Aquarium battery back-up (3 Great Aquarium battery back-ups)

In this article “Aquarium battery back-up” we will discuss the four best aquarium battery back-up systems for you to use in your aquarium. We will also discuss their features and their importance in the aquarium.

Aquarium battery back-up

Aquarium battery back-up is a system that slows down the onset of decreasing oxygen, increasing ammonia and the temperature of the water changes when the aquarium lose power. In case you lose power supply due to any reason this will help you to support the life system of the aquarium and keep your fishes safe during the breakdown from any environment changes.

Nowadays due to change in the weather conditions several homes and companies are facing power outages for a prolonged period of time. To keep your fish safe you need to install an aquarium battery back-up system in your aquarium.

The aquarium battery back-up system is necessary for the survival of your fishes. In case you run out of power supply or there is total blackout in your area how would you manage to provide your fishes with the same environment they need for their survival. In case of an emergency, you will be needing an aquarium battery back-up system.

Four best aquarium battery back-ups

The following are four best aquarium battery back-ups:

APC UPS Battery Back-up and Surge Protector

This battery back-up is made by APC. It has advanced technology. It serves as both battery back-up and surge protector. Its surge energy rates are high reaching 789 joules.

It is a suitable device to use at home or in offices because it comes with 10 outlets which consist of USB ports and other surge outlets only.

The surge only outlets reserve the energy capacity and minimize the run time of the connected equipment. It also protects the energy even if the device connected is less critical.

When you change the power conditions or utility power the system alarms you about the change in the power supply.

It also has a self-testing system. It checks all the batteries and identifies the one that is to be replaced. In this way, it detects the fault in the battery and the drain ones.

The one great feature is that it comes with a Lower Mean Time to Replace feature, it means that you can replace its battery without dismantling the system.

The important feature of this system is that it has an automatic voltage regulation feature. It means that it can regulate the low voltages and stabilizes the output voltage of the battery. It increases the life-span of the battery and also protects the battery by eliminating discharges.

People love its ornamental display feature. It displays the information of the system including the system parameters, alarms and modes of operation.

It is approved by the relevant agencies. It has many USB connectable ports that can be used for both USP and USB. Furthermore, it also gives data recovery warranty in case of any loss of data.

bXterra UPS 1500AVR LCD Battery Back-up

It is a mini-tower UPS battery back-up. It has many features including automatic voltage regulation to prevent under-voltage or overvoltage when a device is connected to this aquarium battery back-up.

Five of its outlets protect the transient energy to the keyboard, desktop and the LCD. You can connect your fish tank to any of these devices. The five outlets are also designed to provide UPS power battery back-up.

This system is not only developed for the aquarium but can also be used for gaming consoles, desktops and PCs. It has a wide range of applications.

It has 10 outlets at the back. Five of them provide surge protection and provide energy star back-up powers. The remaining five only protect the connected equipment from the power surges. The connections are tested and approved by the relevant agencies before releasing it.

It has a superior multi-status LCD screen which is the general aesthetic of the device in the limelight. It also provides valuable information about this aquarium battery back-up system including the battery, load time and the run time.

It also works in prolonged power outages because it has a replaceable battery. Once the attached battery is depleted you can use bXterra batteries to keep the system running despite the power fluctuations.

The company which develops these battery backups is named bXterra. They worked hard to develop such a great and efficient system for fish tanks. They passed this battery backup from the 24 quality assurance and testing system to see if there is any fault in the system. It is easy to use.

bXterra 1500VA UPS is tested for several features like the stringent vibration, sturdiness and the operational temperature. Its 6 gauge power cord is thick and has high durability. The company used plastic for the body of this aquarium battery back-up

It has a 3-year warranty that covers the battery and the UPS. It also guarantees $400,000 for the device that is connected with this aquarium battery back-up system.

Tripp Lite UPS Battery Back-up

Tripp Lite 1500VA is a great aquarium battery back-up that is used in the areas where there are short or long blackouts. It is an all-round battery backup system developed by Tripp Light Company.

This battery backup system is designed to produce 1500VA/ 900W Smart LCD Battery Uninterruptible Power supply. It is not only used for fish tanks but also other computer devices and LCD. It features a run time of 90 min for the personal computer and another 10 min half load run-time. Fish tanks have heaters, pump aerators which need a power supply.

It also has 10 outlets. Five of them are used for UPS Power Backup for electronic accessories such as LCD, keyboard, PC and wireless routers and also provide surge protection. These outlets are present at the right-hand side from the top.

The other five outlets only provide surge protection and are used for devices that are not essential in power outages.

It also has an automatic voltage regulation system that regulates overvoltage and undervoltage and protects the device connected from the damage. Its automatic voltage regulation system also corrects brownouts. It also provides a feature known as TEL/DSL/Ethernet protection to conserve power during critical blackouts.

This aquarium battery backup also comes with free software that you can use for the correct use of this device. You need to connect a tertiary device and run the software in it. It also comes with a feature of a replaceable battery. You can hot-swap its battery after the 3 years warranty of the battery and simply connect the new one. This feature helps people to keep running their system in total blackouts.

In the end, it has a 3-year warranty and also gives $250,000 ultimate Lifetime Insurance for the connected device. You need to make sure that you are running this system in a temperature range of +32 to +104 degrees Fahrenheit.

CyberPower BRG1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS System

This aquarium battery backup system is developed by CyberPower company. This battery backup system provides a voltage of 1500/900W to the device connected. This battery backup system has a boost/buck technology to provide a clean AC supply to the device connected.

When you have this system you need not worry about the lightning. Its integrated composite circuitry protects it for both EMI/RFI filters and lightning. It has a customizable panel to easily change the illumination, sensitivity and audible alarms.

It has a multifunction LCD at the back of the battery back-up system which gives information about the battery condition, battery capacity, load time and the run time. You can also use it for portable aquariums.

It also has an automatic voltage regulation system which stabilizes the incoming AC signals and maintains the output of the battery at 120 volts. This system protects the connected device from overvoltage and under-voltage. This feature is a key feature in every system, and it defines how efficient the system is.

This aquarium battery backup system also provides surge protection. This feature of the battery backup system protects the device from the transient voltage change that is an increase in the flow of current or increase in the power supply.

Lastly, it has a 2-year warranty and $500,000 in insurance for connected devices. Moreover, it comes with a powerful personal edition management software that is freely downloadable.

There are other systems also such as the icecap battery backup system. In the case of reef tanks, we can use the Vortech battery backup system. To sustain vital aquarium water you can use the Eco tech Marine battery backup system.

In case you are using a DC air pump (Jebao pump) you can use Battery CoralBox PowerCell for backup Jebao Pump / DC Pump for smooth running of your pump.


After reading this article about “Aquarium battery backup” the reader will be able to choose the best battery backup system for his aquarium. He or she will also be able to know about the features of the best battery backup system.

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FAQ; Aquarium battery backup

Frequently asked questions of “Aquarium battery backup” are:

How do I keep my fish alive during a power outage?

You can keep your fish alive during power outages by installing a battery-powered air pump with airstones. Temporarily replace the electric pump with battery-powered air pump if you have the pump strong enough, airstones and air-driven filters.

How long do battery backups last?

Most of the battery backups should last 3 to 5 years. The life of the battery backups depends upon many factors like environment and the number of discharges.

How long will a tank last without power?

In an overstocked tank the fish begins to die in 3 to 9 hours after power loss. In an optimally stocked tank, the fish last for a period of 3 to 12 hours. In an understocked tank, the fish lasts for a period of one to two days.

Which battery backup is best for a home?

The best battery backup system for home and small business is APC Back-UPS Pro 1500VA UPS. It provides ten outlets for ten devices and five with battery backup and surge protection.

Can I turn my aquarium filter off at night?

No, it is not suitable to turn off your filters at night. The filters aerate the water and turning it off for several hours would affect the health of your freshwater aquarium.

Do fish tank pumps use a lot of electricity?

The amount of electricity a pump consumes depends upon the fact that how large is the aquarium? Depending upon the size of the aquarium the pump may consume between 3 and 12 watts. The aquariums or ponds over 50 gallons use a pump that consumes electricity around 6 watts.


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