Angelfish and Black Skirt tetras

In this post, we will learn a little about the relationship between Black Skirt tetras and Angelfish, as well as discuss their requirement and biology. 

Angelfish and Black Skirt tetras

Angelfish and Black Skirt tetras are good tankmates to each other. They will get along just fine, as their size difference is not big enough for the devour the Black Skirt tetras, and the tetras will not bother the Angelfish at all. However, some Black Skirt tetra individuals are known to individually nip to other fish fins. Thus, it is important to always have an eye on this combination.

Black Skirt tetras 

Black skirt tetras are scientifically called Gymnocorymbus ternetzi. They have bright colours and give amazing looks to many aquariums worldwide. They have particular fin shapes that catch anyone attention. 

They are relatively easy to keep and can grow up to 3 inches. Their lifespan is around 3 to 5 years in aquariums. They are, in general, peaceful fish, and require being in groups of at least 5 individuals or more.

Behaviour & Compatibility

Black Skirt tetras have a very peaceful temperament and can be kept in community aquariums with other peaceful fish of similar size. They are gregarious fish. Thus, it is very important to keep them in a school with at least 5 individuals, so they would behave more naturally.


In the wild, Black Skirt tetras feed on plants and insects. However, in a tank, they can be fed with a variety of items, from flake sand pellets to live bloodworms and brine shrimp.

Sexual dimorphism

Females are usually larger than males. Males may have wider anal fins. Besides these, it is not possible to determine these fish sexual without further examination.

Natural habitat

Black Skirt tetras are original from South America, more specifically the Paraguay River basin. They appreciate big plants. They enjoy exploring and swimming around the tank. 

Tank requirements

Black Skirt tetras require at least a 15-gallon tank. This tank size should be enough for a small group to swim around. However, a larger tank would be better for these fish, as they are active swimmers.

If you are planning a more natural look for your tank, it is possible to use some branches and leaves. Some roots and leaves can also be added to the tank. A sandy darker substrate is recommended to resemble decaying leaves shades from their natural habitats.

Additionally, it is important to keep a good filtration system. Larger schools generate more waste. Thus, having a strong filtration system will remove the ammonia and nitrate levels to ideal conditions, null.


The Black Skirt tetras require to be kept in small groups of at least 5 individuals. Although, the larger the group, the happier the fish.

Larger groups make them feel comfortable and confident. It is important to avoid large aggressive fish. Some of the good tankmates for the Black Skirt tetras are:

–       Cardinal tetras;

–       Harlequin rasbora:

–       Dwarf and Honey Gouramis;

–       Corydoras;

–       Bolivian rams.


Angelfish are tropical freshwater fish that inhabits South American water bodies. Their awesome looks and colours made them very popular among aquarists.

They have a triangular shape and grow up to 6 inches long. Their lifespan is around 10-12 years.

Behaviour & Compatibility

Angelfish are usually non-aggressive fish. Although, they can get violent in certain conditions. Additionally, younger Angelfish tend to be less territorial than mature adult ones.

The Angelfish, although can perform aggressive behaviours, can get along with many other fish species. They are very common fish in community tanks.

Some good tank mater for Angelfish are Corydoras, Larger Tetras, Rainbowfish, and other peaceful fish species that share tank requirements with them.


Angelfish are omnivores, thus they feed on animal and vegetable items. It is important to provide the Angelfish with a protein-rich diet with some fibre supplements. Live foods, such as brine shrimp and larvae, are recommended, as well as vegetables, such as zucchini and peas.

Additionally, it is important to avoid smaller fish in the Angelfish tank, as they can see them as prey and chase until finally devouring the smaller fish.

Sexual dimorphism

It is very difficult to determine if an Angelfish is male or female. They do not have visual external differences. However, during breeding periods, the female can provide some hint about their gender.

Tank requirements

Angelfish are medium-bodied fish. Consequently, they require enough space to grow and swim around the tank. One Angelfish requires at least a 15-gallon tank. However, they prefer being kept in small groups. Thus, consider having a minimum of 4 Angelfish in your tank.

It is also recommended to keep good filtration and heating systems. These fish inhabit warm waters in nature. For this motive, they need warmer stable water temperatures in the tank.

Do the Angelfish and Black Skirt tetras combination work?

Yes, Black Skirts tetras go along with Angelfish very easily, even though not all types of tetras do. Black Skirt tetras have a very pacific temperament, and thus, will not bother the Angelfish.

Additionally, introducing these fish while the Angelfish is still young may improve the chances of success without minor issues.


In this post, we learnt a little about the relationship between Black Skirt tetras and Angelfish, as well as discussed their requirement and biology.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us in a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Angelfish and Black Skirt tetras

What fish do good with Black Skirt tetras?

Several peaceful fish species can coexist with Black Skirt tetras. Some of them are

–       Cardinal tetras;

–       Harlequin rasbora:

–       Dwarf and Honey Gouramis;

–       Corydoras;

–       Bolivian rams.

Will Angelfish eat Black Skirt tetras?

It is very unlikely that the Angelfish will eat the Black Skirt tetras. However, if the Angelfish is adult and the tetras are still very young, the Angelfish could try to fit them in their mouth in an attempt of devouring the smaller ones.

Can Angelfish live with Black Skirt tetras?

Yes, Angelfish and Black Skirt tetras make an awesome combination for a community tank. They do not differ too much in size, and their temperament would not become issues.

Can Black Skirt tetras live alone?

It is not recommended to keep Black Skirt tetras alone. They prefer being kept in groups of at least 6 individuals. However, the bigger the group, the more natural their behaviours.

Are there Glofish tetras?

Yes, Black Skirt tetras come in a huge variety of colours, including albino and fluorescent ones.

Can Black Skirt tetras live with a Betta fish?

No, their requirements do not match and neither their temperament. For these reasons, Black Skirt tetras and Betta fish are strongly discouraged to be together.


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