Angelfish and Dojo Loach

In this post, we will discuss the relationship between Angelfish and Dojo Loach. We will also learn a bit about their tank requirements and biology. 

Angelfish and Dojo Loach

Dojo Loach and Angelfish can be kept in the same aquarium. These fish will not bother each other in the tank. Mainly because they will rarely cross each other’s way. Additionally, their temperament and sizes make it possible to house these fish species together.

Both species are great additions to community tanks. They have awesome looks and colours. Dojo loaches are prone to socialisation. They behave better within a group of at least 3 individuals. Moreover, Dojo loaches are extremely pacific towards tank mates.

Dojo Loach

Dojo loaches have slender elongated bodies and tiny fins, similar to the other representants of the loach group. In the oral area, they have several barbels. They use these barbels to sense food on the substrate, as they have poor eyesight, and also to dig on the substrate to bury themselves.

These peaceful fish can live between 7 and 10 years, and, once fully grown, they can measure up to 10 inches. They are low maintenance fish and are classified as beginner-friendly. They are also playful and can become very close to their owners.

They also appreciate some conspecific companies. Thus, it is suggested to keep them with at least 2 other individuals. They usually behave more naturally and are more active when grouped.

They are original from Northern Asia, for this reason, they enjoy cooler water between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit with a  pH between 6 and 7.5.


Dojo loaches are omnivores. In the wild, Dojo loaches feed mostly on organic matter from algae. In fish tanks, it is suggested to feed them with dried sinking pellets, algae snacks, and live and frozen items as a supplement.

They are bottom-dweller, for this reason, sinking food items are extremely important.


Angelfish are triangular-shaped Cichlids with long fins. They can measure up to 6 inches long and 10 inches tall when fully grown. The Angelfish lifespan is around 10-12 years.

Similarly to the Dojo loach, they are low maintenance fish, which means they do not require lots of attention. These fish, although not schooling fish, prefer to be kept within small groups of 4-6 individuals. They feel safer in the company of equals.

Additionally, they have a peaceful temperament most of the time. However, they can become somewhat aggressive in particular circumstances. These fish occupy the water column and enjoy digging and searching for some food in the substrate as well.


Angelfish are also omnivores. However, differently from the Dojo loaches, wild Angelfish opt for feeding mainly on smaller fish, invertebrates, and some larvae. In the tank, it is recommended to feed them with a meat and vegetables based diet. Which means providing them with enough protein and fibre from different sources.

Can I keep Dojo Loaches with Angelfish?

Yes, it is possible to keep Dojo loaches and Angelfish in the same tank. Similar to other loach species, the Dojo loach feel comfortable with Angelfish around.

In general, Angelfish are pacific fish. And thus, will not bother the Dojo loaches, as they will not cross each other’s way very frequently or compete.

However, it is important also to pay attention to the species parameters requirements, as their range match slightly, mainly when referring to water temperature. 

Will Angelfish attack Dojo Loaches?

It is very unlikely that the Angelfish attack the Dojo loaches. Dojo loaches will probably not “invade” the Angelfish territory as they occupy different areas of the tank most of the time.

In general, Angelfish will not attack the Dojo Loaches. Dojo Loaches do not bother the Angelfish in the tank. Also, there is no reason for the Dojo loaches to invade the Angelfish territory.  In addition, the loaches will spend most of their time hiding or digging new hiding spots.

Other fish you can keep with Dojo loaches

Dojo loaches make great additions to community tanks. They make awesome community members once they get along with many other fish species and are also very peaceful. Some of the ideal tankmates for Dojo Loaches are:

–       More Dojo Loaches: they should be kept in groups of at least 3 individuals, they feel safer and more comfortable;

–       Goldfish;

–       Minnows (White Cloud Mountain);

–       Barbs (Rosy);

–       Harlequin rasboras;

–       Kuhli Loach;

–       Bichir;

–       Leopard Danios.

Dojo Loaches and Angelfish tank requirements

When considering tank mates, it is important to keep adequate water parameters and tank conditions that match both species. Thus, both species will have the chance to thrive and live healthily.

In an Angelfish and Dojo loaches aquarium, water temperature should remain around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and pH between 6.0 and 7.

Tank Size

Both species require larger tanks for small groups. Thus, at least 60-gallon tanks can keep some Angelfish and at least 3 Dojo loaches. Larger tanks are suggested, once the larger the tank, the more natural are the fish behaviours.


Dojo loaches and Angelfish appreciate well-planted environments. For this motive, keeping plenty of live plants in the tank may assist in stress reduction as well as water quality and hiding spots.

These fish species are native to highly vegetated areas. Thus, they tend to feel safer and more comfortable in vegetated areas that resemble their natural habitats.

Hiding Spaces 

Dojo loaches spend most of their time buried and hiding. Thus, it is important to provide sufficient options for the loaches to choose their hiding spot of the day. 

Sandy Substrate

Angelfish and Dojo loaches appreciate fine sandy substrate. Both species are prone to digging. The Angelfish dig around searching for food, while the Dojo loaches dig to bury themselves.

Gravel or another rocky substrate could injury the fish and even provoke infections.


In this post, we discussed the relationship between Angelfish and Dojo Loach. We also learnt a bit about their tank requirements and biology.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us in a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Angelfish and Dojo Loach

Can I put Dojo Loach with Angelfish?

Yes, Dojo loaches and Angelfish can make very good tank mates. They will barely see each other, and thus, will not cross each other’s way.

Do Dojo Loaches prefer sand or gravel?

Similarly to other loach species, Dojo loaches prefer fine sandy substrate due to their digging behaviours. Gravel could cause injuries to the fish skin while digging and hiding.

How many Dojo loaches should be kept together?

Dojo loaches are more comfortable in the company of some conspecifics. They are quite playful and social fish. Thus, having groups of at least 3 individuals is essential for the Dojo loaches to perform more natural behaviours.

What fish are compatible with Dojo Loach?

There are several fish species compatible with Dojo loaches. Some of them are Goldfish, Minnows, some Barbs, harlequin rasbora, other loaches, and Bichir.

Can you keep a single Dojo Loach?

Yes, it is possible to raise only one Dojo Loach. However, they are more natural and healthier within a group of at least 3 individuals.

Is Dojo loach aggressive?

No, Dojo loach is classified as peaceful species. Although, they may get aggressive towards much smaller fish. However, in general, they get along easily with fish with similar environmental requirements.


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