Angelfish and Betta

In this article, we will understand the relationship between Angelfish and Betta fish. We will also learn more about their requirements and explain if they can be set up together in a community tank.

Angelfish and Betta

Betta fish and Angelfish are very popular fish species among aquarists. However, to keep them together in the same tank, it is important to take their individual personality into account. In general, they are not a good match. However, they can be set up together under specific conditions and according to their individual characteristics. Thus, as an exception.

Fish Temperament

Betta individuals can be quite aggressive towards other fish, but can also be very docile and not be a threat to any other fish. Similar is the Angelfish. In general, they are peaceful but can be more aggressive individually or during a specific situation, such as breeding season or when in pairs.

How to reduce the chances of aggression

There are few things you can do aiming to avoid aggression from Angelfish to Bettas, or vice-versa. By following these tips, it is less likely that the fish perform aggressive behaviours towards each other.

Plenty of space

Both species are extremely territorial, which means they would fight to establish their territory and also to defend and protect it from invaders. To avoid aggression due to this type of competition, it is necessary to provide plenty of space for them.

Consider having a tank with at least 65 gallons of water. This would be the minimum required for them to establish their territory healthily without aggression. The bigger the tank, the little is the chance of the fish getting aggressive towards each other.

Plenty of plants and décors

Plants and decorations would also assist in aggression reduction. This would happen due to the break the line of sight. Thus, the fish would establish their territory more easily, without facing the other fish all the time.

Rocks and caves would also assist in this task. They would also provide plenty of hiding and resting spots that could be used by any of them in the case they need to feel safe.

Fish age

It is important to introduce the Angelfish while youngsters. Thus, they would be more peaceful than when they are adults and fight for territory and breeding success. Introducing younger Angelfish would reduce the chances of aggression.

Fish sex

Female Betta fish are not as aggressive as male Bettas. Thus, the recommendation is to keep females with the Angelfish, as an attempt to avoid and reduce the chances of aggression. Also, male longer fins could provoke the Angelfish, they could feel threatened and thus, would start performing some aggressive behaviours.

How to set up a tank for Betta and Angelfish

If you conclude that both of the fish individuals are docile and can get along with each other. It is time to set up a tank with adequate conditions for them. 

After providing a large aquarium for both species, consider having a sandy substrate instead of gravel. Remember to provide plenty of plants and hiding places. For the plants, you can consider Anubias and Java fern. pH should be around 6.5 and 7.0 and temperature around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, minimum of 76 and maximum of 80 degrees.

Have a backup plan

If you opt for having these two fish species in the same tank, keep in mind they can get somehow aggressive towards each other at any point. Thus, it is important to keep an eye and always observe signals of aggression. 

A second tank properly set up is important to be kept in the case the fish begin to attack each other. If they become aggressive, you will be prepared to remove one of them out to the plan B tank to avoid further stress and injuries.

What organisms can live with Betta fish?

Betta fish are better if kept as a single species in the tank, and usually as a single individual as well. However, it is also possible to set some organisms other than fish with Bettas. To summarize, some Betta tankmates are:

–       Snails – this is one of the best tankmates for a Betta fish and they can assist with the tank cleaning;

–       Shrimp – they are also great tankmates to Betta and can also assist with cleaning;

–       African dwarf frogs – Betta fish will not chase or bully these animals;

–       Corydoras – these fish will also help with cleaning, they inhabit the bottom of the tanks and will not bother the Betta fish, or vice-versa.

What organisms can live with Angelfish?

Angelfish make great community organisms. Thus, they can be set up with many fish species, mainly the medium-bodied ones. Such as: 

–       Corydoras – this species is very peaceful and make great tankmates for Angelfish;

–       Dwarf Gouramis – they are colourful and peaceful, and make great Angelfish tankmates also;

–       Rainbowfish – although they are more active, the rainbowfish would be great additions to an Angelfish tank;

–       Platies – they are very common in community tanks, as they are good mates to many other fish species.


In this article, we understood the relationship between Angelfish and Betta fish. We also discussed their requirements and explained if they can be set up together in a community tank.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us in a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Angelfish and Betta

What fish can be with Bettas?

There are not many fish species that can be set up with Betta fish. They prefer being alone in the tank. However, if your betta has a docile temperament, you can give a try to tankmates as Corydoras, small-bodied Tetras, Ghost shrimp, and African Dwarf frogs, for example.

Why is my Angelfish chasing my other fish?

In general, Angelfish are very peaceful fish. However, they can become quite aggressive in case they feel threatened or need to protect their territory. Additionally, they can also become aggressive during breeding periods and protect and defend their eggs and young ones.

Can you put Kuhli Loaches with Bettas?

Yes, Kuhli loaches can make good tankmates to Betta fish. They are peaceful and friendly. Thus, they will not bother the Betta.

Are Angelfish schooling fish?

Not really, Angelfish are not schooling fish. However, they enjoy having some conspecific around as a manner of feeling safer. In the wild, they can be found swimming around in small groups of up to 6 individuals.

Are Angelfish good fish for beginners?

Yes, Angelfish are good fish for beginners as they can adjust to some range of water parameters. They are classified as hardy fish that require low effort for maintenance. The key conditions to keep Angelfish are low ammonia levels, which in case it is high would favour bacteria and fungi occurrence.

Where are Angelfish from?

Angelfish are tropical fish original from South America. They inhabit shallow slow-moving water bodies from the Amazon River basin.


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