present wide spaces are not the norm, although, for this reason, it should not be thought that they do not require physical activity, which is essential to avoid unwanted behavior.

In this regard, being highly adaptable to interiors, Chihuahuas spends a good part of the day sleeping, so it is believed that it is the best way to have them, although in reality, they like to walk.

There are two varieties of this type of dog, deer head and apple shape head, with respect to the latter, if they do not have adequate genetic control, they could have a greater predisposition to present neurological disorders, brachycephalic syndrome, or more reactivity, although it is not a rule.

It is necessary to consider that the serious attacks of a dog depend on the bite, which depends on the size of the animal and the part of the body where it is registered. It is impossible to affirm that by having them under control the number of attacks will decrease.

In Europe, according to some reports, the sausage or terrier types attack more than the officially aggressive breeds, such as Rottweilers or German Shepherds.

In this way, a negative aspect of the breeds that become fashionable is that the control in their reproduction is less, which can lead to animals that inherit undesirable behavioral traits, in clinical etiology consultation when we have an aggressive dog we are in favor of sterilization.

Some of the reasons why your Chihuahua may be acting aggressively

It is very important to socialize your Chihuahua around other dogs, animals, adults, and children. You should start socializing when your pet is a puppy. If you don’t socialize with your Chihuahua, she may get scared and act aggressively when she encounters unfamiliar people or animals. 

So, start socializing your dog as soon as you get her home. Take your Chihuahua to the parks and introduce them to as many people and animals as possible.

Never, ever, hurt your Chihuahua. You can be firm, but never use physical punishment or yell at your Chihuahua. If you do this your pet will become a fearful dog and this can lead to aggression. Instead of scaring your chihuahua, you have to show him that you are the alpha leader (leader of the pack) of your household. 

Stay calm and assertive, rather than aggressive, this will keep your Chihuahua calm and they will be less likely to be aggressive.

How to deal with aggressive Chihuahuas?

If your Chihuahua is aggressive, luckily, there are a number of methods you can use to stop the problem:

Control: You need to take control and set limits for your Chihuahua. Only allow your Chihuahua to be in specific areas of the house. If you don’t allow him to be in the bedroom, never leave him there. Establish feeding schedules, so you will combat aggressiveness for food. By being in control of his limits, your Chihuahua will feel secure and will be less likely to become aggressive.

Aggressive Chihuahuas with other animals: If your Chihuahua is aggressive towards another animal, then it is important to remain calm. If it’s safe, separate the animals. Don’t lose your cool or show affection to your Chihuahua after the incident. 

Instead, take your Chihuahua away from where the assault occurred and use assertive commands like “no” to let them know that the behavior was wrong. But never use physical abuse.

Aggressive Chihuahuas towards people: It is not a good sign if your Chihuahua is aggressive towards people. They may be small, but their bite can still hurt. This can be dangerous for young children. The best thing to do in this situation is to get professional help right away to help stop the behavior.

Never act scared: Try not to act scared around your Chihuahua. If you do this, he can let him have you as his alpha leader. This, in turn, can make your Chihuahua more aggressive. Instead, stay calm and confident in all situations. Your chihuahua will then see that you are his protector and will have no reason to become aggressive.

Stopping an aggressive Chihuahuas is possible, but it will take time and patience. Use the tips in this article to combat the problem. You will soon have a happy and healthy Chihuahua who will have no need to be aggressive. Take action today to help combat your aggressive Chihuahua.

Are Chihuahuas aggressive with children?

As said before, Chihuahuas have a strong character of their own. They don’t enjoy being teased and pissed off, which isn’t really compatible with children who can be a bit awkward or overly excited with dogs. 

This is why, as an owner, you will need to be rigorous and get your Chihuahua used to the presence of children from an early age. It will also be necessary to respect certain safety rules and teach children the behaviors to adopt in the presence of a doggie (not to carry it or not to wake it up, not to harm it, …). 

Finally, always keep an eye on your pooch and the children during the play sessions because you never know, a bad gesture can quickly happen.

Are Chihuahuas aggressive with other animals?

As shown by his character, the Chihuahua is protective and therefore wary as soon as something he does not know approaches him and his owners. This also goes for his fellows and he can even be a brawl with other dogs at times. 

Moreover, as he is very courageous, he does not fear opponents who are taller than himself, far from it. Therefore, if you want to make your doggie sociable, it will have to be integrated into his education from an early age. 

You will need to get him used to the presence of other doggies and make him understand that they are not a threat. Also be careful, given its small size, it could be more easily injured in the presence of animals of larger sizes.

Final tips

One of the causes of aggression in dogs is the dominant behavior. If your chihuahua is behaving aggressively, he may think he is the dominant one. Establish rules so that your chihuahua understands your position as pack leader. (Remember, you don’t have to be mean or tough to be the alpha.)

A dog becomes aggressive as soon as it threatens, pinches, bites, or even attacks an individual. A growling dog warns, but some attacks become systematic (ritualized), the dog bites, or attacks suddenly without warning.

If your chihuahua is behaving aggressively, he may think he is the dominant one. Establish rules so that your chihuahua understands your position as pack leader

In the event of a hierarchical positioning problem, it is up to you to restore order. Your animal must obey you and respect you. Our advice: when walking, keep your dog on a leash. Prefer the harness to limit strangulation, or even the muzzle if your dog shows too much aggression.

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FAQ Are Chihuahuas aggressive dogs?

Why is my Chihuahua so aggressive?

The most common reason why your Chihuahua is so aggressive is fear. Chihuahuas become aggressive when they face an unknown situation or an unknown person. They are small but need to show that they can defend themselves. 

Why did my Chihuahua bite me?

Your Chihuahua bit you in defense, or because it learned that it has to community its needs through aggression. 

Are Chihuahuas more aggressive than pit bulls?

Small dogs, like Chihuahuas, tend to be more aggressive than large dogs, that’s a fact. Blame it on an inferiority complex linked to their small size? It remains a mystery. 

Why do Chihuahuas bite their owners?

Chihuahuas bite their owners either as a defense mechanism or because they have not been properly educated and believe that to receive something, they have to attack. 

Why is my Chihuahua so mean?

If your Chihuahua is very mean, it is simply because you did not train it properly, or because it lacks socialization. It is very important to socialize your Chihuahua around other dogs, animals, adults, and children. You should start socializing when your pet is a puppy. 

Are Chihuahuas terrier mix good dogs?

The mix between a Chihuahua and a terrier results in good dogs that are active and very smart pets. Chihuahua terrier mix has an average life of 16 years and, with a lot of patience, can be trained to be excellent pets!


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