Angelfish and Hillstream Loach

In this post, we will discuss the relationship between Angelfish and Hillstream Loach. We will also learn a bit about their tank requirements and biology. 

Angelfish and Hillstream Loach

Hillstream Loach and Angelfish can be kept together in the same tank. These fish will not harass each other in the aquarium. They will stay away from each other and their peaceful temperaments will contribute to a stress-free environment.

Hillstream loaches and Angelfish are two great additions to community tanks. They have peculiar looks and patterns which can catch anyone‘s attention. Hillstream loaches are very social fish and appreciate being in groups. They behave better within a group of at least 3-4 individuals. Moreover, Hillstream loaches are extremely pacific towards tank mates. 

Hillstream Loach

Hillstream loaches look is extraordinarily peculiar. They have a unique body shape similar to a mixture between catfish and mini-stingray. These fish stay most of the time near the bottom of the tank.

They are classified as small-sized fish, they measure on average around 2 or 3 inches in length. Their life expectancy is around 8 to 10 years. They are very peaceful fish that will not bother any other fish in the tank.

Although they are peaceful most of the time, there are some situations in which they may become a bit aggressive regarding their territory.

For this motive, it is recommended to keep a group of 3 or 4 Hillstream loaches in a 50-gallon tank. If the space is less than this, they would probably perform some aggressive behaviours towards the “invader”.

They appreciate fast-moving waters as they as usually found in Asian strong freshwater currents.


Similarly to the other loaches, the Hillstream loach is omnivorous. Thus, they can feed on animal and vegetable sources. The main items are pellets and flakes, algae, bloodworms, and some small shrimp. It is also possible to offer them some vegetables, such as kale and spinach.

Hillstream loaches will also assist you in algae removal from crevices and rocks. However, it is always important to feed these fish with other food sources, as the algae would not fulfil their nutritional requirements.


Angelfish are peaceful fish most of the time. However, they can get quite aggressive under specific circumstances. They have a triangular-shaped body with long fins. They can measure up to 6 inches long and 10 inches tall. The Angelfish life expectancy is around 10-12 years.

Similarly to the Hillstream loaches, Angelfish are low maintenance fish, which means they do not require complex attention and care. Although they are not schooling fish, they prefer to be kept within a group of equals. These groups should have at least 4-6 individuals as they feel safer in the company of conspecifics.


Similarly to the Hillstream loaches, the Angelfish are also omnivores. However, contrarily from the Hillstream loaches, wild Angelfish choose for feeding on smaller fish, invertebrates, and some larvae. In the tank, it is recommended to feed them with an animal and plant-based intake. Which means offering them adequate protein and fibre from diverse sources. 

Can I keep Hillstream Loaches with Angelfish?

Yes, it is possible to keep Hillstream loaches and Angelfish in the same tank. Similar to other loach species, the Hillstream loach feel comfortable with Angelfish around.

One important thing to keep in mind when setting the tank up is to provide protected slow-moving water areas in the tank, as the Hillstream loaches prefer fast-moving waters.

Generally, Angelfish are calm fish. And thus, will not bother the Hillstream loaches. This is mainly because their size difference is not an issue and they occupy different areas of the tank. Thus, they will rarely meet or compete.

Though, it is essential also to give some attention to the water parameters needs, as their range match slightly, principally when discussing water temperature.  

Will Angelfish attack Hillstream Loaches?

Angelfish will probably not attack the Hillstream loach. This is because there is not a single reason for this to happen. The loaches will rarely invade the Angelfish territory and vice-versa.

They are not so different in size and their easy-going temperament will not provoke any issue between these two fish species.

Other fish you can keep with Hillstream loaches

There are several other fish species that can be part of a community tank with Hillstream loaches. Their gentle nature and peaceful behaviour make it possible for them to coexist with many fish species, such as danios and rasboras.

Additionally, it is very important to highlight that the Hillstream loaches water-flow requirements keep most of the tropical fish from coexisting with them, once most of the tolerant fish are cold-water fish species.

Hillstream Loaches and Angelfish tank requirements

Comparing and matching water and tank requirements is very important when choosing tank mates. Thus, finding a good condition that fit both species is essential to determine if the species are compatible.

In an Angelfish and Hillstream loaches tank, water temperature should remain stable around 73-75 degrees Fahrenheit and pH around 7.

Tank Size

Both species require larger tanks for small groups. Thus, at least 60-gallon tanks can keep up to 4 Angelfish and 3 or 4 Hillstream loaches. Larger tanks are suggested, the larger the tank, the more natural are the fish behaviours.

Hiding Spaces 

Hillstream loaches spend most of their time buried and hiding on rocks or crevices. Thus, it is tremendously important to provide sufficient options for the loaches to choose their hiding spot for the day. 

Sandy Substrate

Angelfish and Hillstream loaches appreciate fine sandy substrate, similar to their natural habitats. Both species are prone to digging. The Angelfish dig when searching for food, while the Hillstream loaches dig to bury themselves and also to search for some food.


In this post, we discussed the relationship between Angelfish and Hillstream Loach. We also learnt a bit about their tank requirements and biology.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us in a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Angelfish and Hillstream Loach

Can I put Hillstream Loach with Angelfish?

Yes, Hillstream loaches and Angelfish can make very good tank mates. They will barely cross each other’s way, and thus, there is no reason for bothering.

How many gallons does a Hillstream loach require?

Hillstream loach will require at least a 50-gallon tank to be happy and healthy.

How big is a Hillstream loach?

The Hillstream loaches usually measure around 2 or 3 inches when adults.

What fish are compatible with Hillstream Loach?

There are several fish species compatible with Hillstream loaches. Some of them are non-aggressive fish, such as livebearers, tetras, danios, snails, and shrimp.

Is Hillstream Loach tropical?

Yes, Hillstream loaches occupy fast-flowing water bodies in the Asian tropical rainforest.

Is Hillstream loach aggressive?

No, Hillstream loach is classified as peaceful species. Usually, they get along easily with fish with similar environmental requirements.


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