Angelfish and Cherry shrimp

In this post, we will learn a little about the relationship between Angelfish and Cherry shrimp. We will also discuss the relationship between Angelfish and other types of shrimp.

Angelfish and Cherry shrimp

Although Angelfish are known to become quite aggressive towards other fish and organisms, this is not the main reason why you should not keep Cherry Shrimp with them. The reason is the Angelfish will likely attack the Cherry Shrimp because they will see them as prey.

Will the Angelfish eat Cherry shrimp?

Angelfish are not picky. However, as they are omnivorous, they will eat plants and meat. Thus, depending on how they are introduced and the size of the Angelfish, the Angel will very probably eat the Cherry shrimp

Angelfish diet

In the wild, the Angelfish will eat almost anything that fits in their mouth. However, their diet is protein-rich, thus, they feed mostly in invertebrates, such as bloodworms and insects, and also small fish. They can also feed on small shrimp and snails.

Shrimp species

·      Cherry Shrimp

·      Ghost Shrimp

·      Snowball Shrimp

·      Amano Shrimp

·      Crystal Red Shrimp

·      Blue Bolt Shrimp

·      Babaulti Shrimp

·      Blue Tiger Shrimp

·      Panda Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp

Who does not love the Cherry shrimp? Their bright amazing colour can catch anyone’s attention and make them perfect for aquariums. They are also very popular because they will eat almost every waste and leftover from your fish. They are considered part of the cleaning crew.

They will also feed on growing algae. However, it is important to keep feeding them independently from the cleaning-originated food, mainly if they are in a single-species tank. Although, they can become very independent and take care of themselves in community tanks. This also makes them perfect for amateur aquarists, due to the low effort of maintenance they require.

Temperature is very important for the Cherry Shrimp to thrive. They require temperatures not less than 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, they will interrupt breeding cycles.

Additional to the temperature requirements, they will also require a peaceful tank, as they are quite sensitive to stress. They will not do well with aggressive fish. 

Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimp is the easiest shrimp to maintain in a tank. They are even easier than the Cherry Shrimp. Ghost Shrimp is the most recommended for beginner aquarists.

Although they are not as eye-catching as the Cherry shrimp, they also do not require lots of attention to be kept. They are likely to eat almost anything they find around on the aquarium bottom. Which, similarly to the Cherry shrimp, will include algae, leftovers, and fish waste.

The Ghost shrimp are even more likely to become Angelfish prey. This is because, at the beginning of their lives, they spent a long period as larvae, making them more vulnerable to fish.

Although, in community tanks with peaceful fish, these shrimp will probably thrive and get to adulthood. Thus, this species is not a good tankmate to Angelfish, as the Cherry shrimp, mainly during the larvae form.

Snowball Shrimp

The Snowball shrimp is also very appreciated among aquarists. Similar to the other shrimp species, they also require very low effort to be kept. Thus, they are also beginner-friendly. Their aesthetic is very pleasant, and for this reason, they are more popular than the Ghost shrimp. 

They are also members of the cleaning crew and will feed mainly on growing algae and some detritus. They are also very popular for their breeding speed. They can multiply the population very fast to populate your tank. They breed very easily and quickly.

Additionally, they will probably be eaten by the Angelfish. Again, the Angelfish will not hunt for them. However, an encounter will probably be the only one.

Amano Shrimp

The Amano shrimp is also a very popular species. However, they are more complex than the other species. They are very natural and will feed mostly on the tank growing algae. However, if you plan to breed them, they will require some very specific conditions and also expertise.

These shrimp are the ones that have bigger chances if kept with Angelfish. This is because they are larger than other shrimp species, and most of the time, they will not fit in the Angelfish mouth. 

Crystal Red Shrimp

The Crystal Red Shrimp is one of the most beautiful shrimp. They can come in very bright colours and patterns as they are selectively bred with this purpose. This makes them very expensive and unique. 

They are also Angelfish potential victims. Thus, you should not risk their beauty against Angelfish. These shrimp are usually kept in single-species tanks. 

Blue Bolt Shrimp

The Blue Bolt Shrimp is another very beautiful shrimp type. Similarly to the Crystal Red Shrimp, they are quite rare. However, they are not very hardy and need some attention regarding nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia levels.

They are also not recommended to be kept with Angelfish. These shrimp require a very peaceful tank to thrive.

Babaulti Shrimp

Babaulti Shrimp is also very sensitive to nitrites, nitrates, and ammonia levels. Thus, if you plan to give your tank some attention regarding these parameters, the Babaulti Shrimp could be a great addition.

They can come in varied colours and are, in general, easy to take care of. Their diet is based on plants and they can do very well in well-vegetated tanks.

They are also not good tankmates for Angelfish, as they could easily become the fish next meal.

Blue Tiger Shrimp 

The Blue Tiger Shrimp is also an amazing shrimp species. They are striking blue. They are omnivores, which mean they eat almost everything. However, it is important not to overfeed them.

They are not beginner-friendly shrimp, as they require some specific temperature and pH conditions. They will probably not survive in an Angelfish tank, as there is no reason for the Angelfish do not to devour them.

Panda Shrimp

These are extremely awesome shrimp. They are black and white, the reason for the “panda” name. They are quite sensitive and also require some expertise and water parameters control. Additionally, they are not easy to breed. For these reasons, they became very expensive. 

Similar to most of the other shrimp species above, they are not recommended to be kept in Angelfish tanks. The fish will probably eat them very quickly.

Can Angelfish be tankmates to Shrimp?

Not really, Angelfish will probably eat most of the shrimp. They will not hunt for them. However, during an encounter, it is very likely the shrimp will be devoured, no matter what type.


In this post, we learnt a little about the relationship between Angelfish and Cherry shrimp. In addition, we also discussed a few other types of freshwater shrimps that can be great additions to your tank.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us in a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Angelfish and Cherry shrimp

What is the shrimp gestation duration?

The shrimp gestation period usually lasts between 15 and 45 days, before the eggs hatch.

Do Cherry Shrimp clean the tank?

Cherry Shrimp are scavengers. This means they will feed on leftovers and other debris. They are members of the cleaning crew, as they also feed on growing algae. However, their cleaning significance will depend on the size of the tank, the number of Cherry Shrimp, and the tank inhabitants.

What do Angelfish eat?

Angelfish usually feed on some vegetables and some organisms, like insects, small shrimp, snails, and small fish. In a tank, make sure they get a protein-rich diet. You can also opt for spinach, peas, and zucchini.

Can Guppies and Cherry Shrimp live together?

Yes, Guppies make good tank mates to Cherry Shrimp, as well as to other shrimp species.

What are good tankmates for Cherry shrimp?

The best tank mates for Cherry Shrimp are small peaceful fish, such as the neon tetras, betta fish, dwarf gourami, plecos, Corydoras, other shrimp, and rasboras, for example.

How many shrimp should be kept together?

This answer will depend on the size of your tank and its inhabitants. In the case it is a shrimp-only tank, you could consider 2-5 individuals per gallon of water. Shrimp will do better in groups of at least 10, as they would feel safer and the stress would be reduced.


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