Are cats cuter than dogs? (11+ reasons)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Are cats cuter than dogs? We will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of having a cat or a dog, and review the factors to consider when choosing a pet. 

Are cats cuter than dogs?

Most people believe that cats are cuter than dogs, and we agree! We know that in this world there are two types of people: cat lovers or dog lovers. No matter if you love cats or dogs, we have to recognize that all animals are wonderful and make us smile with their quirks and their curious behavior.

Below, we give you 12 reasons why cats are cuter than dogs, or why they could be a better pet if you are looking to adopt one.

  1. Cats are the best athletes.

Although there are racing dogs that love to play and run, you just have to remember the old saying of the seven lives of cats, who are able to jump several floors without taking any damage.

  1. Cats are more independent.

With kittens there is no problem with who can take care of them if we go on a trip, it is enough that some people do us the favor of feeding them and changing their litter from time to time. In fact, cats are likely to feel more comfortable at home being alone than dogs, who after a few hours of not seeing their owners seem like years have passed.

  1. Cats are cleaner.

Cats groom themselves, in fact, they are one of the cleanest animals out there. They lick and wash after toileting, after going out, playing, or even being fondled by a person.

Although certainly, even if they are neat, humans who have a cat as a pet must comply with their treatments and vaccines.

  1. Cats hardly destroy a home.

Cats, especially kittens, are playful, however, they do not tend to chew on their owners’ things, which is why many people consider that having a dog is not a good idea.

  1. Cats live longer.

Cats grow old together with their owners, in addition, they will accompany you along your way, they will comfort you and support you throughout your life.

  1. Cats are thoughtful.

The world of cats is a mystery. They can spend hours observing everything, we do not know what is going through their minds, but we love that cats have that elegant bearing.

  1. Cats are silent.

There are many buildings that do not accept dogs because they can be very noisy, in the case of cats this will not be a problem, since they spend a lot of time resting, observing through the window and their footsteps are not even noticeable.

  1. Cats take up little space.

If you love pets but your house or apartment is not very big, it is not a good idea to have a dog, as they need to run and keep moving. On the contrary, felines adapt to small spaces and do not require much, a few toys, a bed, a plate of food, another of water, and a sandbox.

  1. Caring for a cat is cheaper.

Cats definitely eat less than dogs, so if you are looking for a pet that does not detract much from your fortnights, a kitten in good health is a good option.

  1. It is easier to make cats happy.

Cleaning the litter box is easier than going for a walk as it should be done with a dog at least twice a day. There are lifestyles that do not allow you to pamper dogs as much as you would like, when have you seen a cat on a leash walk?

  1. Cats keep pests away.

Cats love to stalk home invasive insects or rodents as they are natural hunters. In fact, the simple smell of cats keeps house mice away, a great advantage for those who live in wooded places with many drains.

  1. Cats were worshiped as gods.

In Egyptian culture, these graceful felines were worshiped as gods, and we certainly have no record of any worshiping dogs!

Dogs or cats?

In the Us, the dog is the favorite: one out of every three pet households has more than one canine member. It is confirmed, at least in these latitudes, that of “man’s best friend” … And of women.

However, as we already told you in a note, cats are gaining ground as pets in European homes. Their owners affirm that they prefer them for their feline cunning (80%), the affection of these animals (15%), their intelligence, and agility (5% each).

Another study, more specifically the “Big cat” index, went further and related it to socioeconomic levels. Thus: “the rich prefer cats, the poor prefer dogs,” was the researcher’s controversial conclusions. In Germany 59% of pets are cats and in France 48%. In both countries, GDP per capita exceeds $ 44,000. 

The advantages of having a cat vs a dog


– They are independent and give little work. They require less attention than dogs.

– They are ideal for people who live alone and work all day. They can be left alone for long hours and it is not necessary to take them out for a walk.

– The relationship with people is different from that of dogs because they tend to interact less. If we have children, they will surely have a greater chance of relating to a dog than to a cat.

– There are differences between the races. It should be noted that Siamese is very playful, while others are quieter, such as Burmese and Persians.


– They need more care and attention time. When choosing a dog it is important to value the time that can be devoted to it.

– They involve higher expenses. Something to keep in mind is food consumption, as the larger the dog, the higher its daily food requirement.

– They are louder. Smaller dogs tend to be the loudest barkers, but if raised as puppies, they learn easily.

– Each race is a world. Among the dogs, the breed that best suits their owners’ lifestyle should be sought: free time, space, presence of children in the house, willingness to care, etc. Regarding gender, in large dogs, females are smaller within the breed and most of them are more docile. 

Factors to consider when choosing a pet

Personality: Are you active, cheerful, do you like sports? Then your best option is a dog as they are animals that have a lot of energy, with which you can go for a walk and play. On the other hand, if you are a calm person and you like to enjoy peace and quiet, your option is cats as they are serene and not very active feline animals.

Space: You should also think about the comfort of the animal. While a cat does not care much about space as long as it has its own space inside the house, the dog does need more space to be able to play and move. So if your house is small it is more convenient to have a cat, and if on the contrary, it is large and with a garden, the dog may be the perfect animal.

Weather: It should be one of your priorities when choosing a pet: assess the time you owe and can dedicate to the animal. Having a dog takes time to go out to play, for a walk, and you should always find a place for him. If you don’t have it, a cat is the best option because they don’t need too much attention and they like, most of the time, to play alone.

Money: Money is an essential point. You cannot and should not buy or adopt a pet if you do not intend to meet its basic needs. It is not only having it, but it is also taking care of it and that implies some expenses that you must contemplate. Dogs usually generate more expenses since veterinary services or deworming are more expensive due to their size.

The bottom line

Crossbreed dogs and cats are usually the healthiest, but it is always necessary to consult with the veterinarian. In these, it is more difficult to predict what they will be like when they reach their adult size.

When acquiring a pet, it must be borne in mind that it is a living being that needs dedication, fundamentally time for its life to be comfortable. You always have to go to a trusted vet to recommend the best option before deciding, and even check the pet before taking it home.

Do you like cats or dogs better? We’d love to know what your reasons are for choosing your pet,  so do not hesitate to leave a comment!

FAQ on Are cats cuter than dogs?

Are cats better than dogs?

While there is no scientific reason, most people tend to believe that cats are better than dogs when it comes to self-care and even surviving. The opinions are shared worldwide among cat lovers and dog lovers!

Are dog owners happier than cat owners?

Yes, dog owners tend to be happier than cat owners, more exactly, twice as many people with dogs reported being happier than cat owners. 

Which is more intelligent: a cat or a dog?

Research shows that dogs are more intelligent than cats. Science proved that dogs have 530 million cortical neurons compared to 250 million for cats.

Can cats or dogs hear better?

Cats hear better than dogs, and humans! They can hear almost one octave higher than dogs, although both can hear at the ultrasound level.

Are cats loyal?

Although extremely independent, cats can be loyal, but only if they chose to be (!) – unlike dogs who are loyal by their nature. 

Will a cat defend its owner?

Yes, a cat will defend its owner and private space, as it is in their instinct to defend their territory and yours!


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