Are betta fish cute?

In this blog, we will discuss what makes betta a cute fish, since they are known for aggression and fighting tendencies. We will know the other side of this beautiful fish in this blog.


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  • Do betta fish look cute when they eat?
  • Do betta fish look cute when they fight?
  • Do betta fish look cute when they eat live food?
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Are betta fish cute?

Betta fish are already famous for their beauty and aggression, but in addition to these two features,they are cute too. They are known for being cute and happy when they are in a good mood and in stress-free surroundings.

It is natural for humans to focus on negative traits in others, but every species has good and bad sides. Bettas also have unique characteristics that deserve to be recognized. They are both beautiful and cute fish. Sometimes the way they act makes you fall in love with them.

We’ll discuss their cute behavior in detail in my blog and we’ll highlight some of the cutest betta fish too.If you are someone who knows only betta fish for aggressive and combating tendencies, this blog is for you.

What makes betta fish cute and special?

If you are a betta fish owner you must be familiar with their antics and if you’re gonna buy a new betta fish for your aquarium, you will know them when they start to respond to you. 

Until now, the way you’ve viewed bettas has likely been based on what you have read about them – which will change once you get to know them better.

We will discuss one by one, what makes betta so cute:

  • The betta fish is aware of all the things that happen outside the tank. If you visit them every day, they will come over to the tank to greet you. If you do this every day, they’ll know you’re the owner or his care-taker.
  • Betta’s can recognize their owners and their voice, and they can easily distinguish their voices from others. I have even heard from some betta owners that if you give it a name they will start responding whenever you call its name by coming near the tank glass.
  • Betta fish love to listen to music and they often respond by flaring their gills, swimming around the tank, and looking very cute. Watching your betta fish in a good mood is a treat. They do a lot of this when the tank conditions are clean and healthy.
  • If your betta fish like you they will swim effortlessly by showing their beautiful pectoral fins. They will do this often to interact with you as they are attention seekers too. Bettas’ attention-seeking tendencies make them way cuter.
  • Male bettas make bubble nests during the mating time to attract females. If they get bored, they will sometimes make bubbles to reduce their boredom. Female bettas also sometimes make bubble nests, but it is a rare occurrence.They look very cute when they make those bubbles using their mouth.
  • Bettas like to play hide and seek too in the tank, they do this by hiding under the plant covers, behind the filters, and sometimes under the caves. If they do this occasionally it’s good and looks cute, but when they do it every day then it is a matter of concern.
  • Betta fish get bored easily if the tank is without hideouts, plant covers, rock formations,caves and toys. They need some mental stimulation to remain occupied in the tank and if they don’t get such stimulation, they get bored.If you give balls or other toys they love so cute when they play with their toys.

Are all bettas cute?

Like humans, every fish is unique and has a unique personality. There are many different types of betta fish,and each one has its personality. Their behavior is different from that of other fish in the tank. 

So, it will be a bit difficult to say which betta fish is cuter, as they all look cute to me regardless of their aggression and fighting tendencies.

I will discuss some of the betta varieties in this section, to know them better.

Veiltail betta fish

Veiltail bettas are famous for their long fins and as compared to other betta fish they are less aggressive, mind their own business and look cute with those long veiltails when they swim around in the tank.

Rosetail betta fish

Rosetail bettas are well-known for their swimming abilities; they manage to swim around the tank effortlessly with their unique caudal fins. The fish are playful and always swim in the upper and middle regions of the tank. They look so cute swimming this way.

Spadetail betta fish

Spade tail bettas are extremely aggressive and famous for gill flaring, but they look cute while flaring those gills.

I have included three bettas randomly as examples, just to showcase how unique they all are. There are more than 73 varieties of betta fish and they are all unique and cuter in their ways.

Do betta fish look cute when they eat?

This trait is common in all fish, they tend to eat food every day in one spot and they remember their feeding times and wait for their owners every day at that specific spot during their feeding time.

Betta fish share many common traits, such as waiting for their owners each day to feed them. They come near the tank glass to check if their owner has come to feed them or not. I find this so cute about them. Love the way they recognize their owners and wait for them for food every day.

Feed them high-quality pellets and other live food occasionally for their good health. Don’t skip feeding them and if you happen to miss feeding then kindly get an automatic food dispenser to feed them in your absence.

Do betta fish look cute when they fight?

Betta fish can be very territorial when they are fighting with other male betta or other fish species in their tank. Betta fish are often considered cute, but when they get into a fight with other tank mates, they can become aggressive and even deadly. If you have a betta fish, be prepared for it to fight if it’s a male.

Males are typically more beautiful and cuter than females, but their fighting tendencies make them the villain in the tank. Females are also cute but males’ beauty and ornaments overshadow their beauty and cuteness. To me both look beautiful and cute.

Do betta fish look cute when they eat live food?

Feeding live food to your betta fish will help to activate their natural hunting instincts and they will enjoy eating that with gusto. They will watch you as you feed live food to their tank, and they will chase the food until they get it. 

Their behavior during food feeding will make you love them even more. Feeding your betta fish live food will be a great way to keep them mentally stimulated. It is a good idea to feed your betta fish live food occasionally, but not every day.

If you love your betta fish, they’ll look cute to you every day. The way you care for your fish is important. If you give them the care they need, they will look happy and show their different shades which makes them cute and attractive.


We now know more about bettas other than their aggressive nature and fighting tendencies. Bettas are beautiful, intelligent, curious and aggressive fish, but they also have another side that is quite cute. They are very interesting and entertaining creatures who try to get the attention of their owners by doing antics in the tank.

If you want your betta to behave more cutely then:

  • Interact more often with your betta fish.
  • Try to hand-fed them.
  • Provide more hiding spots.
  • Add toys in their tank.
  • Play some good music for them.
  • Give them love and affection.
  • Give them your time and attention.
  • Feed bettas on time.
  • Feed bettas live food occasionally to bring out their natural hunting instincts and mental stimulations.
  • Tap the glass gently to greet them back.
  • Bettas are very cute and interesting little creatures and owning one will give you a great experience.

Frequently asked questions

Do bettas look cute when they flare their gills?

Yes, bettas look cute when they flare gills.

Do bettas look cute when they make or blow bubble nests?

Yes, bettas look cute when they make or blow bubble nests.

Do bettas look cute when they play hide and seek?

Yes, bettas look cute when they play hide and seek.

Do bettas look cute when they greet their owners?

Yes, bettas look cute when they come near the tank glass and greet their owners.

Are bettas attention- seekers?

Yes, bettas are attention-seekers and this makes them cuter.

Are male bettas more cuter than female bettas?

Bettas are cute irrespective of their genders.